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Trekcc First Edition

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The Cage
A Virtual Expansion released on 2019-06-21.

Lead Designer: James Monsebroten
Design Team: Jason Drake, James Heaney, Charlie Plaine

Featuring sixty-three (63) new First Edition cards based on the Original Series, The Cage shines the spotlight on classic Trek. Journey across the galaxy with Captain Pike, meet friendly native personnel like Miramanee and The Keeper, and hunt - or avoid - space monsters. Share the love with your friends as you download, print, and play with the new cards in The Cage!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[PDF] (35.3 MB) Download Expansion

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The Cage contains: 63 cards (63 V)

1 VThe BookArtifact
2 VAugment AggressionDilemma
3 VCrippling InjuryDilemma
4 VDikironium Cloud CreatureDilemma
5 VEntertaining DisplayDilemma
6 VKoon-ut-kal-if-feeDilemma
7 VMisinterpreted History (Errata)Dilemma
8 VPlanet KillerDilemma
9 VPrimal UrgesDilemma
10 VSpace AmoebaDilemma
11 VThasian PowersDilemma
12 VPreserver ObeliskDoorway
13 VFive-Year Mission (Errata)Event
14 VM-5 ComputerEvent
15 VRecreation RoomEvent
16 VTo Boldly GoEvent
17 VUrgent Warning (Errata)Event
18 VRavenous HungerIncident
19 VRisk is Our BusinessIncident
20 VThe Final Frontier (Errata)Incident
21 VScotty, Beam Me Up!Interrupt
22 VAccess ArchivesMission
23 VArbitrate NegotiationsMission
24 VClandestine SearchMission
25 VExamine Protected CultureMission
26 VExamine QuasarMission
27 VInvestigate QuarantineMission
28 VReallocate DividendsMission
29 VRefine InoculationMission
30 VResolve Local TensionsMission
31 VReview Mining OperationMission
32 VSeek RemnantsMission
33 VStudy Planetary DevastationMission
34 VTransfer VaccinesMission
35 VGeneral Order 7 (Errata)Objective
36 VLet Me HelpObjective
37 VObsession (Errata)Objective
38 VCaptain KirkPersonnelFederation
39 V❖ Chief PitcairnPersonnelFederation
40 VCommodore StonePersonnelFederation
41 VDr. BoycePersonnelFederation
42 VLt. Commander GiottoPersonnelFederation
43 V❖ Lt. Jose TylerPersonnelFederation
44 V❖ Lt. Kevin RileyPersonnelFederation
45 VLt. PalamasPersonnelFederation
46 VLt. SuluPersonnelFederation
47 VMr. Scott (Errata)PersonnelFederation
48 VNumber OnePersonnelFederation
49 VRichard DaystromPersonnelFederation
50 VSamuel T. CogleyPersonnelFederation
51 V❖ VanderbergPersonnelFederation
52 V❖ Yeoman ColtPersonnelFederation
53 V❖ QolPersonnelFerengi
54 V❖ Claudius MarcusPersonnelNon-Aligned
55 V❖ Leila KalomiPersonnelNon-Aligned
56 VMea 3PersonnelNon-Aligned
57 VMiramaneePersonnelNon-Aligned
58 VQataiPersonnelNon-Aligned
59 V❖ TepoPersonnelNon-Aligned
60 VThe KeeperPersonnelNon-Aligned
61 VStarship ConstellationShipFederation
62 VClassic Phaser BanksTactic
63 VIt Must Be DestroyedTactic