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Trekcc First Edition

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1E Traditional editions map Enterprise Collection All Good Things The Motion Pictures Holodeck Adventures The Borg Voyager Mirror, Mirror Enhanced Premiere Reflections Tournament Foils Trouble with Tribbles Starter Decks The Trouble with Tribbles Second Anthology Armada Rules of Acquisition Blaze of Glory The Dominion Enhanced First Contact Starter Deck II Deep Space 9 Official Tournament Sealed Deck Away Team Pack Fajo Collection First Contact First Anthology Introductory 2-Player Game Q Continuum Alternate Universe Premiere (Collector's Tin) Warp Pack Premiere Beta (WB95) Premiere Alpha (WB94) Premiere
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Tournament Foils
A Physical Expansion released on 2000-10-01.

Download and print this physical expansion!
[PDF] Download Expansion (Low Resolution) (A4)
For high-resolution versions of physical cards, purchase them from a specialty gaming store.

Tournament Foils contains: 25 cards (25 PF)

PFBerserk ChangelingDilemmaTournament Prize (January-February 2002)
PFChula: The DiceDilemmaTournament Prize (August-September 2001)
PFDal'RokDilemmaTournament Prize (February-March 2001)
PFEdo Probe (Errata)DilemmaTournament Prize (November-December 2001)
PFLack of PreparationDilemmaTournament Prize (April-May 2002)
PFTarellian Plague Ship (Errata)DilemmaTournament Prize (Jan 2001, Jun-Jul 2002)
PFAlternate Universe DoorDoorwayTournament Prize (Mirror, Mirror, Jan-May 2001)
PFBajoran WormholeDoorwayTournament Prize (Mirror, Mirror, Jan-May 2001)
PFQ's TentDoorwayTournament Prize (Jan-Feb 2001, Jul-Aug 2002)
PFBat'lethEquipmentOpen Qualifiers (June-August 2001)
PFGold-Pressed LatinumEquipmentTournament Prize (March-April 2002)
PF34th Rule of AcquisitionEventDecipherCon 2000 Giveaway (October 2000) 2000 State/Prov/Natl Championship Prize (February 2001)
PFGenetronic ReplicatorEventTournament Prize (February-March 2002)
PFKivas Fajo - CollectorEventDistributor Redemption, Store Grand Opening Special Offer, Consumer Redemption (January-July 2001)
PFMasaka TransformationsEventTournament Prize (May-June 2002)
PFThe Traveler: TranscendenceEventTournament Prize (July-August 2001)
PFAmanda Rogers (Errata)InterruptTournament Prize (October-November 2001)
PFDistortion of Space/Time Continuum (Errata)InterruptTournament Prize (September-October 2001)
PFKevin Uxbridge (Errata)InterruptTournament Prize (May-June 2001)
PFQ2 (Errata)InterruptTournament Prize (December 2001-January 2002)
PF❖ Patrol Neutral Zone (Errata)MissionTournament Prize (June-July 2001)
PFAssign Mission Specialists (Errata)ObjectiveTournament Prize (April-May 2001)
PF❖ Soong-type Android (Errata)PersonnelNon-AlignedConsumer Redemption (January 2001)
PF❖ Borg Cube (Errata)ShipBorgRetailer Redemption (January 2001)
PFPlasma TorpedoTacticTournament Prize (March-April 2001)