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Trekcc First Edition

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The Neutral Zone
A Virtual Expansion released on 2020-04-03.

Lead Designer: Niall Matthew
Design Team: Paddy Tye, Dan Hamman, Charlie Plaine

There is no more iconic region of space than The Neutral Zone, and now you can explore it with the newest First Edition virtual expansion! Featuring fifty-four (54) new 1E cards, The Neutral Zone makes Original Series Romulans a fully realized faction for the first time. Or you can build an empire of androids, risk a treaty violation by exploring the zone itself, or cause chaos with a new way to play dilemmas. It all awaits you, if you're brave enough to enter The Neutral Zone!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[PDF] (30 MB) Download Expansion
[PDF] (1.4 MB) Download Cover Sheet

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The Neutral Zone contains: 55 cards (55 V)

1 VEminian Disintegration ProtocolDilemma
2 VExperience Bij!Dilemma
3 VM-113 CreatureDilemma
4 VNelvana TrapDilemma
5 VNuclear DisarmamentDilemma
6 VPoor Quality WorkmanshipDilemma
7 VShuttle CrashDilemma
8 VTricyanate PoisoningDilemma
9 VWhite RabbitDilemma
10 VCreatures of DutyEvent
11 VShape-Shift: FluidityEvent
12 VStrategic SectorEvent
13 V❖ Earth OutpostFacilityFederation
14 VCommunity LeaderIncident
15 VHard-Working, Happy AndroidsIncident
16 VLong Live the Empire!Incident
17 VThe Neutral ZoneIncident
18 VCloaked ManeuversInterrupt
19 VI... Have Had... Enough of You!Interrupt
20 VNot Programmed to RespondInterrupt
21 VBreach Detection GridMission
22 VEvade SensorsMission
23 VInvestigate Decaying RadiationMission
24 VProvide PurposeMission
25 VStudy Cybernetic RelicsMission
26 VTest for WeaknessObjective
27 VThe Squire's Rules (Errata)Objective
28 V❖ Shah'RazadPersonnelDominion
29 VLt. StilesPersonnelFederation
30 V❖ Alice SeriesPersonnelNon-Aligned
31 VAndreaPersonnelNon-Aligned
32 V❖ Barbara SeriesPersonnelNon-Aligned
33 VDr. BrownPersonnelNon-Aligned
34 VKirk-AndroidPersonnelNon-Aligned
35 VNormanPersonnelNon-Aligned
36 VRayna Kapec (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
37 VS'SalkPersonnelNon-Aligned
38 V❖ Stella MuddPersonnelNon-Aligned
39 V❖ SyboPersonnelNon-Aligned
40 V❖ BorixPersonnelRomulan
41 VCenturion Kirk (Alt Image)PersonnelRomulan/Federation
42 VDividiusPersonnelRomulan
43 V❖ GovasPersonnelRomulan
44 VMr. SpockPersonnelRomulan
45 VPraxusPersonnelRomulan
46 VPtolPersonnelRomulan
47 V❖ PytronPersonnelRomulan
48 V❖ R'MoogPersonnelRomulan
49 V❖ TelmanPersonnelRomulan
50 V❖ VeznikPersonnelRomulan
51 V❖ Ensign TamaraPersonnelStarfleet
52 V❖ Bird-of-Prey, Mk IIShipRomulan
53 VPrimary TurboliftSite
54 VPrimary Plasma WeaponTactic