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Trekcc First Edition

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A Private Little War
A Virtual Expansion released on 2020-10-16.

Lead Designer: James Monsebroten
Design Team: Daniel Matteson, Michael Moskop, Charlie Plaine, Matthew Zinno

The main adversary of the Starship Enterprise arrives in force with A Private Little War! Featuring sixty-three (63) new First Edition cards, A Private Little War expands on the Original Series Klingons, offering new ways for them to extend their influence across the alpha quadrant! Whether you stockpile equipment on a strategically valuable planet, supply guns to local populations, or trade secrets with the Romulans, there will be plenty for the Klingons to do. And if you're not a fan of the Klingons, perhaps you could join Yarnek in his quest to Examine Morality. All this and more in A Private Little War!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[PDF] (37 MB) Download Expansion
[PDF] (1.3 MB) Download Cover Sheet
[PNG] (720 KB) Download Pack Art

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A Private Little War contains: 68 cards (68 V)

1 VThe Great TeacherArtifact
2 VBeta XII-A EntityDilemma
3 VKlingon Troop DeploymentDilemma
4 VRedjacDilemma
5 VSpock's BrainDilemma
6 VThe Metrons' ArenaDilemma
7 VFlintlock RifleEquipment
8 VKlingon BaldricEquipment
9 VLibrary Record TapeEquipment
10 VPainstikEquipment
11 VTechnology Sharing TreatyEvent
12 VAssignment: EarthIncident
13 VOrganian AnnexationIncident
14 VThe Savage CurtainIncident
15 VTeam of AmbassadorsInterrupt
16 VAccess Dilithium CacheMission
17 VAssassinate DiplomatMission
18 VAttend Disciplinary ProceedingMission
19 VAttend Royal FunctionMission
20 V❖ Destabilize RegionMission
21 VExamine MoralityMission
22 VMourn VictimsMission
23 VObtain Mining AgreementMission
24 VPursue OriginsMission
25 VRenegotiate PactMission
26 VUpgrade MunitionsMission
27 VAncient CitadelObjective
28 VMilitary ProtectorateObjective
29 VNew CivilizationsObjective
30 VLt. McGivers (Alt Image)PersonnelFederation/Non-Aligned
31 VApellaPersonnelKlingon
32 VBielsaPersonnelKlingon
33 VCaptain KangPersonnelKlingon
34 VCaptain KhodPersonnelKlingon
35 V❖ DorigoPersonnelKlingon
36 VGovernor KorPersonnelKlingon
37 VKrellPersonnelKlingon
38 VKrytonPersonnelKlingon
39 VMaraPersonnelKlingon
40 V❖ Mok'RandPersonnelKlingon
41 V❖ PiabokPersonnelKlingon
42 V❖ RadebePersonnelKlingon
43 VTrader Worf (Alt Image)PersonnelKlingon/Non-Aligned
44 V❖ YeboahPersonnelKlingon
45 VAmbassador PetriPersonnelNon-Aligned
46 VBaroner (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Federation
47 VElaanPersonnelNon-Aligned
48 VExcalbian GenghisPersonnelNon-Aligned
49 VExcalbian GreenPersonnelNon-Aligned
50 VExcalbian Kahless (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Klingon
51 VExcalbian LincolnPersonnelNon-Aligned
52 VExcalbian Surak (Alt Image) (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Vulcan
53 VExcalbian ZoraPersonnelNon-Aligned
54 VGary SevenPersonnelNon-Aligned
55 VIsisPersonnelNon-Aligned
56 VJoaquinPersonnelNon-Aligned
57 VKhan Noonien SinghPersonnelNon-Aligned
58 VRoberta LincolnPersonnelNon-Aligned
59 VThelev ImpersonatorPersonnelNon-Aligned
60 VYarnekPersonnelNon-Aligned
61 VI.K.S. MolorShipKlingon
62 V❖ Class J Cargo ShipShipNon-Aligned
63 VFrontal AssaultTactic