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Trekcc First Edition

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Dogs of War
A Virtual Expansion released on 2021-04-02.

Lead Designer: Cristoffer Wiker
Design Team: Derrick Marsh, Andreas Rheinländer, Paddy Tye

It's the final days of the Dominion War, and we approach the ultimate confrontation in Dogs of War! Featuring fifty-four (54) new First Edition cards, Dogs of War focuses on the final arc of Deep Space Nine, as new alliances rise and old ones crumble. Whether you want to strike at the very heart of the Federation, fight a guerrilla war to resist the Dominion, or just gather your fondest allies for a celebratory drink, there will be plenty of new options to explore! It's time to re-discover what we left behind on the edge of the final frontier in Dogs of War!

Download this Virtual Expansion!

[PDF] (33.2 MB) [DL] Expansion
[PDF] (1.5 MB) [DL] Cover Sheet
[PNG] (708 KB) [DL] Pack Art

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Dogs of War contains: 58 cards (58 V)

1 VMorphogenic VirusDilemma
2 VPlasma CurrentsDilemma
3 VRomulan Mind ProbesDilemma
4 VSome Day I'll Retire HereDilemma
5 VTerrorist ExplosionDilemma
6 VMantle of the EmpireEquipment
7 VAttack PlansEvent
8 VHQ: ShipyardsEvent
9 VTreaty: Alpha Quadrant AllianceEvent
10 VAlliance with the Son'aIncident
11 VCardassian Liberation Front (Errata)Incident
12 VDominion CommandIncident
13 VStaging GroundIncident
14 VWe All ServeIncident
15 VDistorted ReflectionInterrupt
16 VI Want the Cardassians Exterminated!Interrupt
17 VSecret SabotageInterrupt
18 VBattle of CardassiaMission
19 VIncrease White ProductionMission
20 VRecruit AllyMission
21 VResist Occupying ForcesMission
22 VSteal Breen ArmamentMission
23 VDecimate HomeworldObjective
24 VOne Big Happy FamilyObjective
25 VAnjohl and WinnPersonnelBajoran
26 V❖ BronokPersonnelCardassian
27 V❖ ChabanPersonnelCardassian
28 V❖ DisikPersonnelCardassian
29 VElim Garak (Alt Image)PersonnelCardassian/Federation
30 V❖ MasonPersonnelCardassian
31 VOdo (Alt Image)PersonnelCardassian/Bajoran/Federation
32 VBaasPersonnelDominion
33 VDamarPersonnelDominion
34 V❖ DrazPersonnelDominion
35 V❖ FelPersonnelDominion
36 V❖ Flet'ikaPersonnelDominion
37 VFounder LeaderPersonnelDominion
38 VLuaran 9PersonnelDominion
39 V❖ RayvaPersonnelDominion
40 VWeyoun 8PersonnelDominion
41 VLieutenant NogPersonnelFederation
42 VGrand Nagus RomPersonnelFerengi
43 VChancellor MartokPersonnelKlingon
44 VChu'vokPersonnelKlingon
45 VWorf Son of Mogh (Alt Image)PersonnelKlingon/Non-Aligned
46 VVic FontainePersonnelNon-Aligned
47 V❖ General LarPersonnelRomulan
48 V❖ Hideki CruiserShipCardassian
49 V❖ Enhanced WarshipShipDominion
50 VTykkShipDominion
51 VU.S.S. MagellanShipFederation
52 V❖ Modified Vor'ChaShipKlingon
53 V❖ B-Type WarbirdShipRomulan
54 VRovaranShipRomulan