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Trekcc First Edition

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Second Star to the Right
A Virtual Expansion released on 2021-12-17.

Lead Designer: Paddy Tye
Design Team: Allen Gould, Niall Matthew, Derrick Marsh

Thirty years since The Undiscovered Country first hit our screens, it's time to prove that this legendary crew just get better with age and aren't ready for the retirement home quite yet! In Second Star to the Right, these Peter Pan figures and their Klingon counterparts prove that they never grow old and can still go toe-to-toe with the rest of the universe!

Download this Expansion!

[PDF] (20.4 MB) [DL] Expansion
[PDF] (1010 KB) [DL] Cover Sheet
[PNG] (790 KB) [DL] Pack Art

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Second Star to the Right contains: 36 cards (36 V)

1 VHello Computer?Dilemma
2 VNuclear WesselsDilemma
3 VSlingshot EffectDoorway
4 VEarth SpacedockFacilityFederation
5 VGuess Who's Coming to DinnerIncident
6 VTake Us Out!Incident
7 VThe Undiscovered CountryIncident
8 VWe Surrender!Interrupt
9 VOverhaul Starship SystemsMission
11 VReserve Activation ClauseObjective
12 V❖ Admiral S'rrelPersonnelFederation
13 VBill ToddmanPersonnelFederation
14 VBob BennettPersonnelFederation
15 VCaptain AlexanderPersonnelFederation
16 VCaptain KirkPersonnelFederation
17 V❖ Commander SonakPersonnelFederation
18 VFleet Admiral MorrowPersonnelFederation
19 V❖ Igrilan KorPersonnelFederation
20 VLt. SlaterPersonnelFederation
21 VPavel ChekovPersonnelFederation
22 VPeter PrestonPersonnelFederation
23 VPresident Ra-ghoratreiiPersonnelFederation
24 VSaavikPersonnelFederation
25 V❖ BraskPersonnelKlingon
26 V❖ FrexorPersonnelKlingon
27 V❖ GarvockPersonnelKlingon
28 VGeneral GrokhPersonnelKlingon
29 V❖ General K'RonPersonnelKlingon
30 V❖ General LompocPersonnelKlingon
31 V❖ K'mbolPersonnelKlingon
32 VMagistrate K'ReaPersonnelKlingon
33 VPrisoner MartiaPersonnelKlingon
34 VPrisoner McCoyPersonnelKlingon
35 VSpock Son of SarekPersonnelKlingon
36 VStarship SaratogaShipFederation