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Trekcc First Edition

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Paradise Lost
A Virtual Expansion released on 2022-08-26.

Lead Designer: Paddy Tye
Design Team: Allen Gould, Niall Matthew, Derrick Marsh

On Ceti Alpha V, the augment Khan seizes an opportunity to escape and seek vengeance. Elsewhere, the passionate Sybok rallies an army on Nimbus III in search of his life's dream. In Paradise Lost, you get to tell the tales of these two leaders in their quests to change the galaxy. But will you write a story of revenge? Or of belief? The choice is yours with Paradise Lost!

Download this Expansion!

[PDF] (6.6 MB) [DL] Expansion
[PDF] (897 KB) [DL] Cover Sheet
[PNG] (799 KB) [DL] Pack Art

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Paradise Lost contains: 37 cards (37 V)

1 VKirk's Reading GlassesArtifact
2 VRow, Row, Row your BoatDilemma
3 VThis is Ceti Alpha Five!Dilemma
4 VCharter a Space FlightEvent
5 VOperation RetrieveEvent
6 VParadise CityFacilityNon-Aligned
7 VSpace Lab Regula IFacilityNon-Aligned
8 VGalactic Army of LightIncident
9 VHe Took Away my Pain!Incident
10 VTo Rule in HellIncident
11 VDouble Dumbass on You!Interrupt
12 VHe Put Creatures in our BodiesInterrupt
13 VAnalyze Rapid TerraformingMission
14 VBreach BarrierMission
15 VHostage CrisisMission
16 VWe'll Need a StarshipObjective
17 VBonesPersonnelFederation
18 VColonel WestPersonnelFederation
19 VCommander KylePersonnelFederation
20 VCommander SuluPersonnelFederation
21 VCommander UhuraPersonnelFederation
22 V❖ L'KelPersonnelKlingon
23 VArantyPersonnelNon-Aligned
24 VClark TerrellPersonnelNon-Aligned
25 VCommander ChekovPersonnelNon-Aligned
26 VKjottPersonnelNon-Aligned
27 V❖ Miss KendraPersonnelNon-Aligned
28 V❖ PennettPersonnelNon-Aligned
29 VProfessor ScottPersonnelNon-Aligned
30 VRefugee GuinanPersonnelNon-Aligned
31 VSfreettPersonnelNon-Aligned
32 VShuttle Galileo (Alt Image)ShipFederation/Non-Aligned
33 VChariot of "God"ShipNon-Aligned
34 V❖ MerchantmanShipNon-Aligned
35 VNo TricksTactic
36 VUnexpected TorpedoTactic