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[Dom] Weyoun
[Cmd] V.I.P. [GQ]
Vorta field supervisor. Skilled negotiator. Key figure in the war effort. Reports directly to the Founder Leader. Self-proclaimed expert at telling - and spotting - lies.
 Diplomacy x2  Leadership  Treachery  Law  Biology
Integrity: 5    Cunning: 9    Strength: 5
Rarity: R (The Dominion)

Characteristics: Vorta; Male;

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Block
Legal Rules Sets: OTF Open Warp Speed

Image Source: Deep Space Nine: "To the Death"


Alternate Prints
Persona Versions
Administrator Weyoun Weyoun 6
Weyoun's Warship

Recent decks using this card (since 0476-09-04)

Deck Player Date Format Rating Change
Old arrivals from afar bringing lots of toysscox2019-01-05Official (OTF)+12
CarDomThe Ninja Scot2018-10-12Official (OTF)+12
Kilana gets another Bukkakesexecutioner[No Tournament]
Jeffery Combs My Hairrobbie4boy[No Tournament]
Weyoun combs my hairrobbie4boy2018-08-03Official (OTF)+13
Where is that &!$@@=#!$$!!!DarkSabre2018-04-08Official (OTF)+14
Not so new arrivals from far away placesscox2018-03-17Official (OTF)-2
Dominion 2-Planet-to-Winion 1.1Pants o.t. Tal Shiar2018-02-03Official (OTF)-12
LinkedInExon2017-05-06Official (OTF)-20
Dominion 2-Planet-to-WinionPants o.t. Tal Shiar2016-08-20Official (OTF)+9
Ferengi Finacing the Dominion v1.6Worf Son of Mogh2016-11-20Official (OTF)-13
Discarding QuarksThe Ninja Scot2016-11-20Official (OTF)-10
The new arrivals all love their teddybearscox2016-07-22Official (OTF)-41
CRD... sortaThe Ninja Scot2016-06-12Official (OTF)+11
Minion of the DominionBlackTazo[No Tournament]
And they keep arriving from the GQscox2016-05-22Official (OTF)+7
Dom Battle Deck v7JeBuS2016-01-24Official (OTF)+1
New GQ arrivalsscox[No Tournament]
Gambling DominionThe Ninja Scot2015-11-29Official (OTF)-86
Dom Battle Deck v3 - SlimJeBuS2015-11-15Official (OTF)+9
Dom Battle Deck v1JeBuS2015-10-03Official (OTF)-16
Rainbow Sealed 08/2015Comicbookhero2015-08-10Sealed+31
New DominionHobie2015-07-18Official (OTF)+14
Reward from the FoundersDunnagh2015-05-11Official (OTF)+1
Luaran and the shape-shifting sex toyssexecutioner2015-05-11Official (OTF)+7
Dominion Dilemmaskingmj48912015-05-11Official (OTF)+34
Cascade Moonshine I - UnagedThe Mad Vulcan2015-05-11Official (OTF)-8
Cascade Moonshine II - Short AgeThe Mad Vulcan2015-05-17Official (OTF)-34
Ferengi Finacing the Dominion Worf Son of Mogh2015-04-26Official (OTF)-11
Cheddar not Jem'hadarThe Ninja Scot2015-04-26Official (OTF)-12
TGQ release Dom solverWorf Son of Mogh2015-02-02Official (OTF)0
Kilana gets a Bukkakesexecutioner2015-02-28Official (OTF)-6
Obedience brings Jagermartok882015-02-28Official (OTF)-5
Founder if I may suggest, lets solve a missionNetminder[No Tournament]
OTF Dominion - FEB 2015jjh2015-02-21Official (OTF)-18
1E LDS 4 - Dominion (highlander Open variant)Peers2015-02-17Open+8
White-free since 2002, v.2karonofborg132014-11-22Official (OTF)-24
Becky Conner comes from WHERE?Dunnagh[No Tournament]
1E Learner Deck Series - Dominion2014-09-11Official (OTF)+12
Revised Michigan 2000 DeckArmus2014-03-10Limited-2
Dominion in the Gammahyperlight2014-08-24Official (OTF)-14
Talos IV 3.10 - Affiliation DraftWedge7722014-07-21Traditional-23
"I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later."Iron Mike2014-07-04Official (OTF)+5
The Gamma Glorycommdecker2014-06-02Official (OTF)+7
We have bunny. Give us a million dollars. No funny stuff.Hoss-Drone2014-06-01Official (OTF)+48
Dominion are the "New Arrivals"Jono2014-05-18Official (OTF)+1
The New DominionIron Mike2014-05-02Official (OTF)+17
Dominion The Jem HadarSAM20002013-12-16Official (OTF)+9
Not a bunch of AmateursHoss-Drone2013-12-01Official (OTF)+23
Dominion-We are everywhereSAM20002013-11-16Official (OTF)0
Cigarettes, Ketracel-White and RollerbladingKazonPADD2013-10-19Official (OTF)+13
Jemmy Whitearjan2422013-10-18Official (OTF)-67
Outpost ObliteratorZale2013-06-30Official (OTF)-35
Outpost Obliteratorkarnstein[No Tournament]
The Dominion will PrevailSAM20002013-05-18Official (OTF)+11
Explore Alpha QuadrantThe Mad Vulcan2013-03-04Limited+1
Dominion Infiltrationwarpaw2013-03-01Open-1
Dominion - No Jem'Hadarhyperlight2013-02-17Official (OTF)-3
White-free since 2002karonofborg132013-02-12Revised-5
Doctored BrownCaptMDKirk2012-11-05Traditional-16
"Madness is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!"Iron Mike2012-06-29Official (OTF)-65
Talos IV/6: Praying for a Foundation of Chalk and Cheesesoggy_amphibian2012-02-27Official (OTF)+4
Dominion/Cardassian Treaty in the Gamma Quadrant - Version 2.5hyperlight2012-04-01Official (OTF)+15
The Dominion War rsutton412012-02-18Official (OTF)+24
Dom/FedBroshak2012-02-19Official (OTF)+2
Jem'Hadar Friction SolverDukat[No Tournament]
Dominion/Cardassian Treaty in the Gamma Quadranthyperlight2012-01-15Official (OTF)-1
Dominion Need SkillsTimo2011-06-16Official (OTF)+18
Dominion Need SkillsTimo2011-06-16Official (OTF)+18
Continentals Directive 1: Serve the Public TrustIron Mike2011-07-01Official (OTF)+55
Deyos DrawLatok2011-03-13Official (OTF)-2
Dominion in the GQSirDan2011-01-08Official (OTF)+7
Here come the Jem' Hadar!Iron Mike[No Tournament]