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[Artifact] Horga'hn
Mysterious symbol of sexuality from the pleasure planet of Risa. To own one is to call forth its powers. To display one is to announce that the owner is seeking jamaharon.
Immediately play on table. Artifact allows you to take double turns from now on. (Not cumulative.)

Rarity: SR (Reflections)

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Block
Legal Rules Sets: OTF Open Warp Speed

Image Source: The Next Generation: "Captain's Holiday"


Alternate Prints

Decks using this card

Deck Player Date Format Rating Change
Jolan-tru mutha$%&*errobbie4boy[No Tournament]
Aurulent Gambit: Mervyns One Day Sale/ Captain Parrish VariationCaptain Parrish2016-12-02Open-16
Open Hirogenanguss2016-12-02Open+16
Professional Muscians - Local 47Lore Dukat2015-08-02The "Cool" Tournament0
OTSD Sealed 31-Jan-2015Worf Son of Mogh2015-01-31Sealed-11
Revised Michigan 2000 DeckArmus2014-03-10Limited-2
Why would somebody put a guarantee on a box?flrazor2014-02-22Sealed+9
PAQ Revised - Picard's Diplomatic Friendsrsutton412013-11-09Traditional+13
The old Red (green) and Black AttackNeelix[No Tournament]
Holiday RoadComicbookhero2013-08-18The "Cool" Tournament0
Yours is Mine Revised GenCon9of242013-08-15Revised-22
Yours is Mine Revised9of242013-05-05Revised+18
More Talos, More Tribblescommdecker2013-03-04Limited+23
Aurulent Gambit: Mervyns One Day SaleThe Mad Vulcan2013-03-01Open-1
What's yours is mine9of242013-03-01Open+9
OTSD - February 10, 2013hyperlight2013-02-10Sealed+1
Sealed Deck with a Horga'hnOrbin2012-09-16Sealed+19
I have come from the year 2003 to play this unholy deckcommdecker2012-07-23Traditional+16
1E OTSD Continentals '12karonofborg132012-08-17Sealed+2
1E SealedNaetor2011-10-15Sealed+14
Opportunity at LastWambundu2011-08-07Open-1
no idea ... it was an early 1e deckvolkerii2011-12-08Open+17
This deck sucks, really, it blows, & I mean it, it spits...it out (your missions, that is, come on?! get your mind out of the gutter!)karonofborg132011-03-05Open0