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Central Command
The Central Command controls every Cardassian ship, outpost, and space station from its great War Room.
Seeds or plays on Cardassia Prime. Once per turn, one Cardassian Gul or Legate OR one HQ card may play for free here. (Not duplicatable.)

[Car] Headquarters      Shields: 44
Rarity: SR (Reflections)

Requires: Gul; Legate;

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Block
Legal Rules Sets: OTF Open Warp Speed

Image Source: Deep Space Nine: "Defiant"


Alternate Prints
Central Command Central Command

Recent decks using this card (since 0476-09-04)

Deck Player Date Format Rating Change
You are Beautiful and You are Mine AgainHobie2019-03-02Official (OTF)+13
Crell Moset v 0.1Enabran2018-12-15Official (OTF)-20
OTF Cardassian - DEC 2018 jjh2018-12-09Official (OTF)-24
You are Beautiful and You are MineHobie2018-11-17Official (OTF)+1
Fed Cardassian Solver v2CrimsonRavage2018-11-17Official (OTF)+16
OTF Cardassian/Federation - OCT 2018jjh2018-10-28Official (OTF)+16
Fed Cardassian SolverCrimsonRavage2018-10-13Official (OTF)+14
CarDomThe Ninja Scot2018-10-12Official (OTF)+12
What warCaptain Parrish[No Tournament]
Seagull Dukat likes big sweaty sailorsKaiser2018-09-01Official (OTF)+36
Die Badlands werden fallen an Anemonen und KorallenKaiser2018-07-28Official (OTF)+19
Bajoran Cardassian TreatyCrimsonRavage2018-05-20Official (OTF)-21
BajCarThe Ninja Scot2018-04-27Official (OTF)+39
Davin Does Kotratomek[No Tournament]
Romulan-Cardassian 1.1 Joint Operation to be Emissarys to the Gama QuadrentWorf Son of Mogh2018-01-14Official (OTF)-21
Romulan/Cardassian Lots of Achievements! 2.3The Ninja Scot2017-10-23Official (OTF)-5
Operating Jointly Iron Prime2017-11-11Official (OTF)-11
For Cardassia v5.0Legate_Damar[No Tournament]
Cardassian Concealed Carry: CondensedPants o.t. Tal Shiar2017-11-11Official (OTF)0
Joint OperationArmus2017-07-29Official (OTF)+2
Atzos RacheKaiser2017-07-16Official (OTF)-29
Cardy PieCaptain Parrish[No Tournament]
Bloody Cardies! Simple Cardassian Deck for Will V2.02017-06-24Official (OTF)-12
more shuttles works betterelveez2017-04-08Official (OTF)-3
Cardassian Concealed-Carry SD MastersPants o.t. Tal Shiar2017-05-27Official (OTF)+13
streamlinedguns.dekMogor2017-04-08Official (OTF)+16
not a full enough compliment of shuttleselveez2017-04-09Official (OTF)-33
For Cardassia! V 3.5Legate_Damar2017-04-09Official (OTF)-8
Romulan-Cardassian Joint Operation to be Emissarys to the Gama QuadrentWorf Son of Mogh2017-04-22Official (OTF)-1
Rogue IntelligenceSirRogue2017-02-11Official (OTF)+11
Romulan/Cardassian Lots of Achievements! 2.2The Ninja Scot2017-02-05Official (OTF)-12
Romulan/Cardassian Lots of Achievements! 2.1The Ninja Scot2017-01-15Official (OTF)0
Ticket to Ride, or Klaestron War EffortThe Mad Vulcan2016-12-01Official (OTF)+11
Fifth Cardassian Order - Part ThreeEnabran2016-12-10Official (OTF)-8
Help me Mrs Medlicott, I dont know what to do, Ive only got three bullets and theres four of Motley CrueKaiser2016-12-10Official (OTF)+13
Gul AGKaiser2016-11-12Official (OTF)-26
Bruce's Philosophers SongKazonPADD2016-10-22Official (OTF)-1
Crell goes wild!arjan2422016-09-02Official (OTF)+3
Yet another attempt at OTF Terok Nor...Legate_Damar2016-08-21Official (OTF)-7
For Cardassia!Legate_Damar2016-07-31Official (OTF)-16
Jizzland domination day 2martok882016-07-23Official (OTF)-12
Jizzland dominationmartok882016-07-22Official (OTF)0
OTF - Reshape the Quadrant: Joint Operationbenericardus2016-07-17Official (OTF)-6
Scare-Goat Related Disinfo Hypnologyedgeofhearing2016-06-24Official (OTF)-78
a real join operationelveez2016-05-09Official (OTF)+26
HellBound Master's Redo12Mogor2016-05-29Official (OTF)+15
I also miss this thingyBoon of Bolian2016-05-01Official (OTF)-22
TK OTF - Regionals 2016bosskamiura2016-04-09Official (OTF)-44
Cardassian Updatetksolway[No Tournament]
An Alliance of Hubris and Arroganceedgeofhearing2016-02-19Official (OTF)-16
1E LDS 7 - DS9 CardassianPeers2016-01-16Official (OTF)-4
Initial design for CAR TNGLatrell[No Tournament]
Cardassian Neighboursdpowell2015-12-05Official (OTF)+35
Joint Intelligencethsch2015-11-28Official (OTF)-7
Gul Macet Wears a Fedoracommdecker2015-10-19Official (OTF)-26
Cardassian Concealed-Carry MN MastersPants o.t. Tal Shiar2015-11-08Official (OTF)-35
Brother, can you spare a Warp Speed deck?Faithful Reader[No Tournament]
Crell goes wild!arjan2422015-07-19Official (OTF)+96
Romulan/Cardassian Lots of Achievements!The Ninja Scot2015-07-12Official (OTF)-12
Fifth Cardassian Order - Part TwoEnabran2015-06-07Official (OTF)-25
I Don't Want Treacherous CardassiansThe Ninja Scot2015-05-31Block+2
Joint operations from the Cardassian point of viewBoon of Bolian2015-04-13Official (OTF)-3
Emerald & Violet, Part II (Mission: Joint Ops)karonofborg132015-04-16Official (OTF)+4
Kardashian CaptureHobie2015-03-21Official (OTF)-22
Cardassian Dissidents DS9 Cardi'sWorf Son of Mogh2015-03-22Official (OTF)+8
TNG Cardi\'s Take one point oneelveez2015-03-15Official (OTF)-6
Live and Let PlayThe Mad Vulcan2015-03-15Official (OTF)+7
Cardassians (Or: Guns, Germs, and Ore)BCSWowbagger2015-03-01Official (OTF)-3
Speedy Hero of the Highlands 3KazonPADD2015-02-28Official (OTF)+8
Emerald & Violetkaronofborg132015-03-01Official (OTF)-24
TNG Cardi's Take oneOKCoyote2015-02-01Official (OTF)-2
Cardassian TNG block deckJono2015-02-07Block+12
Snakes on a Station... Now with a TempleThe Ninja Scot2015-02-01Official (OTF)+18
Snakes on a StationThe Ninja Scot2015-01-11Official (OTF)+6
Block Cardassians for MastersNerdyByNature2015-01-03Block-82
Only In The Later SeasonsComicbookhero2014-12-07Official (OTF)-20
Black WeddingThe Mad Vulcan2014-10-13Official (OTF)-10
OTF - DS9 Cardis v1.1Worf Son of Mogh2014-11-02Official (OTF)+15
OTF - DS9 CardisWorf Son of Mogh2014-10-19Official (OTF)-10
Minecraft Cardassianssoggy_amphibian2014-09-15Block-12
OTF - Standard Cardassian Procedure v4.0benericardus2014-09-06Official (OTF)-1
Darkest of WrongsThe Mad Vulcan2014-03-10Limited-10
CardassiansOKCoyote2014-08-16Official (OTF)0
OTF - DS9 Cardassians working with thier enemies.The Ninja Scot2014-08-16Official (OTF)-35
OTF - DS9 Cardassians working with thier enemies.Worf Son of Mogh2014-08-16Official (OTF)0
And we'll let it burn, burn, burnHoodieDM2014-08-14Official (OTF)-50
Super phun time!Caretaker's Guest2014-07-07Official (OTF)-42
Cardiesbhosp2014-07-07Official (OTF)-16
Cardassianstamtoe2014-07-20Official (OTF)+17
Cardassian Concealed-Carry ContinentalsPants o.t. Tal Shiar2014-07-11Official (OTF)+66
OTF DS9 Cardassian Cargo RunExon2014-07-05Official (OTF)+3
The Big Treaty Project, Episode 9: No longer masters in our own home (Cardassian/Dominion)Kaiser2014-06-02Official (OTF)-3
it is a beautiful nightHalkandro2014-06-15Official (OTF)+4
Cardassian Concealed-CarryPants o.t. Tal Shiar2014-06-01Official (OTF)-16
TNG Cardi's Take one (Ken Tufts deck)sincil2014-05-24Official (OTF)-16
Fourth Cardassian OrderEnabran2014-05-18Official (OTF)-14
1E Learner Deck Series p.2a - 'Five Lights' Cardies2014-05-15Official (OTF)-8
Another Week in a Country JailGooeyChewie2014-05-17Block+11
Mike CardassiansNeelix[No Tournament]
TNG Cardi's Take oneWorf Son of Mogh2014-06-02Official (OTF)+12
I don't miss this office... I never use the damn thing anywayArmus2014-03-03Official (OTF)+7
One Weird TrickOKCoyote2014-03-03Official (OTF)+8
Cardassian Jurisprudencecommdecker2014-03-03Official (OTF)-3
From Cardassia, with LoveThe Mad Vulcan2014-04-05Official (OTF)-7
Waltz Across TexasGooeyChewie2014-04-05Official (OTF)-11
DS9 Cardies2elveez2014-02-03Official (OTF)-21
Ari There Yet?edgeofhearing2014-03-05Sealed+26
Cardassian JusticeSirRogue2014-03-01Official (OTF)-9
Federal Pound Me in the A** PrisonMidnightLich2014-03-01Official (OTF)-3
Coprophiling Cardassianssexecutioner2014-02-03Limited+3
For TerokHobie2014-02-22Official (OTF)+1
The Operative Who Betrayed MeThe Mad Vulcan2014-02-23Official (OTF)+4
OTF - Standard Cardassian Procedure v3.0benericardus2014-02-23Official (OTF)-19
Of (Purple) Men & Women at Workkaronofborg132014-02-20Official (OTF)-6
1E Learner Deck Series 1 - DS9 Cardassian2014-02-06Official (OTF)+4
TNG Love for the SpoonheadsSirRogue2013-11-06Official (OTF)-1
Mirror Miss This OfficeCorbinq27[No Tournament]
A Week in a Country JailGooeyChewie2014-01-18Block+21
WCT Block 12/2013Comicbookhero2013-12-16Block-26
1E Learner Deck Series 3 - DS9 CardassianTMax19852014-01-16Official (OTF)-16
Emissary Sealed 1-4-14Exon2014-01-04Sealed+25
Of Misplaced Aggression & Dejected Captor Theorykaronofborg132014-01-12Official (OTF)-5
Kim Kardashian Travels Back in Time with Nicole RichieCorbinq272014-01-12Official (OTF)-11
TNG Cardassian/RomulansCrimsonRavage[No Tournament]
Hide and Seek v.2hyperlight2014-01-05Official (OTF)-11
The Big Treaty Project, Episode 2: Qaptured (Cardassian/Romulan)Kaiser2013-12-01Official (OTF)+19
Stellar CardiesIron Prime2013-12-13Block+7
Deep in the Heart of TexasGooeyChewie[No Tournament]
Hide and Seekhyperlight2013-12-15Official (OTF)+4
Bend over and take six of Gormsbys' finest!Nava[No Tournament]
TNG Cardassian/RomulansCrimsonRavage2013-11-24Official (OTF)+15
Freedom is SlaveryThe Mad Vulcan[No Tournament]
Traditionsmetzgerei MosetKaiser2013-10-28Traditional+12
There are huge chunks of time.. at night.. where I'm just asleep. For hours. It's ridiculous.Kor[No Tournament]
On Her Chief Archon's Secret ServiceThe Mad Vulcan2013-11-10Official (OTF)+4
[OTF] Straws Pulled At Randomnickyank2013-10-19Official (OTF)+10
Secret Agent Tozek GoranThe Mad Vulcan2013-10-06Official (OTF)-9
OTF - Standard Cardassian Procedure v2.0benericardus2013-09-15Official (OTF)-23
1E Learner Deck Series 3 - Cardassianjames_borg_007of92013-08-16Official (OTF)-10
TNG Love for the SpoonheadsSirRogue2013-08-10Official (OTF)+9
[OTF] SpoonfulKaiser2013-07-19Official (OTF)+9
TNG Cardassians are not bad - really!!!Nava2013-06-03Official (OTF)+23
Cardasian Law!SAM20002013-06-30Official (OTF)+32
There are huge chunks of time.. at night.. where I'm just asleep. For hours. It's ridiculous.Kor2013-06-11Official (OTF)+9
OTF terretorial NLenrico812014-03-28Sealed+8
Keeping Up With The Cardassians 13.05.05HoodieDM2013-05-05Official (OTF)-10
Unexpected Expectationskaronofborg132013-05-03Official (OTF)-4
[OTF] Corporeal Jigsaw Quandrynuttersuclan2013-03-24Official (OTF)+8
Cardy deck With Crell Nom, Noming Frools and Hologram support.Worf Son of Mogh2013-02-24Official (OTF)-12
Radio Controlled Treatysoggy_amphibian2013-03-01Open+2
1E Learner Deck Series 1 - CardassianPants o.t. Tal Shiar2013-03-10Official (OTF)-5
1E Learner Deck Series 1 - Cardassiankaronofborg13[No Tournament]
Talos 2/05 - Carfedsoggy_amphibian2013-02-04Limited0
"Why would we be involved with these people?"OKCoyote2012-12-17Official (OTF)+25
Strange, Yet Common, BedfellowsThe Mad Vulcan2012-11-05Traditional-28
Plans of the Obsidian Shiar from the Tal Ordermaverick2909[No Tournament]
FC feds and cardi deckCmdrSpork82[No Tournament]
Consternatingly Analytical Rabblerousers (Territorially Number-crunching Gladiators)karonofborg132012-11-18Official (OTF)-4
Bacardi (Bajoran + Cardassian) V2LadyFenix2012-11-04Official (OTF)+5
Bacardi (Bajoran + Cardassian)LadyFenix2012-09-23Official (OTF)+4
Cardassians burying thingshyperlight2013-11-24Official (OTF)-10
Cardassians burying thingshyperlight2013-11-24Official (OTF)-10
Cardassiminionsoggy_amphibian2012-10-08Official (OTF)-15
TNG Cardassian Non-AlignedTimo[No Tournament]
TK Cardassian Ver 2.0 OTF bosskamiura2012-09-08Official (OTF)+15
Klaestron DilusionsThe Mad Vulcan2012-08-03Official (OTF)+12
OTF Cardassian - AUG 2012jjh2012-08-04Official (OTF)+18
If Bajorans Conquered Cardassia?Latok2012-04-15Official (OTF)-21
Cardassian + Dominion CaptureThomas Weidemann2012-06-23Official (OTF)-39
Cardassian Capture - Ver 5hyperlight2012-06-10Official (OTF)+22
Cardassian Capture - Ver 4hyperlight2012-06-03Official (OTF)+2
Cardassian Capture - Ver 3hyperlight2012-05-27Official (OTF)+1
Cardy Dinnr Show Part deuxLadyFenix2012-05-26Official (OTF)+2
OTF Cardi/Dom Treaty DeckWorf Son of Mogh2012-05-26Official (OTF)+5
OTF Cardi/Fed TNG deck... Doing it Next Gen Style!Worf Son of Mogh2012-05-27Official (OTF)-9
Cardy Dinner & ShowLadyFenix2012-04-15Sealed+6
Black is WhiteThe Mad Vulcan2012-02-27Official (OTF)+13
Cardassian Capture Deck - Ver. 2hyperlight2012-04-29Official (OTF)-3
Crell Moset/Insurrection deckLatok[No Tournament]
Cardassian/BreenExon2012-04-14Official (OTF)+10
Quark's Bar, Frool the Waiter and What Crell Ate!CmdrSpork822012-03-25Official (OTF)-5
Can you dig it?Orbin2012-04-01Official (OTF)-4
Cardassian Buffet NightLadyFenix2012-04-01Official (OTF)-50
See Gul Resistancesoggy_amphibian2012-03-05Official (OTF)-8
Talos Carrdecommdecker2012-02-27Official (OTF)-12
Randomly Assigned Cardasianspfti2012-02-19Official (OTF)+12
Terok nor is bussiness as usualBoon of Bolian2012-02-27Official (OTF)-7
VIPs for the Win - Spring 2012Orbin[No Tournament]
Card PartyAdmiralG2012-03-18Official (OTF)+14
Cardassian Capture Deckhyperlight2012-03-11Official (OTF)-16
Dominion War Effortscommdecker2012-01-30Official (OTF)+14
It's a RainbowLatok2012-02-19Official (OTF)+11
Cardassian Capture Deckstartrekccggeek2012-01-15Official (OTF)-1
The Cardassians and The FoundersOrbin[No Tournament]
Husnock RuseSirRogue2011-12-03Official (OTF)-12
We may just let those walking science fair projects absorb those annoyingly, cloyingly Federation simpletons and leave the Alpha Quadrant ripe for Cardassian conquest. Mwuuhahahahahahahahahahahahaha! [choking sound follows]volkerii2011-11-29Official (OTF)+16
OTF Cardassian and Romulan - NOV 2011jjh2011-11-12Official (OTF)+19
Cardassian LadyFenix2011-11-27Official (OTF)+10
Cardassian Only Theme DeckTimo2011-09-06Official (OTF)+17
VIPs for the win! (Oct 2010)Orbin2011-10-16Official (OTF)-6
CardyEmpty_Mags[No Tournament]
OTF Cardassian - SEPT 2011jjh2011-09-17Official (OTF)+16
SOTC 2011 - 1e Sealed Eventsoggy_amphibian2011-08-08Sealed-15
Baj/CardBroshak2011-07-31Official (OTF)+27
Romulan Ambush!SirRogue2011-08-06Official (OTF)-36
TK Cardassian Ver 1.3 OTF bosskamiura2011-07-15Official (OTF)-16
European Continental Championship DeckAubi2011-07-22Official (OTF)+27
OTF Bajoran and Cardassian II - JUL 2011jjh2011-07-15Official (OTF)+66
Invasive ScienceLatok2011-07-01Official (OTF)+26
Cardassians Are Shady Bastards [OTF]bhosp2011-05-13Official (OTF)+20
Cardasssian Deckgarak9862011-06-26Official (OTF)-9
VIPs for the winOrbin2011-07-24Official (OTF)0
VIPs for the win - first versionOrbin[No Tournament]
CardationWinner of Borg2011-06-05Official (OTF)+9
OTF Bajoran and Cardassian - MAY 2011jjh2011-05-28Official (OTF)+22
CardEEs (Section 31 Competition)commdecker[No Tournament]
Cardassiantksolway[No Tournament]
[OTF] Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.nuttersuclan2011-04-01Official (OTF)-13
OTF Crell very tight.Worf Son of Mogh[No Tournament]
Metzgerei MosetKaiser2011-05-15Official (OTF)+8
Return to Me Rev 1.1Newell2011-03-13X-List (Standard)-7
Cardassianextraplayer2011-02-26Official (OTF)0
Two-quadrant Cardassian capturing deckcommdecker[No Tournament]
Return to MeNewell2011-03-05X-List (Standard)0
Carnivorous CardiesLee Carver2011-01-18Official (OTF)-1
TK Cardassian Ver 1.1 OTF bosskamiura2011-05-28Official (OTF)+59
TK Cardassian Ver 1.0 OTFbosskamiura2011-01-02Official (OTF)+17
PAQ Challenge - Cardassian Capture!!Timo2010-11-27Official (OTF)-1
Julius Melhardt - I'm glad that Labor Camp is backward compatibleClerasil ToB2010-10-01Official (OTF)-39
Third Cardassian OrderEnabran[No Tournament]
Really Cool Rainbow Deck of Doom, reduxMaelwys[No Tournament]