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[P] Espionage Mission
Sector 001 Region • Earth: Infiltrate Starfleet HQ; compile intelligence dossier on Federation homeworld.
Tal Shiar x2 OR Obsidian Order x2 OR FCA x2 OR Klingon Intelligence x2 OR 2 Founders
Any 'Espionage... on Federation' card may play here. Also, mission may be attempted if Selok in Away Team.      40 (Alpha)
Span: 3
Rarity: SR (Reflections)

Characteristics: Homeworld; Sector 001 Region;
Requires: Espionage... on Federation; Founder; Sector 001 Region;

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Block
Legal Rules Sets: OTF Open Warp Speed

Image Source: Movies: "Star Trek: First Contact"


Alternate Prints
Espionage Mission Espionage Mission
Persona Versions
Research Devastating Attack

Decks using this card

Deck Player Date Format Rating Change
launch the phoenix !!!! elveez2019-03-03Official (OTF)-20
launch the phoenix !!!! robin1234[No Tournament]
Lean But Not So MeanCommander Joe2019-03-02Official (OTF)-9
Fed CadetsCrimsonRavage2019-01-26Official (OTF)+9
Trilling TimeAusgang2019-01-05Official (OTF)+14
OTF - Combined Task Force Alphabenericardus2018-11-18Official (OTF)+4
AlphasSirRogue2018-10-28Official (OTF)+1
There are Temporal Agents in the house!!!Clerasil ToB2018-10-12Official (OTF)0
AlphasWinner of Borg2018-10-12Official (OTF)+7
Mixed Mushroom Salad 1.1.Caretaker's Guest[No Tournament]
Our Most Gifted MindsCaptain Parrish2018-10-17Official (OTF)+6
Morgan Bateson, this one's for you.9of242018-09-23Official (OTF)+37
Bajor/Federation Hanging out down the streetCaptain Parrish[No Tournament]
Watch... Your futures end. Armus2018-08-26Official (OTF)+31
Classish Fed DeckShambinks2018-08-04Official (OTF)+12
BorgDizzle of Borg2018-08-03Official (OTF)-44
OTF Borg: first tryDizzle of Borg[No Tournament]
A Week Next June9of242018-06-23Official (OTF)-11
The Premature Assimilation Tour 2.0Comicbookhero2018-06-22Official (OTF)-64
OH NO! THE BORGS!sevencrdspud2018-06-22Official (OTF)+33
We have to go back and undo the undoing of the damage we did, again.9of242018-06-22Official (OTF)+8
Ent-E/DomThe Ninja Scot[No Tournament]
Keiko - 30/30commdecker[No Tournament]
LinkedInExon2017-05-06Official (OTF)-20
Revised Dominion/RomulanThe Ninja Scot2017-12-03Revised-16
Quick Start Deck 2017 - Hiram RothMidnightLich[No Tournament]
Quick Start Deck 2017 - HQ: Executive OrdersMidnightLich[No Tournament]
22nd century block take 2winterflames2012-09-08Official (OTF)-6
This deck gives Charlie nightmares...sexecutioner[No Tournament]
Borg for Intermediatessexecutioner[No Tournament]
Fedom InfiltrationThe Ninja Scot2017-11-05Official (OTF)-36
Combined Task.dekCaptain Parrish2017-08-01Official (OTF)+9
This was an oops.prylardurden2017-10-06Official (OTF)-119
Keikocommdecker[No Tournament]
Launch the Enterprise-ECommander Joe2017-09-16Official (OTF)-2
KNomad's Stop First Contact (2017)KNomad[No Tournament]
Finest Crew In All The StarfleetsCommander Joe2017-08-19Official (OTF)-2
test21admiral-mogh2017-07-14Official (OTF)-7
Akira AttackCaptain Parrish[No Tournament]
Combined Task FOrceCaptain Parrish2016-12-10Official (OTF)+4
Ben Johnson s Fargo 2017 Regional deckmindmage2017-06-18Draft+13
Everyone loves a good comeback story... ...except that Kim Kardashian one.sevencrdspud2017-06-11Official (OTF)-5
We have to go back and undo the undoing of the damage we did.9of242017-05-07Official (OTF)+14
Hope and Fear (Or: Sometimes You Just Have To Redshirt Your Way Through)BCSWowbagger2017-05-07Official (OTF)+8
The BorgKeras[No Tournament]
A Borg Revival9of242017-04-09Official (OTF)+33
If I stop drinking all at once, Im afraid the cumulative hangover will kill me.prylardurden2017-04-09Official (OTF)0
Everyone wants to grow up and be a red shirt...SirRogue2017-03-25Official (OTF)+5
TNG deck, DS9 dilemmasanguss2017-01-30Official (OTF)-5
The Allen and Burns ShowGooeyChewie2017-03-19Official (OTF)-15
Trek Masters NC TNG Fed deckLegate_Damar2017-03-19Official (OTF)+48
RomDomComorbirshi2017-03-19Official (OTF)+18
tricksy borgelveez2017-01-09Official (OTF)-1
enterprise is fastalexd2017-03-25Official (OTF)-7
TNG Ressikan Flute deckLegate_Damar2016-12-02Official (OTF)-3
Launch the Phoenix!TyKajada2016-10-07Official (OTF)-1
Everyone wants to grow up and be a red shirt...Latrell2016-10-07Official (OTF)+4
starfleetCaptain Parrish2016-10-29Official (OTF)+7
SD Masters - First Contact with the DominionCaptMDKirk2016-11-12Official (OTF)-87
Where are the whales?scox2016-11-12Official (OTF)+25
Screw You Guys, I'm Staying Homerazzy2016-10-29Official (OTF)-8
Illegal Immigration of the Borgprylardurden2016-10-22Official (OTF)+30
The Burns and Allen ShowGooeyChewie2016-10-22Official (OTF)+27
First ContactTyberius_Deangelo[No Tournament]
McKay visits San Francisco for some kinky whale stuff with GeorgeKaiser[No Tournament]
Honeymoon in SpacePazuzu2016-09-18Official (OTF)-4
Launch the VoyagerWinner of Borg2016-10-09Official (OTF)-7
Starfleet 2 missions winThomas Weidemann[No Tournament]
sergey and helena make a babyalexd2016-09-04Official (OTF)+21
sergey and helena make a babyalexd2016-09-02Official (OTF)+29
Errol visits San Francisco for some kinky whale stuff with GeorgeKaiser2016-09-03Official (OTF)-5
Thrice Now, I Have Shamelessly Netdecked "Yesterday's Enterprise" by Richard DeLashmitLegate_Damar2016-09-05Official (OTF)+9
The Will Be Coming for your Phoenixrazzy2016-09-05Official (OTF)-17
Beer-fueled Nexus Party v.1.1martok882016-09-04Official (OTF)+57
Beer-fueled Nexus Party v.1.0martok882016-09-02Official (OTF)+33
worldsoption1.deksexecutioner[No Tournament]
Feeling a little episodic. OR "Who's Balthazar Edison, again?"karonofborg132016-08-31Official (OTF)+10
DAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNplaced 3.0Comicbookhero2016-08-05Official (OTF)-48
Not My BorgSirDan2016-08-05Official (OTF)+118
Sleeping Dogs (by James Heaney)SirDan2015-09-12Official (OTF)-16
DAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNplaced 2.0Comicbookhero2016-06-19Official (OTF)+12
StarfleetLieutenant Malone2016-07-31Official (OTF)-14
All Archer wants is to save the whales and get Dr. Soran homeHobie2016-07-16Official (OTF)+4
trusty Fedsmark_mustonjr2016-06-19Official (OTF)+6
Stexit: We have to Stem the flow of these Non Aligned Immigrants turning up at our Headquarters! ("That's Cool" "No it isn't!")KazonPADD2016-06-25Official (OTF)+28
I Shamelessly Netdecked "Yesterday's Enterprise" by Richard DeLashmit, and I Liked ItLegate_Damar2016-06-12Official (OTF)+23
Good old TimesEnabran2016-06-12Official (OTF)-19
Starfleet/KlingonThe Ninja Scot2016-05-09Official (OTF)-12
All those implants...you know thats really hard on the knees....totally impractical.Hoss-Drone2016-06-04Official (OTF)+22
Yesterday's Enterprisebenericardus2016-05-29Official (OTF)+69
The Madness of King ArcherOKCoyote2016-05-28Official (OTF)-14
Vulcan DeckNerdyByNature2016-05-21Official (OTF)-8
DAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNplacedComicbookhero2016-05-15Official (OTF)-7
Moving Parts V: The shark still looks fake... v1.1Corbinq27[No Tournament]
Moving Parts V: The shark still looks fake...Corbinq272016-05-15Official (OTF)+16
Phlox's projectAlphajemmie2016-05-01Official (OTF)-10
Regionals? Perfect time to try something new.Hobie2016-04-17Official (OTF)-36
Starfleet 1.0Resistance-is-futile2016-04-10Official (OTF)-6
StarfleetSirDan2016-04-09Official (OTF)-15
Borgity Borg Borg Borgtksolway[No Tournament]
Ready to Die VThe Mad Vulcan[No Tournament]
Resistance Will Never Be Futile! v3.0Pazuzu2015-10-19Official (OTF)+14
Ian 1E TestPeers2016-03-12Official (OTF)-1
OTF Federation TNG and SCIENCE! - FEB 2016jjh2016-02-13Official (OTF)-14
Slowborgadmiral-mogh2016-01-24Official (OTF)-15
First stab at First ContactLatrell[No Tournament]
First Attempt at Competative Tournanment Seriousness or FACTSLatrell[No Tournament]
1E LDS 6.5 - Starfleetjames_borg_007of92015-12-05Official (OTF)-4
Resistance is Futile - Fury Quadrant EditionWedge7722015-12-05Official (OTF)+21
"He's dead, Evil-Jim..."Caretaker's Guest2015-06-29Official (OTF)-2
Triple TreatyThe Ninja Scot2015-11-15Official (OTF)-9
Borg 30 card Stop First Contact KNomad2016-07-24Official (OTF)+22
Starfleet Engineers draw engineThomas Weidemann[No Tournament]
Ent-E Voyages homeelveez2015-08-31Official (OTF)-32
Peter Ludwig\'s Magnificent GloryholeLatok2015-09-25Official (OTF)-14
Keeping a Borg for ah domestic....that ain't legal either. Hoss-Drone2015-09-27Official (OTF)+17
My first Borg deck, stolen from Jeremy HuthNerdyByNature2015-09-12Official (OTF)-12
The Time Machine Did ItIron Mike2015-09-24Official (OTF)+78
Day 1 - 1EThe Ninja Scot2015-09-24Official (OTF)-96
Find the Fish... Or Find New Jobs!LORE2015-08-31Official (OTF)+7
Federation deckAubi2015-07-04Official (OTF)+40
Federation deck 2.0Aubi2015-08-16Official (OTF)+6
GenCon Tag Team DeckBlackjac[No Tournament]
New Gen-Con deck to trycaptain_janman2015-07-31Official (OTF)-56
DS9 Regional Variantjames_borg_007of92015-05-16Official (OTF)-25
Feds and Klingons - Continentalshyperlight2015-07-31Official (OTF)+38
Earth, The Final FrontierHoodieDM2015-07-31Official (OTF)-56
By pressing down a special key It plays a little melodyMyGutsOnYourShoes2015-07-31Official (OTF)+49
Badges? We like double badges...The Ninja Scot2015-07-26Official (OTF)+5
Fed up with Quantum Incursion Mogh, Son Of Worf2015-07-19Official (OTF)+3
A Plethorahyperlight2015-06-28Official (OTF)+31
Starfleet and Federation 1.0Resistance-is-futile2015-06-28Official (OTF)-4
Yesterday's Enterprise 3.33benericardus2015-06-28Official (OTF)+17
We Are Coming… again to your planetsJono2015-06-27Official (OTF)-13
Ella Hayes's 1E Winnipeg Regional deck, stardate 06202015 (1E LDS 6 - Starfleet)karonofborg13[No Tournament]
Enterprise-E deckTyKajada2015-05-11Official (OTF)+3
Borg TReebel2015-05-11Official (OTF)-6
Swedish Regionals 150607Carwash2015-06-07Official (OTF)+32
ITZ, Why have you forsaken me?9of242015-06-07Official (OTF)+90
Don't act like you don't know, know what I came for, too late to turn back, this is the Payback. You take one, I take one, you can't hide you can't run, too late to turn back, this is the Paybackkaronofborg132015-05-28Official (OTF)+7
Paxan Gloryhole IImartok882015-06-07Official (OTF)+49
Assimilating the Alpha QuadrantJono2015-05-30Official (OTF)+14
I like achivementselveez2015-04-13Official (OTF)+1
DS9 solver BCCThomas Weidemann[No Tournament]
NewStarfleet.dekHobie2015-04-26Official (OTF)-19
Sleeping Dogs (Or: Mirror Starfleet's Last Alpha Rodeo)BCSWowbagger2015-04-26Official (OTF)+18
Outpost SFCKingslayerHB2015-04-26Official (OTF)-18
Outpost SFC9of24[No Tournament]
OTF - The Continuing Mission v1.2benericardus2015-03-22Official (OTF)+13
SF sillynessWorf Son of Mogh2015-04-19Official (OTF)+6
OTF - Yesterdays Enterprise v2.2MrVorlon2015-03-08Official (OTF)-17
OTF - Yesterdays Enterprise v2.2Corbinq27[No Tournament]
We Are BackMidnightLich2015-02-21Official (OTF)+4
22nd_Century_Orb_Experience.dekSAM20002014-11-06Official (OTF)+21
Alpha Quadrant AllianceSAM20002015-01-19Official (OTF)+10
TOS_Deck_for_Jim.dekDizzyKungFu2015-01-31Official (OTF)-15
OTF Starfleet - JAN 2015jjh2015-01-31Official (OTF)+2
TOS_Deck_for_Jim.dekSirRogue[No Tournament]
1E LDS 5 - StarfleetGriffeyfanatic2015-01-20Official (OTF)-1
Terra Prime (Or: Captain Archer Conquers the Universe)BCSWowbagger2015-01-24Official (OTF)+3
Das-similate Earth and all of its Weissbier!sexecutioner2015-01-17Official (OTF)+22
Voyage HomeThe Ninja Scot2015-01-18Official (OTF)+1
First Contact raresnobthehobbit[No Tournament]
OTF - The Continuing Mission v1.1benericardus2015-01-18Official (OTF)+2
Ready to Die IVThe Mad Vulcan[No Tournament]
Stop First Contact in Maryland 2014TyKajada2014-12-07Official (OTF)+9
Peace in our Time 2.0Neelix2014-12-07Official (OTF)-24
Double Treaty, Double the FunThe Ninja Scot2014-12-07Official (OTF)+28
Assimilate the Insurrectionprylardurden2014-12-07Official (OTF)+22
Federation: let's get physicalMjolnir[No Tournament]
Vulcans and Mission Specialistshyperlight2014-11-23Official (OTF)+33
Federation Holo DeckCmdrSpork822014-11-23Official (OTF)-68
OTF - The Continuing Missionbenericardus2014-11-23Official (OTF)+21
TNG Movie Feds v2CrimsonRavage2014-11-22Official (OTF)-20
TOS, Bajorans and Whalesanguss2014-11-02Official (OTF)+8
Stop First Contactsexecutioner[No Tournament]
Shane Goes on HolidayIron Mike[No Tournament]
FCEE stuffKerlingonoas2014-09-06Official (OTF)+13
Stop non-sexual Contactsexecutioner2014-09-29Official (OTF)+8
Outpost SFCAubi2014-09-07Official (OTF)-16
Talos BackdraftKomitadji2014-08-19Traditional+11
Ready to Die IIIThe Mad Vulcan2014-08-19Traditional+10
The Big Treaty Project, Episode 10: Shiar Heart Attack (Romulan/Dominion) Kaiser2014-08-04Official (OTF)-1
Return to Talos 2EBC starfleet DeckTReebel2014-08-19Traditional-26
Fed x5MrVorlon2014-09-14Block+1
TNG Movie FedsCrimsonRavage2014-09-06Official (OTF)-27
To Borg or not To Borg?Armus[No Tournament]
Johnny's Ent-E deck for WorldsSirRogue2014-08-14Official (OTF)+39
Historical Poker GameSirDan2014-08-14Official (OTF)+27
1E Worlds 2014 Day 2Resistance-is-futile2014-08-16Official (OTF)+23
Star Trek GenerationsJono2014-08-17The "Cool" Tournament0
010 is the loneliest number9of242014-08-16Official (OTF)0
OTF - Yesterday's Enterprise v2.5benericardus2014-08-03Official (OTF)-9
Super phun time!Caretaker's Guest2014-07-07Official (OTF)-42
Worlds Day 1sevencrdspud2014-08-14Official (OTF)+95
T'Lani Office of the Maquis - GenCon EditionNerdyByNature2014-08-14Official (OTF)-49
OTF - Yesterday's Enterprise v2.4benericardus2014-08-02Official (OTF)+5
Outpost SFC9of242014-08-14Official (OTF)+128
OTF - Yesterday's Enterprise v2.3benericardus2014-06-29Official (OTF)+23
OTF - Yesterday's Enterprise v2.6benericardus2014-08-14Official (OTF)+26
Condor Split DetachmentLatrell2014-07-07Block+2
Johannes' Undiscovered CountryThe Mad Vulcan2014-06-02Official (OTF)+26
Keith's Enterprise Carrier Battle Groupmalakim20992014-07-11Official (OTF)+6
Keith's Enterprise Carrier Battle GroupHoss-Drone[No Tournament]
Let us analyse the game v4Boon of Bolian[No Tournament]
010 is the loneliest number9of242014-07-11Official (OTF)-25
Im gonna sit in your quadrant. im gonna enjoy my coffee. Calmer than you are.Hoss-Drone2014-07-11Official (OTF)+61
OTF Enterprise-E - JUL 2014jjh2014-07-05Official (OTF)+17
Moset Munches MavekWedge7722014-07-04Official (OTF)+69
Borg 1.0Resistance-is-futile2014-06-28Official (OTF)+14
Admirals on Deck!DrNicket2014-06-22Official (OTF)-25
I'll get you a toe in the alpha quadrant dude. Bunch of amatuers. I'll even put nail polish on it.Hoss-Drone2014-06-22Official (OTF)+25
DS9 FedsMarkB82[No Tournament]
Finest Handshakers in the Fleetmartok882014-05-17Official (OTF)+11
Battleships/Battle Born (or) 4: You Won't Live Another Day / "Where's My Corbomite Device?! ...and don't tell me it's not being installed until Tuesday!!! Dammit, Chloe, oh uhhh, I mean Bones, I need it now! Give it to me!"karonofborg132014-06-01Official (OTF)-30
If anyone can keep Kirk focused on the mission Riva willHobie2014-06-01Official (OTF)+56
Echoes From The Past (or: Day of the Draw Engine) v1.2BCSWowbagger2014-06-01Official (OTF)+25
Aye, Captain Stubing... How are Gopher and Doc?LORE2014-06-01Official (OTF)-29
Fed x5The Ninja Scot2014-04-28Block+13
1E Fed Enterprise Finest Crew In The Fleet GA 2014 Regional Deckdraven882014-05-17Block+15
Playing an OTF on loan with quick mods for story achievment in a Open torunament to make it sanction deck.Worf Son of Mogh2014-05-17Open-15
Ready to Die IIThe Mad Vulcan2014-05-17Open+5
Borg - Stop First Contactchristianz[No Tournament]
starfleet weyoun72014-05-11Official (OTF)-2
WalbetrugKaiser2014-05-17Official (OTF)+7
Yesterdays Enterprise v2.3 Jeremy's RevisionArcanthas2014-05-10Official (OTF)+20
There is no time like the present for yesterdays EnterpriseHalkandro2014-05-11Official (OTF)+23
Starsuckers, Inc.HoodieDM2014-05-10Official (OTF)+7
I Stoled This Deck!GooeyChewie2014-05-10Official (OTF)-12
TOS Some Bajorans In, Said the AdmiralMidnightLich2014-04-26Official (OTF)+7
Let us analyse the game v3Boon of Bolian2014-03-03Official (OTF)+9
Justified Alpha Borg 1.4Comicbookhero2014-03-03Official (OTF)+15
Hi, I'm Looking for Ray Finkle... and a Clean Pair of ShortsLORE2014-03-03Official (OTF)-1
The Big Treaty Project, Episodes 6+7: Peace in Our Time, Parts I+II (Organian Peace Treaty + Federation/Klingon)Kaiser2014-03-03Official (OTF)+30
OTF - Yesterday's Enterprise v2.2benericardus2014-04-12Official (OTF)+14
The Really Old New Arrivalsstartrekccggeek2014-04-03Official (OTF)+7
1E Can Play With Cadets TooHoodieDM2014-04-05Official (OTF)+50
Super Fun Cards9of242014-04-06Official (OTF)+34
I'm Sorry... ...I Have Misplaced My Pants.sevencrdspud2014-04-06Official (OTF)-20
Justified Alpha Borg 1.5Comicbookhero2014-04-06Official (OTF)-7
April Fools will be assimilatedBeamupSTC2014-04-03Official (OTF)+24
The Best That I Can Givekaronofborg132014-03-20Official (OTF)+9
Richard's Voyage HomeThe Mad Vulcan2014-02-03Official (OTF)+13
Borg DeckMarkB82[No Tournament]
The Big Treaty Project, Episode 4: Paradise Lost & Found (Federation/Dominion)Kaiser2014-02-03Official (OTF)+5
1E Learner Deck Series 3 - Starfleet2014-02-27Official (OTF)-12
Fed DeckMarkB82[No Tournament]
Drive It Like You Stole Itsevencrdspud2014-02-22Official (OTF)+5
Alwayskaronofborg132014-02-27Official (OTF)+11
Justified Alpha Borg 1.3Comicbookhero2014-02-22Official (OTF)-2
Echoes From The Past (or: Day of the Draw Engine)BCSWowbagger2014-02-22Official (OTF)+23
OTF, Yesterdays Enterprise, local tourneyHalkandro2014-02-22Official (OTF)+14
Federation The Vulcan High Command Version 2.0 (OTF)SAM2000[No Tournament]
Federation The Vulcan High Command (OTF)SAM2000[No Tournament]
Invitation AcceptedMidnightLich2014-02-01Official (OTF)+8
OTF - Yesterday's Enterprise v2.1 - Canadian Nationalsbenericardus2014-01-26Official (OTF)+68
Sexual Disruptionsexecutioner2013-12-16Official (OTF)+8
TNG Feds - VirtualWedge7722014-01-21Virtual+12
Nobody Winsdraven882014-01-18Block-27
The Big Treaty Project, Episode 3: My Free Peoples side is solid, but the Shadow needs some work (Bajoran/Federation)Kaiser2013-12-16Official (OTF)+12
met fedsgeekmaster422014-01-18Block+23
Nationals Block 01-18-14HoodieDM2014-01-18Block-24
Sexual Disruptionsexecutioner[No Tournament]
Talos IV.3.3The Mad Vulcan2013-12-09Limited+7
Nobody WinsJobo20042014-02-22Official (OTF)-27
Last of the TNG block starfleetKerlingonoas[No Tournament]
The Worst of Both WorldsSirDan2013-12-01Official (OTF)-19
Talos 3.3 - Fed (with Earth-solving support)soggy_amphibian2013-12-09Limited0
New Alliances9of242013-12-01Official (OTF)-15
The line must be drawn here! (A Ripoff)Corbinq27[No Tournament]
Finest Specialists in the Fleet Mogh, Son Of Worf2013-12-01Official (OTF)+29
The line must be drawn here!Dunnagh2013-12-21Official (OTF)+18
Walter Sobchak SecurityHoss-Drone2013-11-04Official (OTF)+24
Triple Treaty Borg Fakeoutsoggy_amphibian2013-11-04Official (OTF)+8
OTF - Yesterday's Enterprise v2.0benericardus2013-12-08Official (OTF)+34
Early Alliances9of242013-11-04Official (OTF)-15
Resistance Will Never Be Futile! v1.0Pazuzu2013-12-01Official (OTF)-12
Finger Lickin' Good9of242013-10-28Traditional+17
The IDICKerlingonoas[No Tournament]
OTF - Yesterday's Enterprise v1.0benericardus2013-11-10Official (OTF)-4
5 April 2063Dogbert2013-11-06Official (OTF)+29
block head fedcricketman2013-10-25Block-8
Block Feddsgeekmaster422013-06-30Official (OTF)+2
Ich seh die Sternenflotte ...Mogh, Son Of Worf2013-10-19Official (OTF)+6
Starfleet loves its lovely Orion ladiesJono2013-10-20Block-14
bridge crew pile 1elveez2013-10-18Official (OTF)+29
Justified Alpha Borg 1.2Comicbookhero2014-01-12Official (OTF)-1
Future Tense (Or: Livin' in the 22nd Century, Doin' Somethin Green To It) [Block-TNG]BCSWowbagger2013-09-28Block+11
Borg Porn!sexecutioner2013-02-04Limited-23
Finest Crew in the... oh, Who am I KiddingOKCoyote2013-08-27Virtual+10
virtualing banging my head on the wallselveez2013-08-27Virtual+4
Starfleet Block Loaner deckCrimsonRavage[No Tournament]
OTF Starfleet attempt 1detze0012013-07-14Official (OTF)+31
Stars & HorseshoesCaptMDKirk2013-07-29Official (OTF)-35
Will of the collectiveKerlingonoas[No Tournament]
Virtual Assimilationsexecutioner[No Tournament]
Alpha quadrant invasion Onomy2013-08-17Official (OTF)-65
Battle Block DeckKerlingonoas[No Tournament]
Bad FunHoodieDM2013-08-17Official (OTF)+84
Borg will assimilate your TNG homeworld 3.0Jono2013-08-17Official (OTF)-81
1E Learner Deck Series 3 - StarfleetTMax19852013-08-16Official (OTF)-9
They Will Be Coming v2.0pschrader2013-08-17Official (OTF)-77
Gencon FedMyGutsOnYourShoes2013-08-17Official (OTF)+47
Yours is Mine Revised GenCon9of242013-08-15Revised-22
Fromage OTFCaptMDKirk2013-08-10Official (OTF)-4
OTF - Tequila, Rock 'n' Roll & Naked Womenbenericardus2013-07-28Official (OTF)0
Federation Deck I played before I stopped playingSolakbaron[No Tournament]
The Line Must Be Drawn Here!commdecker[No Tournament]
InsurrectionBlackjac[No Tournament]
E-ETMPOotPLatok2013-07-05Official (OTF)+103
Especially The LiesWalzo2013-07-05Official (OTF)-34
T-1000CaptMDKirk2013-06-03Official (OTF)+12
Now is the time in which we breakdanceTBT2013-07-05Official (OTF)-38
Shiny Happy Orions Holding Handschompers2013-07-05Official (OTF)-11
Borg Alpha DogsTyborg[No Tournament]
OTF - Stop First Contactbenericardus2013-06-23Official (OTF)-26
In a world gone mad, we will not spank the monkey, but the monkey will spank us. Iron Mike2013-06-23Official (OTF)-19
Elderly Canines Only Learn Historical Magic v4Walzo2013-06-23Official (OTF)-7
Stop First ContactTyKajada2013-08-17Official (OTF)+42
Selling Free Candy9of242013-06-02Official (OTF)+16
OTF TOS OotP 6.1.13Exon2013-06-01Official (OTF)+27
AQ Speed SolverResistance-is-futile2013-06-02Official (OTF)+22
Yours is Mine Revised9of242013-05-05Revised+18
Treaty TournamentFaithful Reader2013-05-25Official (OTF)-23
Borg will assimilate your TNG homeworld 2.0Jono2013-05-25Official (OTF)+6
April 2013 OTF Starfleetwarpaw2013-04-03Official (OTF)+7
The Empire.volkerii2013-05-18Official (OTF)+27
Home (or: Chula, Q, and The Clown Present the Friday Festival of Feds!)BCSWowbagger2013-05-03Official (OTF)+27
Fed re-generation 2.0cricketman2013-05-06Virtual+10
Ent-E deck for Ericbiecheer2013-05-05Official (OTF)+6
A new deck? Ain't Nobody Got time For ThatTBT2013-05-05Official (OTF)+38
OTF - Doing it with Smoke and mirrors (borrow from Ken)LadyFenix2013-04-14Official (OTF)+25
Counterparts ahoy!SirRogue2013-04-06Official (OTF)+22
RGB DisplayCaptMDKirk2013-04-06Official (OTF)0
Starfleet OTFMidnightLich2013-04-06Official (OTF)-9
Borg will assimilate your TNG homeworldJono2013-04-06Official (OTF)+31
More Talos, More Tribblescommdecker2013-03-04Limited+23
Forcing the FED: BLOCK FY 2013Latrell[No Tournament]
Talos 2.6: Kliffedhangersoggy_amphibian2013-03-04Limited-21
Tri-Treaty Femaleshyperlight2013-03-24Official (OTF)-18
TNG Femaleshyperlight2013-03-17Official (OTF)+1
We are the Domminion of the Alph Quadrent; We don't need no stinking Jem'Hadar, we can has Son'aWorf Son of Mogh2013-03-17Official (OTF)+6
Radio Controlled Treatysoggy_amphibian2013-03-01Open+2
Starfleet/Klingon Treaty [OTF]SirDan2013-02-05Official (OTF)+27
Starfleet X-ListMidnightLich2013-03-09X-List (Standard)-13
alt.captain.kirk.die.die.dieOKCoyote2013-02-05Official (OTF)-11
[Block] Chocolate Starfleet and the Hotdog Flavoured Waternuttersuclan[No Tournament]
Fed Newextraplayer2013-04-13Official (OTF)0
Who is in charge here?!Kerlingonoas[No Tournament]
Forcing the FED: BLOCK FY 2013SpyfortheOtherGuy2013-03-24Block-5
TNG BLOCK FY2013 Vr.2Latrell[No Tournament]
The AdmiraltyMidnightLich2013-02-09Revised+13
The Cruel Tutelage of Kenneth TuftsThe Mad Vulcan2012-12-17Official (OTF)-5
JAN 2013 FED OTF DECKwarpaw2013-01-07Official (OTF)-14
Elderly Canines Only Learn Historical Magic v2Walzo2013-01-14Official (OTF)-12
Elderly Canines Only Learn Historical MagicWalzo2013-01-07Official (OTF)+9
Rotisserie Draft!SirRogue2012-12-30Draft-16
Fed/Dom because I have random powers...The Ninja Scot2012-12-17Official (OTF)-4
Starfleet BlockCrimsonRavage2012-12-15Block-25
Females with the Venus Drughyperlight2012-12-02Official (OTF)+3
Solo StarfleetMidnightLich2012-12-01Official (OTF)+13
Unholy Traditionsoggy_amphibian2012-11-05Traditional-2
[OTF] You ain't the First (contact)nuttersuclan[No Tournament]
block fedcricketman2012-11-17Block-14
Starfleet BlockMarquetry2012-11-18Block-4
OTF TNG FedsCrimsonRavage2012-11-18Official (OTF)+25
My Starfleet BlockThe Ninja Scot2012-11-18Block-14
Fed TNG Blocktksolway[No Tournament]
Enterprise-iestCaptMDKirk2012-10-08Official (OTF)+18
Syn Free Tyr + Kl'augmentsGriffeyfanatic2012-11-09Official (OTF)-6
Stolen Starfleet KlingonMidnightLich2012-11-03Official (OTF)+12
OTF Federation TNG - NOV 2012jjh2012-11-03Official (OTF)+4
Enterprisetemplardick2013-09-28Official (OTF)+22
Fed re-generationNeelix[No Tournament]
Cardassiminionsoggy_amphibian2012-10-08Official (OTF)-15
Creative PerksComicbookhero2012-10-27Official (OTF)+27
I Hope This Is a Hidden AchievementFrakkinPhoenix2012-10-27Official (OTF)-2
Block starfleet ... and it finished lastcommdecker2012-10-23Block-34
Where No One Has Gone Before [Block-TNG]BCSWowbagger2012-10-20Block-11
starfleet Block DeckCmdrSpork822012-10-14Block+9
Starfleet Block DeckOrbin2012-10-14Block+7
Enterprise-E Solosoggy_amphibian2012-09-01Limited+12
It's About Timehyperlight2012-10-14Block0
Third Place - How on Earth Did I Manage That?!TBT2012-09-06Official (OTF)+49
OTF TNG Fed for Online Event (2012-08-03)Timo2012-08-03Official (OTF)-3
Starfleet On The Blockssoggy_amphibian2012-09-24Block+4
Synergism, Freedom, Tyranny (Tempus Nonexistence Genealogy)karonofborg132012-10-12Block+13
I Hate Temporal MechanicsCaptMDKirk2012-09-24Block-33
Talos 1.11: 2e but not 2easysoggy_amphibian2012-09-03Revised-12
Starfleet Block Fun9of242012-09-24Block-10
Augmented Reality 3.0OKCoyote2012-09-24Block-1
SFC Talos IV 2E Required9of242012-09-03Revised+21
The Paral-X Quantum Leapsexecutioner2012-09-01Limited+8
I Hate Temporal MechanicsCaptMDKirk2012-09-22Block+12
Block HeadSirRogue2012-09-22Block-30
[Virtual OTF] PLUCK - politically lying, unholy, cowardly killersnuttersuclan[No Tournament]
[OTF] TNG Fedsnuttersuclan[No Tournament]
[OTF] Son'a rather than laternuttersuclan[No Tournament]
Block - StarfleetWorf Son of Mogh2012-09-09Block-30
StarfleetBoon of Bolian2012-08-03Official (OTF)-1
Omega Particle 010Latok2012-09-06Official (OTF)-8
Archer and T'Pol meet the Clan People (OTF, Virtual)commdecker2012-07-02Virtual+3
JD TNG 1.1NerdyByNature2012-09-08Official (OTF)+1
OTF - Doing it with Smoke and mirrorsWorf Son of Mogh2012-09-06Official (OTF)+83
Wandering Musclesoggy_amphibian2012-08-03Official (OTF)-13
Pathetic Earthlings... Who will save you now!sexecutioner2012-08-03Official (OTF)+32
AU TNG FED VIPIBurgleHam2012-08-17Official (OTF)-60
the Typhon Pactkaronofborg132012-08-19Open-6
OTF - Baj/Fed Treaty deck Worf Son of Mogh2012-08-19Open+13
Soran, Leeta, Zefram and Quark... Ok Kruge you can come too......rsutton412012-09-02Open+14
Flagship Relaunched: X AnniversaryShooter McGavin2012-08-17Official (OTF)+28
Females only! V.2hyperlight2012-08-05Official (OTF)-1
Federation Holo DeckCmdrSpork82[No Tournament]
Department of Temporal Investigationscommdecker[No Tournament]
Beginner TOS deck commdecker[No Tournament]
printer overloadretsbew1972012-06-03Open-17
Flagship Relaunched: X AnniversaryCaptMDKirk2012-08-04Official (OTF)+11
July 2012 Virtual/Printable Tourney (Finest Crew/Observe Greatness)warpaw2012-07-02Virtual-3
Starfleet regionalClonedWhyMe2012-04-28Revised+24
Process Awe in Virtual Realitysoggy_amphibian2012-07-02Virtual+2
1EBorg2.0BaronMorrath2011-08-06Official (OTF)-32
Enterprise AgreementsWalzo2012-06-29Official (OTF)-63
Federation OTFbashircommander2012-03-05Official (OTF)+6
Starfleet Regional 12bashircommander2012-06-23Official (OTF)+4
A Distressing Explorationhyperlight2012-07-08Official (OTF)-2
TNG FedsCmdrSpork822012-07-08Official (OTF)+7
If Bajorans Conquered Cardassia?Latok2012-04-15Official (OTF)-21
Augmented Reality 2.0OKCoyote2012-06-08Block-12
Block Southern Fried Klingonsoggy_amphibian2012-06-08Block-20
Lets see what's out there.mindmage2012-06-23Revised-19
Starfleet Sucks in Blockstartrekccggeek2012-06-10Block-18
22nd Century Block Partywinterflames[No Tournament]
My Block deck that does not use Continuing Mission (Open style)Corbinq272012-06-03Open-30
Kling-on to VoyagerSakura2012-06-03Official (OTF)+3
OTF Cardi/Dom Treaty DeckWorf Son of Mogh2012-05-26Official (OTF)+5
Erika Hernandez Solo Career The Mad Vulcan2012-04-20Block-28
The Legend of MendozaOKCoyote2012-04-20Block+3
Rancid Sweedish Meatballsstoovie2012-06-29Official (OTF)-121
Romulans, time locations, and Nors (v1.1)commdecker[No Tournament]
Fed block OTFjindrak2012-05-12Block+10
U.S.S. Cookie CutterMrVorlon2012-05-12Block-7
Everyone Enjoys a Good TOSTBT2012-03-11Official (OTF)+2
JD Fedsgeekmaster422013-01-26Official (OTF)+1
No moral gray, only Earl GreyDoomsplay2014-04-05Official (OTF)-33
1EBorg4.0BaronMorrath2012-05-05Official (OTF)-17
OTF - Starfleet/Kling Treaty deckWorf Son of Mogh2012-05-05Official (OTF)+21
U.S.S. Cookie CutterCorbinq27[No Tournament]
Block Format (April 13)BaronMorrath2012-04-20Block-8
OTF Federation TOS - APR 2012jjh2012-04-14Official (OTF)+14
SFC Fun9of242012-03-05Official (OTF)-2
Randomly Assigned StarfleetKazonPADD2012-02-19Official (OTF)-7
OTF Fed/Kling treaty deckWorf Son of Mogh2012-03-25Official (OTF)+8
OTF Guardian of Forever With a Side of Resistance V1.1Worf Son of Mogh[No Tournament]
Protect Historic EncounterOrbin2012-08-05Official (OTF)+11
Borg 2Latok2012-03-18Official (OTF)-2
Romulans, time locations, and Nors.commdecker[No Tournament]
Fed capturing deckcommdecker[No Tournament]
Ambassador SuiteCharlazard2011-04-02Official (OTF)+7
Retro Dance FloorCaptMDKirk2012-04-14Official (OTF)-2
BorgLadyFenix2012-02-26Official (OTF)+3
Prosperity is LogicalAdmiralG2012-02-19Official (OTF)-16
Virtually FerengiGooeyChewie2012-02-18Official (OTF)+7
OTF FC Fed/Dom treaty deck.Worf Son of Mogh2012-02-19Official (OTF)+9
Dom/FedBroshak2012-02-19Official (OTF)+2
Starfleet launches the PhoenixCarwash2012-02-12Official (OTF)+11
Romulan/Dominion Treatyhyperlight2012-01-29Official (OTF)-2
Sybok Rocksoggy_amphibian2011-12-12Official (OTF)-18
Talos IV FC Fed deckBoon of Bolian2011-12-14Official (OTF)+23
Servicing the CollectiveLatok2011-02-27Official (OTF)+23
Talos IV, #4; Hero WorshipCaptMDKirk2011-12-14Official (OTF)-11
Talos IV/4: Borgsoggy_amphibian2011-12-14Official (OTF)+15
Talos IV/4: Federationsoggy_amphibian[No Tournament]
StarfleetLatok2012-01-22Official (OTF)-2
Century 22commdecker2011-12-12Official (OTF)-14
"...a Bunch of Thugs Into an Empire" v.2karonofborg132012-01-22Official (OTF)+14
Talos IV.4 - Borg: Stop First ContactThe Mad Vulcan[No Tournament]
Talos IV.4 - Federation: Ensure First ContactThe Mad Vulcan2011-12-14Official (OTF)-13
You're Heroes...on some sort of Star Trek? v.5.0karonofborg132012-01-14Official (OTF)+16
She's a Warp Core on the Dance FloorCaptMDKirk2012-01-01Official (OTF)+34
The Cardassians and The FoundersOrbin[No Tournament]
You're Heroes...on some sort of Star Trek? v.4.0karonofborg132011-12-20Revised+20
You're Heroes...on some sort of Star Trek? v.3.13karonofborg132011-12-13Official (OTF)+17
Federation /.Klingon Open First Contact Deckhyperlight2011-12-04Open+3
Post Turkey BluesCaptMDKirk2011-12-03Official (OTF)-1
Head First Back into 1E!Iron Prime2011-06-25Official (OTF)-15
Just Following Orders, patrolling the Neutral Zone in case the Romulans decide to take advantage...& not introducing an unstable element into a critical situation...oh, wait, to hell with our orders! Let's go engage those pesky Borg.karonofborg132011-11-29Official (OTF)+6
D'Vela Solverstartrekccggeek2011-10-31Official (OTF)-6
Kill the Queen...sexecutioner2011-11-27Official (OTF)-24
Finger Lickin' Good 1.19of242011-10-31Official (OTF)+16
[OTF] No Son'a said than donenuttersuclan2011-10-31Official (OTF)-11
[OTF] Son'a'va bitch!nuttersuclan2011-11-27Official (OTF)+32
Post Turkey BluesCaptMDKirk2011-11-26Official (OTF)-15
OTF Federation - NOV 2011jjh2011-11-26Official (OTF)+15
Warp Speed AheadgrendelX[No Tournament]
Watching the Clock, Part IIkaronofborg132011-11-01Open+22
Finger Lickin' Good9of242011-09-26Official (OTF)+16
The Immortalssoggy_amphibian2011-09-26Official (OTF)-16
Romulan Affiliation Draft Tournament [OTF]bhosp2011-09-06Official (OTF)+2
At Least I Didn't Resort to 6 PlanetsCaptMDKirk2011-10-15Sealed+4
Starfleet OTF Deckwarpaw2011-09-06Official (OTF)-12
Sealed Deck Bonus CardsMidnightLich[No Tournament]
Ideal Futurerazzy[No Tournament]
Homefront II Virtual Starters: Starfleetcommdecker[No Tournament]
A Game of Poker Between Admirals and HologramsJono2011-08-06Official (OTF)-43
Dave Bowling's 2011 Worlds Decktomek2011-08-06Official (OTF)+16
Brandon Moore's 2011 Worlds Deck2011-08-06Official (OTF)-149
As Dope As Two Rappers (Live at Indy)Swisherfan2011-08-06Official (OTF)+133
1E Starfleet OnlyLeoKula[No Tournament]
Star Trek: Insurrection of European ContinentalsClerasil ToB2011-07-22Official (OTF)-3
As Dope As Two Rappers (Greatest Hits)Swisherfan2011-07-15Official (OTF)+6
Virtual Starter: Starfleet ... with 2E cardscommdecker[No Tournament]
Federation Deck, new versionLinkan[No Tournament]
Time to SwimAdmiralG2011-07-01Official (OTF)-12
Party like its the 22nd CenturyWalzo2011-07-01Official (OTF)-83
Starfleet/Son'a Mash-UpFrakkinPhoenix2011-06-26Official (OTF)+27
Risk is our Businessmindmage2011-06-25Official (OTF)+9
CF fed / Klingon and mirror nonsenseCorbinq27[No Tournament]
Highly LogicalOrbin2011-06-05Official (OTF)0
Der zweite VersuchAubi2011-06-05Official (OTF)-17
Star Trek: InsurrectionClerasil ToB2011-06-05Official (OTF)+42
Thanks for Making a deck possible after almost 9 years !!!Clerasil ToB2011-05-29Official (OTF)+24
Enterprising Young MenCaptMDKirk2011-05-28Official (OTF)-28
The Guardian is Foreverhyperlight2011-05-08Official (OTF)-8
TNG FedsExon2011-04-23Official (OTF)+1
Any Skill You Like: An Android Orion Love Storystartrekccggeek2011-04-01Official (OTF)+12
Romulan 1E DeckVindelron2011-05-28Official (OTF)-19
As Dope As Two RappersCaptMDKirk2011-04-23Official (OTF)-19
The Temporal Federationnimipusb2011-04-23Official (OTF)+7
I'm down with V.I.P., yeah you know me!Peacob[No Tournament]
Harness Gaucho ParticleSirDan2011-04-23Official (OTF)+32
Maiden VoyageLejo2011-04-23Official (OTF)-63
As Dope As Two Rappers (Remix)Swisherfan2011-05-28Official (OTF)+8
fed deckzephrem2011-04-10Official (OTF)-28
OTF Guardian of Forever With a Side of ResistanceWorf Son of Mogh2011-04-23Official (OTF)-5
BorgLatok2011-04-01Official (OTF)+14
Fed battle decksoggy_amphibian2011-04-01Official (OTF)-27
Garak to the RescuegrendelX[No Tournament]
Charlie's WayCharlazard2011-03-26Official (OTF)-23
Starfleet Bonus MadnessSirDan2011-03-26Official (OTF)+3
Romulan Funtksolway[No Tournament]
Hero of the Terran EmpireOLE_ALE[No Tournament]
Plans within plansNeelix[No Tournament]
BorgBaronMorrath[No Tournament]
OTF Starfleet - FEB 2011jjh2011-02-19Official (OTF)+7
Fed TMP deckSirRogue2011-02-19Official (OTF)-13
With No Voyager in sight, yet we're still partying in the Delta Quadrant. OR When three Best Drinking Buds, Jimmy T., Reggie B., & Mordy Ben-Zi-Tar-ious, get together, you know the points (or is that pints?) of the matter are bound to be High.karonofborg132011-01-22Official (OTF)+21
Ready to DieDeathbymonkeys2011-01-29Official (OTF)0
OTF Bajoran - JAN 2011jjh2011-01-08Official (OTF)-1
Double the Pain ReliefBaronMorrath[No Tournament]
Double the Pain ReliefAllenGould2011-01-08Official (OTF)-48
Starfleet/Klinks.GooeyChewie2011-02-05Official (OTF)+24
OTF Bajoran and Federation - DEC 2010jjh2010-12-18Official (OTF)-4
PAQ Challenge - Kirk, Sisko, Picard and TNG Crew Fun2010-11-27Official (OTF)0
What Stinkin' Q-Nets? PishTosh, Fajo Freestyle PAQ Stack Attackkaronofborg132010-11-27Open+23
Christian Krenz - Aggro Kirk und Schnetzel CrellLuthySloan2010-10-01Official (OTF)+100
MACO MACO MACO 1E StyleSAM2000[No Tournament]
Backwards ThinkingSAM2000[No Tournament]
PAQ Challenge from the 22nd Century!Russ2010-11-14Official (OTF)0
Am I Ready?Kaiser[No Tournament]
Starfleet Virtual Starter, with 2E cards (2010 version)commdecker[No Tournament]
Starfleet Solverstartrekccggeek[No Tournament]
The Good Ol' DaysMidnightLich2011-05-28Official (OTF)+3
Ships of the Line (A Fed Battle Deck) in progress...radoskal[No Tournament]
Resistance is FutileDoktorGonzo[No Tournament]
Fed Deck WinsThunderchild205[No Tournament]
Starfleet AndroidsOLE_ALE[No Tournament]
Cube swarm!radoskal[No Tournament]
Federation 1-ship Attack!Maelwys[No Tournament]
Random Borg NonsenseSirDan2009-08-15X-List (Standard)+86
Klingon Federation TOS Movie Mash-upSirDan[No Tournament]
Really Cool Rainbow Deck of Doom, reduxMaelwys[No Tournament]