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[S] Scapegoat
To avoid escalating violence between Cardassian and Federation settlers, Cardassian Central Command blamed Gul Dukat for supplying weapons to the Demilitarized Zone.
One personnel (random selection) is killed unless you "stop" a personnel with V.I.P. or Anthropology. To get past requires INTEGRITY>24 remaining.

Rarity: 8 V (The Maquis)

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Block
Legal Rules Sets: OTF Open Warp Speed

Image Source: Deep Space Nine: "The Maquis, Part II"


Decks using this card

Deck Player Date Format Rating Change
Gul Dukat Did Nothing Wrongbhosp2018-08-26Official (OTF)-6
Introductory DS9 Cardassian StarterFake Person[No Tournament]
Song on Fire / Must Be Nicekaronofborg132017-06-18Draft+17
Dominion Sealed GenconComicbookhero2016-08-04Sealed-4
Dominion Starter DeckThe Ninja Scot[No Tournament]
Bajoran Starter DeckThe Ninja Scot[No Tournament]
Empire Starter DeckThe Ninja Scot[No Tournament]
DS9 Starter DeckThe Ninja Scot[No Tournament]
DS9 Maquis Starter DeckThe Ninja Scot[No Tournament]
Mirror TOS Starter DeckThe Ninja Scot[No Tournament]
Cardassian Starter DeckThe Ninja Scot[No Tournament]
KCA Starter DeckThe Ninja Scot[No Tournament]
Dominion for block 2.5cricketman2016-05-14Block-34
The ONLY Hew-mon Rule of Acquisition: "Greed is Good"karonofborg132016-02-11Official (OTF)-2
INPNA!karonofborg132015-09-24Official (OTF)+6
1E LDS 5 - MaquisPeers2015-09-12Official (OTF)+6
Chess MastersTReebel2015-07-13Block-14
My first Orb experiencegolden flamingo2015-07-13Block+14
Professional Muscians - Local 47Lore Dukat2015-08-02The "Cool" Tournament0
Why is it called the Celestial Temple if it's the only card that looks like it's NOT in space?golden flamingo2015-06-08Block-2
Block Sealed Maquis 3-29-15Lentire2015-03-29Sealed+8
The Gamma Quadrant playtest deckJono2014-08-15Sealed+15
The Stars Are Made of Latinum (article)commdecker[No Tournament]
Rogue Borg MercenariesCaptMDKirk2014-12-20Block+8
Rogue Borg MercenariesCaptMDKirk2015-01-03Block+25
2014 San Diego MastersResistance-is-futile2015-01-03Block-87
OTF Block Circle/MaquisExon2014-12-20Block-21
HBI blockelveez2014-07-07Block-6
TETSUO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Comicbookhero2014-08-17The "Cool" Tournament0
Chess Masterscommdecker2014-07-07Block0
We speak only in Grootkaronofborg132014-09-04Official (OTF)+9
The Circle And The ProphetsOrbin2014-07-27Official (OTF)+9
A Piece of Paper They Didn't Have a Say in Signing...karonofborg132014-07-24Official (OTF)+14
Cargo Runs Reshape the Quadrantcreon16902014-07-20Official (OTF)-20
Pinball WizardGooeyChewie2014-07-19Block+22
DS9 Maquis Starter DeckMaelwys[No Tournament]
Cargo Runs Reshape the Quadrantcommdecker[No Tournament]