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[S] Don't Let It End This Way
Two assassins boarded Kronos One, slaughtering any crew in their path and fatally wounding Chancellor Gorkon. Gorkon's final words begged Kirk to continue the peace initiative.
Kills half of your "stopped" personnel at this location (your choice, round up). To get past requires 2 SECURITY.

Rarity: 7 V (Homefront VI)

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Block
Legal Rules Sets: OTF Open Warp Speed
This card is part of the Block Core List

Image Source: Movies: "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"


Dilemma Resolution Guide: Don't Let It End This Way

Decks using this card

Deck Player Date Format Rating Change
launch the phoenix !!!! elveez2019-03-03Official (OTF)-20
launch the phoenix !!!! robin1234[No Tournament]
I'd Give Real Money if He'd Shut UpExon2018-12-09Official (OTF)+12
BajCarThe Ninja Scot2018-04-27Official (OTF)+39
Romulan 22nd StarterFake Person[No Tournament]
Terran Empire forever!Jono2017-08-17Sealed+6
Klingon Starter (Broken Bow)KazonPADD[No Tournament]
Starfleet Starter (Broken Bow)KazonPADD[No Tournament]
Everyone wants to grow up and be a red shirt...SirRogue2017-03-25Official (OTF)+5
Maquis Ds9Captain Parrish2017-02-01Block+26
Purple People Eater volume 2Captain Parrish2016-10-10Block-7
Everyone wants to grow up and be a red shirt...Latrell2016-10-07Official (OTF)+4
The Will Be Coming for your Phoenixrazzy2016-09-05Official (OTF)-17
TE Block... but still get achievementsFaithful Reader2016-09-03Block-11
Enterprise-E and the Briar Patch mindmage2016-06-19Official (OTF)+23
KCA blockbenericardus2016-05-15Block+11
Block for Release Eventhyperlight2016-05-15Block-12
TE Block... but still get achievementsThe Ninja Scot2016-05-15Block+16
Goatees for Everyone!razzy2016-05-14Block+19
TE CaptainsNeelix[No Tournament]
Draft Terranscommdecker2016-04-28Draft-4
CHANGELING BROFORCEedgeofhearing2016-04-28Draft+19
For the Empire - Terran Empire 2.0DavidCamp2016-05-14Block-49
The Mirror Crack'd From Side to SideChen[No Tournament]
KCA blockelveez2015-11-21Block-6
Regency Onebhosp2015-10-05Official (OTF)-5
Crossover Starter + Reflections Draft = ?Exon2015-11-21Sealed0
Crossover Alliance Starter Deck for draft release tournament Boon of Bolian2015-11-15Draft-13
Romulan Underground 1.0mindmage2015-11-08Official (OTF)-26
Crossover Alliance Starter Deck2015-10-24Sealed0
Crossover Terran Rebellion Starter Deck2015-10-24Sealed0
Crossover Gen Con pre-releaseJono2015-07-30Sealed+10
My first Orb experiencegolden flamingo2015-07-13Block+14
Re-Animator I : Straight Edge The Mad Vulcan2015-06-08Block+2
So, we're gonna marvel back on up the road to KHANada, eh, but, we're not heading up to "The Dirty, Dirty 'Shwa" nope just Winnipeg. Don't forget to pack your jambusters & let's giv'n her, eh.karonofborg132015-06-20Official (OTF)+33
April 2013 OTF Starfleetwarpaw2013-04-03Official (OTF)+7
The Empire.volkerii2013-05-18Official (OTF)+27
Deadly Chains & Whips Excite Us (and annoy the silly hell out of our enemies!)karonofborg132011-06-25Official (OTF)-7