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[S] Strict Dress Code
If the holographic maƮtre d' hadn't delayed the Borg, they would have killed Jean-Luc Picard before he could have completed his plan.
Sacrifice one Diplomacy, one [Holo] or two [Def] personnel present (killed); otherwise, one personnel present is killed (opponent's choice). Mission continues.

Rarity: 4 V (Crossover: Supplemental)

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Block
Legal Rules Sets: OTF Open Warp Speed

Image Source: Movies: "Star Trek: First Contact"


Dilemma Resolution Guide: Strict Dress Code

Alternate Prints
Strict Dress Code

Recent decks using this card (since 0476-09-04)

Deck Player Date Format Rating Change
Hail MaryRachmaninoff[No Tournament]
Bluegill Department of Temporal Incursions Armus2019-03-03Official (OTF)+101
Logical EspionageMarquetry2018-12-16Block+9
Logical Espionage - Slight TweaksThe Ninja Scot2018-12-16Block-16
Cardistanbhosp2018-10-21Official (OTF)0
Small Solver - NavigationTheHumanHydra[No Tournament]
Hero deckbhosp2018-04-08Official (OTF)+25
Not macos bhosp2018-02-25Official (OTF)+10
I'm a Beginner. I took the Most Beginner Deck I Could Find.jadziadax82018-06-22Official (OTF)-35
Vulcans patrolling the Neutral ZoneJono2017-11-25Official (OTF)+24
Strong and Stable!!!LadyFenix2017-11-05Official (OTF)+44
Strong and Stable!!!Worf Son of Mogh[No Tournament]
Flagship Against Humanitybhosp2017-07-29Official (OTF)+24
Song on Fire / Must Be Nicekaronofborg132017-06-18Draft+17
Combs and BrushesCaptMDKirk2017-01-30Official (OTF)-14
First ContactTyberius_Deangelo[No Tournament]
Regents Flagship Road tripelveez2016-09-03Block-8
Gen Con Terran Empire blockJono2016-08-04Sealed+13
trusty Fedsmark_mustonjr2016-06-19Official (OTF)+6
OTF - Lean Mean TNG Fed Scientific Diplomacy 4.6.2cagesandwings2016-05-28Official (OTF)+34
Imperial EntanglementsCaptMDKirk2016-05-21Official (OTF)+17
BLOCK Mirror TN TE 1.0fWorf Son of Mogh2016-05-15Block-12
KCA Blockgolden flamingo2016-05-14Block+25
GIVE ME GENESIS!bhosp2016-04-30Official (OTF)-16
OTF - TE, Hideout edition.Worf Son of Mogh2016-04-10Official (OTF)+9
OTF - Lean Mean TNG Fed Scientific Diplomacy 4.6.2Worf Son of Mogh[No Tournament]
OTF - Lean Mean TNG Fed Scientific Diplomacy 4.6.2BlackTazo2016-04-03Official (OTF)-16
ROM TNG Demotksolway[No Tournament]
FED TNG Demotksolway[No Tournament]
Holograms in the Delta Q v.1hyperlight2016-03-20Official (OTF)+3
Like a Circle in a SpiralChen[No Tournament]
KCA Flag DayThe Ninja Scot2016-02-21Official (OTF)-10
A Little Wide of the MaquisChen[No Tournament]
Yer lookin' a bit green around the gills, boyo!karonofborg132016-03-12Official (OTF)-12
HirHOorbirshi2016-02-19Official (OTF)-59
Temporal Mechanics Give Me a Headacherazzy2016-02-19Official (OTF)-60
Holomania v1Hobie2016-02-13Official (OTF)-2
You Wanted a Captain Worf Series...OKCoyote2015-11-23Block-9
Block ACK... I mean, KCAThe Ninja Scot2015-11-23Block+18
I Net-Decked Ken Tufts TNG Fed Scientific Diplomacy deck and Im Proud of It :)stoovie[No Tournament]
The Fog off Elliott Bay II - Jason Drake RemixThe Mad Vulcan2015-10-19Official (OTF)+1
OTF - Federation Loaner deckCrimsonRavage2015-11-08Official (OTF)-31
The Father, The Son, The Holy Book of OriginWambundu2015-10-17Official (OTF)-10
Qapla' of borg 1.2Worf Son of Mogh2015-10-18Official (OTF)-12
OTF - The Continuing Mission; FMO Revival v1.11dbenericardus2015-10-18Official (OTF)-25
INPNA!karonofborg132015-09-24Official (OTF)+6
OTF - Lean Mean TNG Fed Scientific Diplomacy 4.6.1Worf Son of Mogh[No Tournament]
OTF - Lean Mean TNG Fed Scientific Diplomacy 4.6Worf Son of Mogh[No Tournament]
OTF - FEDIBurgleHam2015-07-31Official (OTF)+19
The Enchanted Tiki Room: Under Quark's ManagementComicbookhero2015-08-02The "Cool" Tournament0
2015 Orb Solver 2.0Resistance-is-futile2015-07-31Official (OTF)+14
OTF - Resiting the Terran Empire 4.3Worf Son of Mogh2015-07-12Official (OTF)+8
OTF - Resiting the Terran Empire 4.2Worf Son of Mogh2015-06-28Official (OTF)+21
OTF - Lean Mean TNG Fed Scientific Diplomacy 4.6The Ninja Scot2015-06-28Official (OTF)-31
Deep Space Valentine v1.1CaptMDKirk2015-06-27Official (OTF)-5
So, we're gonna marvel back on up the road to KHANada, eh, but, we're not heading up to "The Dirty, Dirty 'Shwa" nope just Winnipeg. Don't forget to pack your jambusters & let's giv'n her, eh.karonofborg132015-06-20Official (OTF)+33
this deck sucks, glad I don't have to play it againelveez2015-05-11Official (OTF)-48
Swedish Regionals 150607Carwash2015-06-07Official (OTF)+32
Deep Space ValentineCaptMDKirk2015-06-06Official (OTF)-21
OTF - Lean Mean TNG Fed Scientific Diplomacy 4.5mahbrum@yahoo.com2015-03-22Official (OTF)-16
OTF - Lean Mean TNG Fed Scientific Diplomacy 4.5Mogor2015-05-17Official (OTF)-30
Let the Light guide your way. Hold every memory as you go. And every road you take, will always lead you Home.karonofborg132015-04-26Official (OTF)-36
Holo-1E Achievement v2Marquetry2015-04-26Official (OTF)+11
SF sillynessWorf Son of Mogh2015-04-19Official (OTF)+6
Borrowed a deckThe Ninja Scot2015-03-22Official (OTF)-14
TNG Cardi\'s Take one point oneelveez2015-03-15Official (OTF)-6
Borg are neat. everybody should have one.Winner of Borg2015-03-08Official (OTF)+10
TGQ release Dom solverWorf Son of Mogh2015-02-02Official (OTF)0
TNG Cardi's Take oneOKCoyote2015-02-01Official (OTF)-2
A Piece of Paper They Didn't Have a Say in Signing..., Part IVkaronofborg132015-01-20Official (OTF)+9
OTF - Resiting the Terran Empire 4.1Worf Son of Mogh2015-01-18Official (OTF)+12
OTF - Resiting the Terran Empire 4.0Worf Son of Mogh2015-01-11Official (OTF)+11
The StakeThe Mad Vulcan2015-01-11Official (OTF)0
First Contact raresnobthehobbit[No Tournament]
We are Grootkaronofborg132014-12-18Official (OTF)+6
Crossover Event I: When Strands CollideThe Mad Vulcan2014-12-01Official (OTF)0
Crossover Event II: This is How We Do ItThe Mad Vulcan2014-12-14Official (OTF)+4
Ken Tufts I am not.Armus2014-12-01Official (OTF)-8
Qapla' of borg 1.1Worf Son of Mogh2014-12-14Official (OTF)+10
OTF - Resisting the Terran Empire 3.5Marquetry2014-12-14Official (OTF)-5
Stop First Contact in Maryland 2014TyKajada2014-12-07Official (OTF)+9
OTF - Resiting the Terran Empire 3.5Worf Son of Mogh2014-12-07Official (OTF)+37
White-free since 2002, v.2karonofborg132014-11-22Official (OTF)-24
Becky Conner comes from WHERE?Dunnagh[No Tournament]
OTF - Resiting the Terran Empire 3.0Worf Son of Mogh2014-11-23Official (OTF)+35
Orbs and More OrbsResistance-is-futile2014-11-23Official (OTF)-35
TNG Movie Feds v2CrimsonRavage2014-11-22Official (OTF)-20
Baby Don't Liekaronofborg132014-11-13Official (OTF)+5
5 space aint secure, but a bit more nowBoon of Bolian2014-10-13Official (OTF)+6
OTF DS9 KCAExon2014-10-11Official (OTF)-23
Das Mirror Madnessmartok882014-10-05Official (OTF)-34
Yeah, but, where's Rocket Raccoon when you need him?karonofborg132014-09-20Official (OTF)+9
The Undiscovered Country (Or: The Oldest Klingons on Ba'ku)BCSWowbagger2014-09-06Official (OTF)+6
A Piece of Paper They Didn't Have a Say in Signing..., Part IIIkaronofborg132014-09-06Official (OTF)+1
TNG Movie FedsCrimsonRavage2014-09-06Official (OTF)-27
A Piece of Paper They Didn't Have a Say in Signing..., Part IIkaronofborg132014-08-28Official (OTF)+10
Cardiesbhosp2014-07-07Official (OTF)-16
We speak only in Grootkaronofborg132014-09-04Official (OTF)+9
A Piece of Paper They Didn't Have a Say in Signing...karonofborg132014-07-24Official (OTF)+14
Finest Crew in the Fleet 30 card OTF (V1.1)Corbinq27[No Tournament]
OTF DS9 Cardassian Cargo RunExon2014-07-05Official (OTF)+3
DS9 FedsMarkB82[No Tournament]
Followers (Regional)NerdyByNature2014-06-07Official (OTF)-1
Battleships/Battle Born (or) 4: You Won't Live Another Day / "Where's My Corbomite Device?! ...and don't tell me it's not being installed until Tuesday!!! Dammit, Chloe, oh uhhh, I mean Bones, I need it now! Give it to me!"karonofborg132014-06-01Official (OTF)-30
TNG Cardi's Take one (Ken Tufts deck)sincil2014-05-24Official (OTF)-16
Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me - for meeeeeeNava2014-05-17Official (OTF)-26
5 space aint secureBoon of Bolian2014-05-11Official (OTF)+17
She Looks So Perfectkaronofborg132014-05-08Official (OTF)+1
Queen Gowronchompers[No Tournament]
TNG Cardi's Take oneWorf Son of Mogh2014-06-02Official (OTF)+12
Ferengi T'Lani SolverNerdyByNature2014-04-26Official (OTF)-13
Justified Alpha Borg 1.4Comicbookhero2014-03-03Official (OTF)+15
Qapla' of borg 1.1Worf Son of Mogh2014-04-13Official (OTF)+9
Qapla' of borgWorf Son of Mogh2014-04-06Official (OTF)+7
The Best That I Can Givekaronofborg132014-03-20Official (OTF)+9
Fed DeckMarkB82[No Tournament]
Coprophiling Cardassianssexecutioner2014-02-03Limited+3
Alwayskaronofborg132014-02-27Official (OTF)+11
OTF - Lean Mean TNG Fed Scientific Diplomacy 2.0LadyFenix2014-02-23Official (OTF)+11
Fed DeckMarkB822014-07-05Official (OTF)+3
For TerokHobie2014-02-22Official (OTF)+1
Lean Mean TNG Fed Scientific Diplomacy by Kenflrazor2014-02-22Official (OTF)+7
Justified Alpha Borg 1.3Comicbookhero2014-02-22Official (OTF)-2
Borg AssimilatorWedge7722013-12-16Official (OTF)+2
Finest Crew in the Fleet 30 card OTFMrVorlon2014-01-12Official (OTF)+10
Talos IV.3.3The Mad Vulcan2013-12-09Limited+7
Hirogen nowGumbo2013-12-01Official (OTF)+6
Talos 3.3 - Fed (with Earth-solving support)soggy_amphibian2013-12-09Limited0
Bend over and take six of Gormsbys' finest!Nava[No Tournament]
Kurtis's Borg Deck. 1.2Worf Son of Mogh2013-11-10Official (OTF)+6
Ken Built This, But I Made It TNGMidnightLich2013-11-09Official (OTF)-1
Revenge of the Sexus!sexecutioner2013-09-21Official (OTF)+23
Look at my Maje, my maje is amazing!Dunnagh2013-10-19Official (OTF)-19
TNG KlingonsThe Ninja Scot2013-10-21Official (OTF)+8
Jemmy Whitearjan2422013-10-18Official (OTF)-67
#Once more unto the breach!(18-10-2013).Alphajemmie2013-10-18Official (OTF)-7
Justified Alpha Borg 1.2Comicbookhero2014-01-12Official (OTF)-1
Let us analyse the gameBoon of Bolian2013-10-18Official (OTF)+56
Kurtis's Borg Deck.Worf Son of Mogh2013-10-18Official (OTF)-36
Resistance to Interference is Futile...Nava[No Tournament]
Ferengi Military Opperations Target Lock Aquiered on Diplomats.fCmdrSpork822013-09-29Official (OTF)-11
NACC Borg Deck- Mission solving/opponent interferenceCmdrSpork822013-08-17Official (OTF)+36
Borg Porn!sexecutioner2013-02-04Limited-23
I assure you commander, the cards are sufficiently randomized.edgeofhearing2013-09-10Limited-15
Klingon block plusBeamupSTC2013-09-10Limited+23
Block Plus Borg (Equals Strength)commdecker[No Tournament]
OTF - TNG Romie solver for MLWorf Son of Mogh[No Tournament]
The Second DoctorThe Mad Vulcan2013-07-29Official (OTF)+5
Legitimacy ShlegitimacyWambundu2013-08-17Official (OTF)+66
Holiday RoadComicbookhero2013-08-18The "Cool" Tournament0
A Test of Metal & Mettle [will it get me a Medal?] karonofborg132013-08-17Official (OTF)+13
[OTF] KISS TNG ferengi SolverWorf Son of Mogh[No Tournament]
OTF - Lean Mean TNG Fed Scientific Diplomacy 2.0Worf Son of Mogh[No Tournament]
[OTF] BetonfrisurenKaiser2013-06-03Official (OTF)-4
Day of Glory II - The Wrath of SoranThe Mad Vulcan2013-06-03Official (OTF)+23
Hirogen nowThe Ninja Scot2013-06-03Official (OTF)+17
Fed Rom Treaty Achievement Huntersoggy_amphibian2013-06-03Official (OTF)-10
A quiet game of Poker, My brother (CM)JurgenP2013-06-30Official (OTF)+12
The Sexussexecutioner2013-06-30Official (OTF)+14
[OTF] My First TNG FederationRedDwarf2013-06-30Official (OTF)+26
Stop First ContactTyKajada2013-08-17Official (OTF)+42
Ken Built ThisMidnightLich2013-06-01Official (OTF)+36
We are the Borg Mission SolverCmdrSpork822013-06-02Official (OTF)+27
[OTF] Beyond the Unholy Gravenuttersuclan2013-05-19Official (OTF)+19
Ent-E deck for Ericbiecheer2013-05-05Official (OTF)+6
No Ships for You!CrimsonRavage2013-05-03Official (OTF)-27
[OTF] The Last Timenuttersuclan2013-04-03Official (OTF)+14
Enterprise-E / Son'a Solver (Regional, 28/04/2013)Dukat2013-04-27Official (OTF)-6
Earlier Generations karonofborg132013-04-23Official (OTF)+8
Talos 2.6: Kliffedhangersoggy_amphibian2013-03-04Limited-21
Romulans EverywhereOrbin2013-03-17Official (OTF)-7
Cardy deck With Crell Nom, Noming Frools and Hologram support.Worf Son of Mogh2013-02-24Official (OTF)-12
TNG FerengiSirRogue2013-02-11Official (OTF)+9
[OTF] No Place to Hide v1.2nuttersuclan2013-02-11Official (OTF)+17
[OTF] No Place to Hide v1.1nuttersuclan2013-02-24Official (OTF)+7
FEB 2013 WCT ROMULANwarpaw2013-02-11Official (OTF)-12
alt.captain.kirk.die.die.dieOKCoyote2013-02-05Official (OTF)-11
Talos 2/05 - Carfedsoggy_amphibian2013-02-04Limited0
What's in a name? redux...ee versionkaronofborg132013-02-26Official (OTF)+8
Enterprise-Elt.Ptek[No Tournament]
Fed X-list Standardhyperlight2012-12-16X-List (Standard)+3
Females with the Venus Drughyperlight2012-12-02Official (OTF)+3
[OTF] Atak Of Da Bal-Hedznuttersuclan2012-11-25Official (OTF)+35
"It's not easy being green" - K. FrogWorf Son of Mogh2012-11-18Official (OTF)-1
Consternatingly Analytical Rabblerousers (Territorially Number-crunching Gladiators)karonofborg132012-11-18Official (OTF)-4
[OTF] Cruelty and the Beastnuttersuclan[No Tournament]
Super-PAGH (Political Action Group Hug)CaptMDKirk2012-11-03Official (OTF)+37
The Continuing Mission of Androids and Specialists 1.5Worf Son of Mogh2012-10-08Official (OTF)-9
Ferengi Exchange Operation [OTF]bhosp2012-09-09Official (OTF)+19
[OTF] Cruelty and the Beast v2.0nuttersuclan2012-09-01Limited+14
Losing my Inhibitionskaronofborg132012-10-13Official (OTF)+12
The Paral-X Quantum Leapsexecutioner2012-09-01Limited+8
Enterprise-E / Son'a SolverDukat[No Tournament]
Are Now Challenge This Hewmon MadnessCaptMDKirk2012-09-08Official (OTF)+8
OTF - Lean Mean TNG Fed Scientific Diplomacy Worf Son of Mogh[No Tournament]
TNG FederationPlatinakettu[No Tournament]
Ferengi Military Opperations Target Lock Aquiered on Diplomats.fWorf Son of Mogh2012-09-07Official (OTF)+33
13.5karonofborg132012-08-17Official (OTF)-59
Ferengi Military Opperations Target Lock Aquiered on Diplomats. V1.01Worf Son of Mogh[No Tournament]
man, you wouldn't believe the most amazing things that can come from some terrible liekaronofborg132012-07-28Official (OTF)+11
Federation OTFbashircommander2012-03-05Official (OTF)+6
Federation TNG 1E Australian Championshipschompers2012-06-29Official (OTF)+18
Where in the heck have Phil Schiffly and 'The Fist of Goodness' gotten themselves off to...?karonofborg132012-06-23Revised+4
Collective DelusionsWambundu2012-06-10Official (OTF)+40
OTF Cardi/Fed TNG deck... Doing it Next Gen Style!Worf Son of Mogh2012-05-27Official (OTF)-9
Things Can Be Deceiving IThe Mad Vulcan2012-02-19Official (OTF)-15
You won't find these missions in 2E! (oh, okay, one of them has been converted from its 2nd edition version, but, this one wouldn't be there, in this form anyways)karonofborg132012-04-24Open+14
1E ENT-E [OTF]Blackjac2012-04-14Official (OTF)-28
Nanoprobe Mining [OTF]bhosp2012-03-05Official (OTF)+17
K'empok Nor v2 [OTF]bhosp2012-01-30Official (OTF)+1
It's a RainbowLatok2012-02-19Official (OTF)+11
K'empok Nor [OTF]bhosp2011-12-12Official (OTF)+4
Talos IV FC Fed deckBoon of Bolian2011-12-14Official (OTF)+23
mission to tallos IV (R4, FED)enrico812011-12-14Official (OTF)+16
Fed Talos IVpfti2011-12-14Official (OTF)-3
Talos IV/4: Federationsoggy_amphibian[No Tournament]
Talos IV, #4; Hero WorshipCaptMDKirk2011-12-14Official (OTF)-11
Talos IV/4: Borgsoggy_amphibian2011-12-14Official (OTF)+15
Talos IV Borg Deckpfti[No Tournament]
Talos IV.4 - Federation: Ensure First ContactThe Mad Vulcan2011-12-14Official (OTF)-13
Tricky Hirogen [OTF]bhosp2011-10-31Official (OTF)+12
You're Heroes...on some sort of Star Trek? v.3.13karonofborg132011-12-13Official (OTF)+17
Husnock HoloprogramsExon2011-12-03Official (OTF)+7
Just Following Orders, patrolling the Neutral Zone in case the Romulans decide to take advantage...& not introducing an unstable element into a critical situation...oh, wait, to hell with our orders! Let's go engage those pesky Borg.karonofborg132011-11-29Official (OTF)+6
Gamma Quadrant AssimilationSirDan2011-11-26Official (OTF)+7
The Photonic Insurgent Warkaronofborg132011-08-06Official (OTF)-139
Any Skill You Like: An Android Orion Love Storystartrekccggeek2011-04-01Official (OTF)+12
KHHAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!!SAM20002011-04-01Official (OTF)+2
Charlie's WayCharlazard2011-03-26Official (OTF)-23
Bajorans Resistingarjan242[No Tournament]
With No Voyager in sight, yet we're still partying in the Delta Quadrant. OR When three Best Drinking Buds, Jimmy T., Reggie B., & Mordy Ben-Zi-Tar-ious, get together, you know the points (or is that pints?) of the matter are bound to be High.karonofborg132011-01-22Official (OTF)+21
Fed Deck WinsThunderchild205[No Tournament]