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[Baj]Romara Cal
Typical of personal physicians employed by important Alliance officials. Assigned to the Intendant. Surprised at how frequently she comes in for an exam.
 Biology  Physics
Integrity: 6    Cunning: 7    Strength: 6
Rarity: 34 V (Crossover: Supplemental)

Characteristics: Bajoran; Support Personnel; Male;

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Block
Legal Rules Sets: OTF Open Warp Speed

Image Source: Deep Space Nine: "Crossover"


Alternate Prints
Romara Cal

Recent decks using this card (since 0476-09-04)

Deck Player Date Format Rating Change
And You\'re Back... You\'re Back for Morerobin12342019-03-03Official (OTF)+15
2019 Eternal Sorrowadmiralgary2018-11-24Official (OTF)-28
I can't believe it! Julian just shot Vic Fontaine!Caretaker's Guest[No Tournament]
You Turn Away... You're Back for MoreLORE2018-10-13Official (OTF)+4
This Shouldn't Work But it DoesThe Ninja Scot2018-07-02Official (OTF)+6
And You're Back... You're Back for MoreDarkSabre2018-07-01Official (OTF)+38
And You're Back... You're Back for MoreLORE2018-06-22Official (OTF)-22
You Give Him a Cold Look... You Tell Him a LieLORE2018-04-14Official (OTF)+30
You Turn Him Away, Girl... You Know Youre MineLORE2018-05-20Official (OTF)-4
You Make Him Believe You're But One of a Kind...LORE2018-03-03Official (OTF)-11
Quick Start Deck 2017 - Colonel KiraMidnightLich[No Tournament]
You Turn Him Away... You Tell Him You're MineLORE2017-11-11Official (OTF)+7
Not quite Dominion is it?Jono2017-10-05Official (OTF)-9
Coming together is historicrameses niblick 32017-06-24Official (OTF)+9
Eternal Sorrow 1.0admiralgary2017-06-24Official (OTF)+29
Let The Circle Be UnbrokenExon2017-03-25Official (OTF)+2
Purple People Eater volume 2Captain Parrish2016-10-10Block-7
History Channel Presents: The Winter WarThe Mad Vulcan[No Tournament]
KCA Flagshipanguss2016-09-18Official (OTF)-16
History Channel Presents: The Sinking of the BismarckThe Mad Vulcan2016-07-24Official (OTF)-21
History Channel Presents: The Battle of the BulgeThe Mad Vulcan2016-05-09Official (OTF)+13
KCNORThe Ninja Scot2016-06-20Block+13
KCA Battle 4.0Resistance-is-futile2016-06-26Official (OTF)-30
Defending the KCA homeworldJono2016-06-24Official (OTF)-52
Block BajoransMarquetry2016-05-15Block-4
'MeriKCA!karonofborg132016-05-11Official (OTF)+6
Respect mah Centah of Authoritah!Armus2016-04-30Official (OTF)+34
Tourism Authority of Bajor (Parallel Universe Branch)Exon2016-04-09Official (OTF)+69
KCA Battle 3.0Resistance-is-futile2016-04-03Official (OTF)-24
KCA Flagship Quick convertWorf Son of Mogh2016-03-20Official (OTF)+8
a thirteenth trip to the center of authority 'hoodkaronofborg132016-03-03Official (OTF)+7
Song From the Universe: "I never wanted you to see, The darkest part of me. I knew you'd run away, I waited but you never came". KCA Regent's Flagship 1.1JamesValEson2016-02-27Official (OTF)+25
OTF KCA Crossover Draft - JAN 2016jjh2016-01-02Sealed-9
Song From the Universe: "I never wanted you to see, The darkest part of me. I knew you'd run away, I waited but you never came". KCA Regent's Flagship 1.0JamesValEson2016-02-13Official (OTF)+23
KCA Battle 2.0pfti2016-03-20Official (OTF)+11
1E LDS 2 - KCA james_borg_007of92016-01-16Official (OTF)-8
For the AllianceSirRogue[No Tournament]
BajorrojaBLatrell[No Tournament]
You Wanted a Captain Worf Series...OKCoyote2015-11-23Block-9
Dat Flagship Doebhosp2015-11-30Official (OTF)+15
Crossover Alliance Starter Deck for draft release tournament Boon of Bolian2015-11-15Draft-13
KCA Solver for Crossover realeaseWorf Son of Mogh2015-11-15Official (OTF)-11
OTF KCA Regency 1 - OCT 2015jjh2015-10-10Official (OTF)+11
KCA... without the K or the CThe Ninja Scot2015-08-09Official (OTF)+6
"The Darker Side..."JamesValEson2015-04-26Official (OTF)+2
OTF ROM/BAJ OTSD Draft - MAR 2015jjh2015-03-07Sealed+15
OTF DS9 Baj/Fed GammaExon2014-12-06Official (OTF)-11
Reaffirmation DS9 Block Update9of242014-10-13Official (OTF)-50
The art of.... (part 2)enrico812014-11-08Official (OTF)+5
OTF DS9 KCAExon2014-10-11Official (OTF)-23
Mission to Talos IV, Season III, Episode X RAF DECKLatrell2014-07-21Traditional-19
Ugly Heartkaronofborg132014-06-12Official (OTF)+8
The Missing Whalekaronofborg132014-06-05Official (OTF)+11
KCA 5/29/14karonofborg132014-05-29Official (OTF)+7
KCA 5/22/14karonofborg132014-05-22Official (OTF)-2
KCA sealedBoon of Bolian2014-04-07Draft+23
KCA 5/1/14karonofborg132014-05-01Official (OTF)+11
Mirror, Mirror - Klingon/Cardassian Alliance StarterOKCoyote[No Tournament]
OTF - KCA Insanity.Worf Son of Mogh2014-06-22Official (OTF)-14
KCA 3/6/14karonofborg132014-03-06Official (OTF)+10
KCA 2/22/14karonofborg132014-02-22Official (OTF)-5
Mirror by InvitationSirRogue2014-02-01Official (OTF)+9
Bajorans with a few friendsCmdrSpork822014-01-26Official (OTF)-9
We are Bajorans! Oh... and these other guys too...Orbin2013-12-15Official (OTF)-20
Reaffirmation GenCon Cool9of242013-08-18The "Cool" Tournament0
There Can Be Only One Klingon Cardassian Alliance, Isn't that cool?Worf Son of Mogh2013-08-18The "Cool" Tournament0
KCA 8/16/13karonofborg132013-08-16Official (OTF)+13
Regionals 2013 - KCAsuperdark2013-06-02Official (OTF)-32
Talos 2.7 wacky klingon deck v2Worf Son of Mogh2013-04-01Draft+9
Drafting Tribblescommdecker2013-04-01Draft+11
Talos 2/07: Klingon Hodgepodgesoggy_amphibian2013-04-01Draft-6
Foreign BajoransOKCoyote2012-08-03Official (OTF)+17
Alliance Mirror Decktemplardick2012-08-17Official (OTF)-28
$#@*%^( )&!karonofborg132012-07-30Official (OTF)-2
Klingons? Cardassians? Alliance? Oh My!MidnightLich2012-04-14Official (OTF)-16
Cruel IntentionsCaptMDKirk2012-01-21Sealed-14
OTF KCA Sealed - JAN 2012jjh2012-01-21Sealed-22
KCA decksoggy_amphibian2011-06-16Official (OTF)-11
The KCAGumbo2011-05-15Official (OTF)0
This deck needs a freaking play engine!karonofborg132011-04-02Official (OTF)-15
The Klingon Cardassian AllianceSAM2000[No Tournament]
KCA DeckExon2011-02-19Official (OTF)+3
Reaffirmation9of242011-01-18Official (OTF)+2