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[Fed] Chief Surgeon McCoy
[Stf] [AU] [TE] MEDICAL [OS] [MU]
I.S.S. Enterprise chief medical officer. Dr. McCoy runs one of the most feared sickbays in the Empire. Never loses a subject before completing their interrogation.
 MEDICAL  Exobiology  Biology  Treachery  Classic Medical Tricorder
Integrity: 5    Cunning: 8    Strength: 5
Rarity: 44 V (Crossover: Supplemental)

Characteristics: Human; Male;

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Block
Legal Rules Sets: OTF Open Warp Speed

Image Source: The Original Series: "Mirror, Mirror"


Alternate Prints
Chief Surgeon McCoy
Dr. McCoy Dr. McCoy (The Motion Pictures) Dr. McCoy (Through the Looking Glass)

Decks using this card

Deck Player Date Format Rating Change
Dual Ages of EmpiresThe Ninja Scot[No Tournament]
TOS Mirror DeckTyberius_Deangelo[No Tournament]
Drop It Like It's Hotwig!Ausgang2018-12-15Official (OTF)+21
What Happens in the Mirror Quadrant, Stays in the Mirror QuadrantThe Ninja Scot2018-12-08Official (OTF)+18
BlockyCaptain Parrish2017-11-27Official (OTF)-20
Song From the Universe: "I Confess, I'm Always Afraid, Always Ashamed, Of what's inside me. " TOS Terran Empire 1.1Faithful Reader2018-07-28Official (OTF)+2
Fed/BajorThe Ninja Scot2018-05-26Official (OTF)+1
Terran Empiresevencrdspud2018-04-14Official (OTF)+18
Fear Will Keep Them In Line...bashircommander2017-05-01Official (OTF)+5
"Predestination Paradox. We hate those..."Caretaker's Guest2018-01-01Official (OTF)-1
One Man Can Conquer the FutureArmus[No Tournament]
TOS Terran EmpireCrimsonRavage2017-12-16Official (OTF)-7
Imperial Occupation of Bajorbhosp2017-10-01Official (OTF)+16
From the Mixed-Up Files of Capt. James Tiberius KirkExon2017-11-11Official (OTF)-6
TOSThe Ninja Scot2017-10-06Official (OTF)-4
Song From the Universe: "I Confess, I'm Always Afraid, Always Ashamed, Of what's inside me. " TOS Terran Empire 1.1JamesValEson2017-09-16Official (OTF)+3
Terran Empire forever!Jono2017-08-17Sealed+6
Emperor-in-TrainingThe Ninja Scot2017-05-15Official (OTF)+26
Emperor, without TrainingThe Ninja Scot2017-06-11Official (OTF)+7
One Man Can Conquer the FutureArmus2017-05-07Official (OTF)+38
All treaty silliness... only one affiliation with peopleThe Ninja Scot2017-04-22Official (OTF)+25
Fear Will Keep Them In Line...SirRogue2017-01-07Official (OTF)+17
The Terran Empire is Open to Allcommdecker2016-12-02Open+21
Prepare Landing Partycommdecker2016-10-07Official (OTF)+14
I suck at Terran Empire TOSCaptain Parrish2016-10-31Official (OTF)-7
I don't careThe Ninja Scot2016-11-12Official (OTF)+94
Worlds 2016The Ninja Scot2016-09-04Official (OTF)-60
Worlds 2016 minus some cardsThe Ninja Scot2016-09-02Official (OTF)+97
TE Block... but still get achievementsFaithful Reader2016-09-03Block-11
Ensign Chagwiza Really Is The Coolest Guy Everrazzy2016-08-21Official (OTF)+8
Gen Con Terran Empire blockJono2016-08-04Sealed+13
Mirror TOS Starter DeckThe Ninja Scot[No Tournament]
In Mirror Universe Redshirt Kills Yourazzy2016-07-31Official (OTF)+1
mirror TE blockLieutenant Malone2016-07-16Block-24
mirror TE blockLegate_Damar2016-07-16Block+8
Song From the Universe: "I Confess, I'm Always Afraid, Always Ashamed, Of what's inside me. " TOS Terran Empire 1.1JamesValEson2016-11-12Official (OTF)0
Shouldn't the Mirror version of the Badlands be the Goodlands?razzy2016-06-12Official (OTF)0
Crossover Event X - The Winter of MalcontentThe Mad Vulcan2016-05-29Official (OTF)+47
TE Block.... but still get achievementsThe Ninja Scot2016-05-28Block+18
Imperial EntanglementsCaptMDKirk2016-05-21Official (OTF)+17
Crossover Event IX - The Autumn of IntentThe Mad Vulcan2016-04-10Official (OTF)+5
Block for Release Eventhyperlight2016-05-15Block-12
TE Block... but still get achievementsThe Ninja Scot2016-05-15Block+16
Goatees for Everyone!razzy2016-05-14Block+19
CHANGELING BROFORCEedgeofhearing2016-04-28Draft+19
For the Empire - Terran Empire 2.0DavidCamp2016-05-14Block-49
The Devil's Bleeding Crownkaronofborg132016-04-13Official (OTF)+6
Song From the Universe: "I Confess, I'm Always Afraid, Always Ashamed, Of what's inside me. " TOS Terran Empire 1.0JamesValEson2016-04-17Official (OTF)0
Seal the Deal & Let's Boogiekaronofborg132016-04-17Official (OTF)-9
OTF - TE, Hideout edition.Worf Son of Mogh2016-04-10Official (OTF)+9
Crossover Event VIII - The Empire RebornThe Mad Vulcan2016-04-03Official (OTF)-15
Fear Will Keep Them in Linecommdecker[No Tournament]
Old School DiplomacyMidnightLich2016-03-12Official (OTF)+4
Temporal Mechanics Give Me a Headacherazzy2016-02-19Official (OTF)-60
TOS RGBCarwash2016-01-24Official (OTF)+3
Terran Empire Russian Editionanguss2015-10-19Official (OTF)+5
"He's dead, Evil-Jim..."Caretaker's Guest2015-06-29Official (OTF)-2
Old School DiplomacyLatrell2015-10-12Official (OTF)+6
Long live the Empire v2CrimsonRavage2015-09-27Official (OTF)+6
Some Crossover... before Crossover!The Ninja Scot2015-09-25Official (OTF)0
Why not Spock?Iron Mike2015-08-29Official (OTF)-12
Long live the EmpireCrimsonRavage2015-08-15Official (OTF)-19
Crossover Event VI: Empire of the SonThe Mad Vulcan2015-06-29Official (OTF)-13
OTF - Resiting the Terran Empire 4.3Worf Son of Mogh2015-07-12Official (OTF)+8
Invitation-Modified9of242015-05-11Official (OTF)-29
OTF - Resiting the Terran Empire 4.2Worf Son of Mogh2015-06-28Official (OTF)+21
The Final Cruise of the Mirror DefiantSirRogue2015-06-27Official (OTF)+23
Terran EmpireWedge7722015-05-11Official (OTF)+15
In the Mirror Universe, Mike Moskop is a neckbeard. LOL.jindrak2015-06-07Official (OTF)-61
Lots of TOSHobie2015-06-07Official (OTF)+25
That's a Lot of Free PeopleThe Ninja Scot2015-05-17Official (OTF)+31
Terran Empire with MaquisArcanthas2015-04-25Official (OTF)+31
TEDThe Ninja Scot2015-04-18Official (OTF)+28
Borrowed a deckThe Ninja Scot2015-03-22Official (OTF)-14
TerranCellBlockBadThe Ninja Scot2015-02-01Official (OTF)-10
Borg are neat. everybody should have one.Winner of Borg2015-03-08Official (OTF)+10
Crossover Event III: The Emperor Cuts LoOSThe Mad Vulcan2015-01-19Official (OTF)-5
Crossover Event IV: The Last EmperorThe Mad Vulcan2015-02-01Official (OTF)+6
Crossover Event V: A Good FenceThe Mad Vulcan2015-03-08Official (OTF)+19
InvitationCorbinq272015-03-08Official (OTF)+6
OTF - Resiting the Terran Empire 4.1Worf Son of Mogh2015-01-18Official (OTF)+12
terrans hiding outelveez2014-12-07Official (OTF)-1
OTF - Resiting the Terran Empire 4.0Worf Son of Mogh2015-01-11Official (OTF)+11
Mirror Mirror on the Wall / Don't bring needles to gunfights, don't spend countless hours letting your opponents make a bigger idiot of you than you already are. / Tournament reports can be fantastic reads.karonofborg132015-01-06Official (OTF)-1
We are Grootkaronofborg132014-12-18Official (OTF)+6
Crossover Event I: When Strands CollideThe Mad Vulcan2014-12-01Official (OTF)0
Crossover Event II: This is How We Do ItThe Mad Vulcan2014-12-14Official (OTF)+4
Ken Tufts I am not.Armus2014-12-01Official (OTF)-8
OTF - Resisting the Terran Empire 3.5Marquetry2014-12-14Official (OTF)-5
OTF - Resiting the Terran Empire 3.5Worf Son of Mogh2014-12-07Official (OTF)+37
OTF - Resiting the Terran Empire 3.0Worf Son of Mogh2014-11-23Official (OTF)+35
Das Mirror Madnessmartok882014-10-05Official (OTF)-34
Home is Where the Planets areThe Ninja Scot2014-10-04Official (OTF)+6
I Don't Have a HomeThe Ninja Scot2014-09-14Official (OTF)+5
Yeah, but, where's Rocket Raccoon when you need him?karonofborg132014-09-20Official (OTF)+9
Terran Empire - Canadian NationalsI-Chaya2014-01-26Official (OTF)0
OTF 1-Day TE Deckwarpaw2013-10-19Official (OTF)+3
OTF 1-Day TE Deckwarpaw2013-10-19Official (OTF)+3
Ken's Resiting the Terran Empire thsch2013-11-16Official (OTF)+10
Das oh myyy... It must be an alternate universe if Sulu is straight....sexecutioner2013-10-19Official (OTF)-14
Another Excuse To Play With Ezri 2.0Comicbookhero2013-08-17Official (OTF)+48
Continentals OSBroshak2013-07-05Official (OTF)-26
Terran Empire / BajorWedge7722013-06-03Official (OTF)+10
Terran Empire / Bajor - Australian ContinentalsWedge7722013-07-05Official (OTF)+8
[OTF] Das Leben kommt auf alle Fälle aus einer Zelle...Kaiser2013-06-10Official (OTF)+6
TMP 1st Editionmindmage2013-05-04Official (OTF)-29
Another Excuse To Play With EzriComicbookhero2013-05-05Official (OTF)-2
Terran EmpireCartagia[No Tournament]
Villain of the EmpireCaptMDKirk2012-12-17Official (OTF)-8
Empire Mirror Decktemplardick2012-12-29Official (OTF)+7
Mirror EmpireThe Ninja Scot2012-10-08Official (OTF)-5
Just an old country doctorExon2012-09-08Official (OTF)+36
Look in the Mirror, See YourselfArcanthas2012-09-02Open+8
Empirical ResearchCaptMDKirk2012-08-03Official (OTF)-1
Everything's...alternate! 5.0SirRogue2012-08-04Official (OTF)0
Mirror tosweyoun72012-06-24Official (OTF)-11
Everything's...alternate! 4.2SirRogue2012-05-21Official (OTF)+18
TOS Feds, Mirror Feds, and...some more Feds.startrekccggeek2012-04-01Official (OTF)+2
Everything's...alternate! Talos EditionSirRogue2012-04-01Official (OTF)+10
The Tribbles of Taloscommdecker2012-04-01Official (OTF)+13
Everything's...alternate! 4.0SirRogue2012-04-14Official (OTF)+12
The Empire Tag TeamCmdrSpork822012-04-01Official (OTF)-24
Nanoprobe Mining [OTF]bhosp2012-03-05Official (OTF)+17
For the EmpireGumbo2012-03-05Official (OTF)-21
OTF Guardian of Forever With a Side of Resistance V1.1Worf Son of Mogh[No Tournament]
Dr. Noah and Khan's evil Hirogen, Spot and Tribble hunting partySAM20002012-01-30Official (OTF)+31
The Diet Coke of EvilMidnightLich2011-12-03Official (OTF)-10
Mirror Mirror On The WallCmdrSpork822012-01-29Official (OTF)+11
Good and EvilMidnightLich2011-11-26Official (OTF)-20
Terran Empire, Southland regioncommdecker2011-08-08Official (OTF)-10
Everything's...alternate! 3.0SirRogue2011-05-13Official (OTF)-3
Australian Continentals 2011 - Terranchompers2011-07-01Official (OTF)-36
1st Ed ContinentalsBroshak2011-07-01Official (OTF)-11
The Mirror Klaestron War EffortsKazonPADD2011-06-19Official (OTF)-7
CF fed / Klingon and mirror nonsenseCorbinq27[No Tournament]
The Terran EmpireRedDwarf2011-05-15Official (OTF)0
Regional Fed Deck 2011Nava2011-05-15Official (OTF)+37
OTF Guardian of Forever With a Side of ResistanceWorf Son of Mogh2011-04-23Official (OTF)-5
Fed battle decksoggy_amphibian2011-04-01Official (OTF)-27
TK Terran Empire Ver 1.1 OTFbosskamiura2011-03-26Official (OTF)0
The Terran EmpireSAM2000[No Tournament]
This deck sucks, really, it blows, & I mean it, it spits...it out (your missions, that is, come on?! get your mind out of the gutter!)karonofborg132011-03-05Open0
Mirror Tantalusstartrekccggeek[No Tournament]
Into the PastAubi[No Tournament]
Everything's...alternate!SirRogue2011-01-08Official (OTF)+19
Everything's...alternate! (Regional update)SirRogue2011-04-23Official (OTF)+11
Klingon Federation TOS Movie Mash-upSirDan[No Tournament]
I Don't Have a Lot of 1EMidnightLich[No Tournament]