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[S/P] Faux Pas
The Kreetassans were deeply insulted when Porthos urinated on an alvera tree. Considering the plants cultural treasures, they demanded a ritualistic apology from Jonathan Archer.
To get past requires three personnel with Diplomacy OR three personnel with V.I.P. classification.

Rarity: 5 V (Broken Bow)

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Block
Legal Rules Sets: OTF Open Warp Speed

Image Source: Enterprise: "A Night In Sickbay"


Recent decks using this card (since 0476-09-04)

Deck Player Date Format Rating Change
Love and Peace and HolesWinner of Borg2019-03-10Official (OTF)+6
MACOs and Raptorsrobin1234[No Tournament]
Delta RedCaptain Parrish2019-03-03Official (OTF)+44
You Supply the Brains, I Will Supply the MuscleThe Ninja Scot2019-03-03Official (OTF)-43
Nostalgia 2: The Second Partedgeofhearing2019-03-03Official (OTF)+49
Lean But Not So MeanCommander Joe2019-03-02Official (OTF)-9
KamikazonazeCaretaker's Guest[No Tournament]
OTF - Voyager: Full Shuttle Complement ver.2.0benericardus2019-01-20Official (OTF)+9
Old arrivals from afar bringing lots of toysscox2019-01-05Official (OTF)+12
Trilling TimeAusgang2019-01-05Official (OTF)+14
Logical Espionage - Slight TweaksThe Ninja Scot2018-12-16Block-16
Logical EspionageMarquetry2018-12-16Block+9
OTF - Combined Task Force Alphabenericardus2018-11-18Official (OTF)+4
OTF Cardassian - DEC 2018 jjh2018-12-09Official (OTF)-24
Explorers (Or: The Four-Mission Win)pfti2018-10-17Official (OTF)-2
Kami Kami Kami Kami KamikazonsMogh, Son Of Worf2018-11-24Official (OTF)+26
I can't believe it! Julian just shot Vic Fontaine!Caretaker's Guest[No Tournament]
Fed Cardassian Solver v2CrimsonRavage2018-11-17Official (OTF)+16
Nostalgiaedgeofhearing2018-11-09Official (OTF)+20
OTF Cardassian/Federation - OCT 2018jjh2018-10-28Official (OTF)+16
2018 Chairmans DeckEnabran2018-10-21Official (OTF)+7
Fed Cardassian SolverCrimsonRavage2018-10-13Official (OTF)+14
Ace of AngelsLatok2018-10-12Official (OTF)-48
A Deck I Copied and Made ShitLatok2018-10-12Official (OTF)+20
2018 Masters DeckEnabran2018-08-20Official (OTF)+63
The Inner LightTyKajada2018-08-20Official (OTF)-78
Kilana gets another Bukkakesexecutioner[No Tournament]
Explorers (Or: The Four-Mission Win)BCSWowbagger2018-09-23Official (OTF)+36
Hunting with Species 478Iron Prime2018-09-23Official (OTF)-47
Here comes the contender - round 2mark_mustonjr2018-09-23Official (OTF)-48
Seagull Dukat likes big sweaty sailorsKaiser2018-09-01Official (OTF)+36
Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to their ownJono2018-08-03Official (OTF)+81
Die Badlands werden fallen an Anemonen und KorallenKaiser2018-07-28Official (OTF)+19
Repopulating the Past by Digging in the PresentHobie2018-07-28Official (OTF)+12
Rohrmulan ReunificationMogh, Son Of Worf2018-07-28Official (OTF)+26
Assimilation BorgTyKajada2018-07-28Official (OTF)+79
This Shouldn't Work But it DoesThe Ninja Scot2018-07-02Official (OTF)+6
OTF - Combined Task Force - betabenericardus2018-07-15Official (OTF)-16
Ferengi Latinum ExchangeTyKajada2018-06-04Official (OTF)-4
TNG Maquis Version 2The Ninja Scot2018-06-04Official (OTF)+5
Jake the Snakesexecutioner2018-06-30Official (OTF)-33
Bloated Bajoran-E recyclescox2018-06-30Official (OTF)-31
MACOs 3.0.1Ausgang2018-06-30Official (OTF)+70
MACOs 3.0.0Resistance-is-futile2018-06-03Official (OTF)+43
Revised - Ken's Bajoran deckbenericardus2017-12-03Revised+7
Observer Effect (Or: "Something Something Something Mockingjay")BCSWowbagger2018-05-20Official (OTF)-1
KliBajThe Ninja Scot2018-04-30Official (OTF)+16
Small Solver - NavigationTheHumanHydra[No Tournament]
Envyedgeofhearing2018-04-27Official (OTF)-3
Moon Bounce 2.0Comicbookhero2018-04-14Official (OTF)-16
Where is that &!$@@=#!$$!!!DarkSabre2018-04-08Official (OTF)+14
2018 Something Wicked Lurksadmiralgary2018-03-30Official (OTF)-22
Vince McMahon likes big sweaty men !rameses niblick 32018-03-30Official (OTF)+13
Not so new arrivals from far away placesscox2018-03-17Official (OTF)-2
MACOs 2.0Resistance-is-futile2018-03-11Official (OTF)+2
The Inner Light (Borrowed)MidnightLich2018-03-10Official (OTF)+5
Delta MaquisHobie2018-03-03Official (OTF)-1
#MACOWNINGpschrader2018-02-25Official (OTF)+23
MACOs 1.0DarkSabre2018-02-25Official (OTF)+65
The Inner LightTyKajada2018-02-25Official (OTF)-8
MACOs 1.0Resistance-is-futile2018-02-11Official (OTF)+19
Grimp Rulestomek[No Tournament]
Sybok and Suraktomek[No Tournament]
Keiko - 30/30commdecker[No Tournament]
Ferengi Optimization for Dominion ProfitsThe Ninja Scot2017-11-27Official (OTF)+22
TOS Terran EmpireCrimsonRavage2017-12-16Official (OTF)-7
Romulan Hired HelpKryptoJF2017-10-01Official (OTF)-5
The Revised RegulatorResistance-is-futile2017-12-03Revised-7
Revised Dominion/RomulanThe Ninja Scot2017-12-03Revised-16
vulcansalexd2017-11-25Official (OTF)+17
Bajoran Solver 4.0.0Resistance-is-futile2018-05-26Official (OTF)+38
OTF Vidiians 5.3SirDan2017-11-11Official (OTF)-28
A Vulcan HelloSirRogue2017-11-11Official (OTF)+17
From the Mixed-Up Files of Capt. James Tiberius KirkExon2017-11-11Official (OTF)-6
Borg for Intermediatessexecutioner[No Tournament]
Fedom InfiltrationThe Ninja Scot2017-11-05Official (OTF)-36
hirogenalexd2017-10-06Official (OTF)+30
Hirogenalexd2017-10-07Official (OTF)+51
Starfleet v3CrimsonRavage2017-10-08Official (OTF)+6
It's Our Time... It's Our Time Down HereLORE2017-12-16Official (OTF)+5
Ace of AngelsWambundu2017-10-07Official (OTF)+50
I forgot how to play 1EOKCoyote2017-10-05Official (OTF)-10
Just some Alternate Universe Klingons 2.0Jono2017-10-06Official (OTF)+3
"Elementary, dear Tucker."Caretaker's Guest2017-09-08Official (OTF)+14
Imperial AscensionSirRogue2017-09-16Official (OTF)+12
Vulcan Scheming of a White ChristmasMidnightLich2017-09-16Official (OTF)-14
Starfleet v2CrimsonRavage2017-09-16Official (OTF)-9
Cyrus and his evil FerengisEnabran2017-07-14Official (OTF)-3
The Premature Assimilation TourComicbookhero2017-08-18Official (OTF)+67
Just some Alternate Universe KlingonsJono2017-08-18Official (OTF)-17
OTF - The Continuing Mission; Always a Chess Gamebenericardus2017-07-30Official (OTF)+20
The much more undiscovered CountryEnabran2017-07-16Official (OTF)-26
Raised a barn on Monday, soon I'll raise anotherKaiser2017-07-15Official (OTF)+14
Zero Hour of Devastation, Part Ikaronofborg132017-07-14Official (OTF)-56
The Undiscovered CountryEnabran2017-06-25Official (OTF)+12
Coming together is historicrameses niblick 32017-06-24Official (OTF)+9
2017 BC Regionals 1EResistance-is-futile2017-06-11Official (OTF)+25
Hirogen One Holo TwoJeBuS2018-02-18Official (OTF)+10
MACO-only... for 1E?!!?The Ninja Scot2017-05-28Official (OTF)+16
Jump the Shark SirRogue2017-05-06Official (OTF)+15
Unfrozen Klingon Lawyer 2bhosp2017-05-07Official (OTF)+28
Starfleet RegionalsCrimsonRavage2017-05-07Official (OTF)-9
Hope and Fear (Or: Sometimes You Just Have To Redshirt Your Way Through)BCSWowbagger2017-05-07Official (OTF)+8
All treaty silliness... only one affiliation with peopleThe Ninja Scot2017-04-22Official (OTF)+25
Unfrozen Klingon Lawyerbhosp2017-04-09Official (OTF)+20
Im pretty sure the answer is I Am Fedmark_mustonjr2017-04-09Official (OTF)+21