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[P] Anaphasic Organism
A male non-corporeal life-form that lives inside a female host which he enchants, as in the case of Dr. Beverly Crusher's late grandmother.
If Female(s) in Away Team, the one with highest total attribute numbers resigns (is discarded), unless SECURITY + MEDICAL present. Discard dilemma.

Rarity: S (Trouble with Tribbles Starter Decks)

Characteristics: female-related dilemma;
Requires: Female;

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Block
Legal Rules Sets: OTF Open Warp Speed

Image Source: The Next Generation: "Sub Rosa"


Dilemma Resolution Guide: Anaphasic Organism

Alternate Prints
Anaphasic Organism

Recent decks using this card (since 0476-09-04)

Deck Player Date Format Rating Change
OTF Romulan TNG Starter 2.0 + WB Draft - SEP 2018jjh2018-09-16Draft-7
1 E sealed OTSD Fed DeckWarrior502018-08-18Sealed+4
ORLANDO SEALED TReebel2018-08-18Sealed+18
OTSD Sealed: We don't need no Leadership!KazonPADD2018-08-11Sealed+8
GenCon OTSD jadziadax82018-08-02Sealed+19
TNG Federation Starter Deck for GenCon 2018jadziadax82018-08-04Sealed+13
2017 Charity Draft Romulan/KlingonCrimsonRavage2017-12-30Sealed-8
TWT Klingon Starter Deckwinterflames[No Tournament]
Avery OTSDaverybean2017-06-17Sealed-15
Palm Bay OTSD RegionalT-Ricks2017-06-17Sealed+63
2017 Melbourne regional OTSDJono2017-06-17Sealed+43
Thats the Way You Do it... Thats the Way You Debate!LORE2017-03-06Sealed+5
Federation Introductory 2-Player GameSmiley[No Tournament]
The Secret Weapon of the Mogh Brothersedgeofhearing2017-01-10Bend the Rules0
LimitedCaptain Parrish2016-11-07Limited+13
Denny_1E-2PG-Klingon(((>>> one of Z[No Tournament]
Hero Power Passedgeofhearing2016-06-23Sealed+21
Old at Heart... But I Mustn't HesitateLORE2016-01-16Official (OTF)+7
Rainbow Sealed - US Nationals 2015 The Mad Vulcan2015-10-16Sealed+12
OTSD + SynthemescThe Mad Vulcan2015-09-27Sealed-5
Just awful OTF OTSDJono2015-07-31Sealed-24
Sealed 05/24/15kelemevor2015-05-24Sealed+8
OTF KLG/FED OTSD Draft - APR 2015jjh2015-04-11Draft+14
OTSD - 012015The Mad Vulcan2015-01-04Sealed-17
OTSD Sealed 31-Jan-2015Worf Son of Mogh2015-01-31Sealed-11
WCT Online OTSD 01/2015Comicbookhero2015-01-04Sealed-9
Mitch, That's a Total Grey Area...LORE2015-01-04Sealed-2
Ed's OTSD 10/19/14jindrak2014-10-19Sealed+7
...You Sure You're Ok With This, Blue?LORE2014-08-14Sealed+6
Robert's OTSD+ Deckcreon16902014-06-29Sealed+21
Return to The Heart of GloryCarwash[No Tournament]
The Trouble with Tribbles - Klingon StarterOKCoyote[No Tournament]
My thoughts are on fire!Hobie2014-02-22Sealed+20
WCT_Sealed_1E.dekMogh, Son Of Worf2014-02-03Sealed+15
Best Pilot You Could HaveOKCoyote2014-02-03Sealed-31
OTSD Online LeagueKaiser2014-02-03Sealed+7
For TerokHobie2014-02-22Official (OTF)+1
Yeah... Didn't We Lock You in a Dumpster One Time?LORE2014-02-22Sealed-4
otsd0131.dekThe Ninja Scot2013-11-04Sealed+24
Talos Sealed 11/2013Comicbookhero2013-11-04Sealed+2
Talos IV - 3.2 - otsd005The Mad Vulcan2013-11-04Sealed-4
Talos_IV_3.2_sealed_crap.dekWorf Son of Mogh2013-11-04Sealed+16
Talos 4 Open OTSDWedge7722013-11-04Sealed+9
OTSD Worlds Sealedeberlems2013-10-18Sealed-26
[Sealed] Disasterpiecenuttersuclan2013-09-01Sealed-10
OTSD Day Three - GenCon 2013rsutton412013-08-17Sealed-12
July Online 1E: OTSD Openbunz2013-07-08Sealed+39
Outpost ObliteratorZale2013-06-30Official (OTF)-35
Outpost Obliteratorkarnstein[No Tournament]
Talos IV-2.7- AlliancesThe Mad Vulcan2013-04-01Draft+10
Smoke and MirrorsOKCoyote2013-04-01Draft-2
Talos 2.7 wacky klingon deck v2Worf Son of Mogh2013-04-01Draft+9
Federation 1E sealed deck for Qld RegioanlsEnsign Gibbers2013-04-20Sealed-17
OTSD - February 10, 2013hyperlight2013-02-10Sealed+1
OTSD - January 18, 2013hyperlight2013-01-18Sealed+1
Talos iv sealed deckGumbo2012-11-05Sealed-5
Sealed dec 2012Boon of Bolian2012-12-09Sealed+2
[OTSD Sealed] UK Nationals 2012 side eventRedDwarf2012-11-25Sealed-30
[Sealed] Superhero of the Computer (skill) Ragenuttersuclan2012-11-25Sealed-22
Return to Talos IV Sealed deckJamesValEson2012-11-21Sealed+13
...You Just Took One in the Jugular, Man! LORE2012-11-21Sealed-10
Talos IV Early Days9of242012-10-01Limited-1
The beginning (talos 2.1)Boon of Bolian2012-10-01Limited+3
Sealed 9/23/12Comicbookhero2012-09-23Sealed+1
Sealed Deck with a Horga'hnOrbin2012-09-16Sealed+19
Sealed DeckMrVorlon2012-09-09Sealed+10
Sealed 9/9/12Comicbookhero2012-09-09Sealed-24
Don't Tell the Feds, but We Mean to Battle (A.K.A. SDII Deck 5)The Mad Vulcan2012-08-18Sealed+4
SDII: I can't do all my missions!soggy_amphibian2012-08-18Sealed+12
Starter Deck II: Electric BoogalooOKCoyote2012-08-18Sealed-5
1E OTSD Continentals '12karonofborg132012-08-17Sealed+2
Static Shock Classic Rock WarsWalzo2012-06-28Sealed+1
2012 OTSD DraftLatok2012-06-28Sealed+2
2012 AC: OTSD Draftstoovie2012-06-28Sealed-2
OTSD sealed 24th JuneWorf Son of Mogh2012-06-24Sealed+6
Warm-up 1e for Regionals 2012 (sealed)Walzo2012-05-06Sealed-20
1st ed 2012 RegionalBroshak2012-05-13Sealed+27
Deck Wai-Chong Regional Sealed Delft2012-05-06Sealed-37
Deck Enrico (regional Sealed deck)enrico812012-05-06Sealed+29
The Trouble with Tribbles Klingon Starter (No Tribbles)arcadian[No Tournament]
1E Sealed Regional Entry: Jason Beyersevencrdspud2012-04-22Sealed-42
1E Sealed (Premiere + Alt. Universe)Boratus2012-03-03Sealed+8
Jungle 03 March 2012MrOberth2012-03-03Sealed+6
It's Fine... If You're Eighteen or You Live in LouisianaLORE2012-03-03Sealed+8
Let me tell you why I suck as a salesman...flrazor2012-03-03Sealed-23
The Tribble with Klingotskaronofborg132012-01-14Sealed+17
The Grab-onspopeofjabootee[No Tournament]
Sealed OTSD - 2011-11-20Orbin2011-11-20Sealed+6
Talos IV 2-1 : Wesley is a Cheating BastardThe Mad Vulcan2011-10-07Open-2
1E SealedNaetor2011-10-15Sealed+14
Qapla and then we beginBoon of Bolian2011-09-06Official (OTF)+22
[OTSD Draft] Fed/Kli/Rom Tri-TreatyRedDwarf2011-09-17Draft-15
Fed/Rom for sept 17th ManchesterGumbo2011-09-17Official (OTF)+24
Kling/Rom OTSD draftGumbo2011-09-17Draft+7
SoG16: The Anguish of the SheliakThe Mad Vulcan2011-06-15Sealed+16
[Sealed] A (Scotty) Dog's Dinner of a Decknuttersuclan2011-06-15Sealed-1
Fed/Kling SealedLatok2011-05-08Sealed+40
OTSD TOSLatrell2011-05-15Sealed+19
Desert Sealed: Starter II with a touch of RoALatrell[No Tournament]
Bajoran TrainerLatrell2011-03-05X-List (Standard)+5
My OTSD tournament deckstartrekccggeek2010-11-04Sealed+3
Online November OTSD WinnerMilesStuntDouble2010-11-04Sealed+8
007The Mad Vulcan2010-11-04Sealed-4