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[S/P] Chula: The Lights
Players face several perils throughout the game of chula. In shap four of the game played in Quark's Bar, Julian Bashir was singled out and "eliminated" by a burst of energy.
Crew or Away Team member with total attributes closest to 22 (your choice if tie) returns to hand. To get past requires CUNNING>24 remaining.

Rarity: S (Trouble with Tribbles Starter Decks)

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Block
Legal Rules Sets: OTF Open Warp Speed

Image Source: Deep Space Nine: "Move Along Home"


Dilemma Resolution Guide: Chula: The Lights

Alternate Prints
Chula: The Lights Chula: The Lights

Decks using this card

Deck Player Date Format Rating Change
Fed CadetsCrimsonRavage2019-01-26Official (OTF)+9
TWT Federation Starter Deckwinterflames[No Tournament]
Starfleet v3CrimsonRavage2017-10-08Official (OTF)+6
I forgot how to play 1EOKCoyote2017-10-05Official (OTF)-10
Starfleet v2CrimsonRavage2017-09-16Official (OTF)-9
Terran Empire forever!Jono2017-08-17Sealed+6
Flagship Against Humanitybhosp2017-07-29Official (OTF)+24
Joint OperationArmus2017-07-29Official (OTF)+2
Starfleet RegionalsCrimsonRavage2017-05-07Official (OTF)-9
TNG deck, DS9 dilemmasanguss2017-01-30Official (OTF)-5
The Allen and Burns ShowGooeyChewie2017-03-19Official (OTF)-15
Combs and BrushesCaptMDKirk2017-01-30Official (OTF)-14
I give you a ship and you give me 100 points. Seems fair...The Ninja Scot2016-12-02Open-20
Sister Act 3CaptMDKirk2016-10-31Official (OTF)-9
Sister Act 3CaptMDKirk2016-10-31Official (OTF)-9
BlockCaptain Parrish2016-07-18Block+8
Block FlagThe Ninja Scot2016-10-10Block-4
Blaze of GloryTyberius_Deangelo[No Tournament]
TE Block... but still get achievementsFaithful Reader2016-09-03Block-11
Blood Ohhhhthedgeofhearing2016-08-03Draft+6
I'm not Picard.Lieutenant Malone2016-08-06Block-4
Defending the KCA homeworldJono2016-06-24Official (OTF)-52
Block BajoransMarquetry2016-05-15Block-4
BLOCK Mirror TN TE 1.0fWorf Son of Mogh2016-05-15Block-12
Block TE StationSirRogue2016-04-10Block+16
TE Block... but still get achievementsThe Ninja Scot2016-05-15Block+16
ferenginarCaptain Parrish2016-05-14Block-5
GIVE ME GENESIS!bhosp2016-04-30Official (OTF)-16
1E LDS 7 - DS9 CardassianPeers2016-01-16Official (OTF)-4
Something For EveryoneLatrell[No Tournament]
Starfleet Engineers draw engineThomas Weidemann[No Tournament]
DMZ-S9CaptMDKirk2015-10-10Official (OTF)-5
rainbow08The Mad Vulcan2015-08-10Sealed+2
Why is it called the Celestial Temple if it's the only card that looks like it's NOT in space?golden flamingo2015-06-08Block-2
Ferengi with Friends (draft 2 4-17)houjuu2015-04-26Block+16
Ferengi Sealed Blockltkettch172015-04-10Sealed+9
Ferengi with Friends (draft 03/29/15)houjuu2015-03-29Sealed+8
Dominion Capturebhosp2015-02-02Official (OTF)-14
1E LDS 4 - Legitimate Klingon2015-02-26Official (OTF)-10
1E LDS 4 - Legitimate Klingon2015-02-19Official (OTF)-11
Rogue Borg MercenariesCaptMDKirk2014-12-20Block+8
Ferengi MadnessDizzyKungFu2015-01-03Block-27
Rogue Borg MercenariesCaptMDKirk2015-01-03Block+25
Block DS9NerdyByNature2014-12-20Block+40
(If you could take my pulse right now, it would feel just like a) Sledgehammerkaronofborg132014-12-11Official (OTF)+5
PLACEHOLDER NAME [OTF]bhosp2014-12-07Official (OTF)+22
1E LDS v.4 - Legitimate Klingon (as played by Ryan Heiberg on 11/22)karonofborg13[No Tournament]
1E LDS v.4 - Legitimate Klingon (as played by Ryan Heiberg on 11/22)hawkster20022014-11-22Official (OTF)-5
Cardiesbhosp2014-07-07Official (OTF)-16
PLACEHOLDER NAME [Block]bhosp2014-07-07Block+32
Pinball WizardGooeyChewie2014-07-19Block+22
I Fucking Love Sciencesexecutioner2014-04-28Block+10
1E Fed Enterprise Finest Crew In The Fleet GA 2014 Regional Deckdraven882014-05-17Block+15
1E Learner Deck Series p.2a - Legitimate KlingonTMax19852014-05-15Official (OTF)+4
Learner Deck Series p.2 - Legitimate Klingonjames_borg_007of92014-05-08Official (OTF)+19
Talos IV 3.7 - Trouble with Tribbles draftWedge7722014-04-07Draft+13
Talos IV.3.7- TwT- FederationThe Mad Vulcan2014-04-07Draft-15
In the Prophets We TrustBlackjac2014-04-27Block+8
DS9 Block KlingonsCrimsonRavage2014-04-26Block+15
I don't miss this office... I never use the damn thing anywayArmus2014-03-03Official (OTF)+7
The Trouble with Tribbles - Federation StarterOKCoyote[No Tournament]
All Alone in the Night (Emissary Sealed)commdecker2014-03-05Sealed0
Ari There Yet?edgeofhearing2014-03-05Sealed+26
Fed DeckMarkB82[No Tournament]
1E Learner Deck Series 1 - DS9 Cardassian2014-02-06Official (OTF)+4
Time Seems to of Frozen... But the Mind Can Be FooledLORE2013-12-16Block-17
Nobody Winsdraven882014-01-18Block-27
met fedsgeekmaster422014-01-18Block+23
1E Learner Deck Series 3 - DS9 CardassianTMax19852014-01-16Official (OTF)-16
Of Misplaced Aggression & Dejected Captor Theorykaronofborg132014-01-12Official (OTF)-5
A Good Run of Bad LuckDoomsplay2014-02-22Official (OTF)-6
The Wolf of Wall StreetNeelix2014-01-18Block+76
A Good Run of Bad LuckGooeyChewie[No Tournament]
Nobody WinsJobo20042014-02-22Official (OTF)-27
Bad Bad Leeroy BrownGooeyChewie[No Tournament]
Dominion T'Lani Alliance (DS9 Block)SAM20002013-12-16Block-4
OTF TNG Movie Feds w/Chula CompoteMidnightLich[No Tournament]
sealed stuff v1elveez2013-09-09Sealed-9
Ferengi Block Sealed, Sept 2013soggy_amphibian2013-09-09Sealed+1
Starfleet Block Loaner deckCrimsonRavage[No Tournament]
Block Klingons LoanerCrimsonRavage[No Tournament]
GENCON - Block Sealed 2013rsutton412013-08-15Sealed-5
The Actual Giant Pointy Stick of DoomMarquetry2013-08-17Official (OTF)-25
Alpha quadrant invasion Onomy2013-08-17Official (OTF)-65
1E Learner Deck Series 4 - Klingon2013-08-17Official (OTF)+3
A day of great rejoicing for the Empire [OTF]bhosp[No Tournament]
The Line Must Be Drawn Here!commdecker[No Tournament]
Outpost ObliteratorZale2013-06-30Official (OTF)-35
Outpost Obliteratorkarnstein[No Tournament]
Followers stuff [TNG-Block]bhosp2013-06-09Block-18
Regionals 2013 - KCAsuperdark2013-06-02Official (OTF)-32
Treaty TournamentFaithful Reader2013-05-25Official (OTF)-23
1E SuvRupbogh SuvwI'pu' v Block.0The Guardian2013-05-18Block+30
Tank CogThe Ninja Scot2013-05-05Revised-13
Romulans for Block cricketman2013-05-18Block+5
If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'emstartrekccggeek2013-05-18Block-11
Sealed deck - TStL release 12-MAY-2013Worf Son of Mogh2013-05-12Sealed+5
Romulans for Block geekmaster422013-05-06Virtual-19
Home (or: Chula, Q, and The Clown Present the Friday Festival of Feds!)BCSWowbagger2013-05-03Official (OTF)+27
Tribbles or troubles or talosBoon of Bolian2013-04-01Draft+8
Talos IV TwT/MM Draft9of242013-04-01Draft+3
Drafting Tribblescommdecker2013-04-01Draft+11
At least I got FMOBeamupSTC2013-04-08Sealed+27
[Draft] As Thick as Thievesnuttersuclan2013-03-23Draft+8
Dominion Infiltrationwarpaw2013-03-01Open-1
Who is in charge here?!Kerlingonoas[No Tournament]
Counterfeit GreenbacksCaptMDKirk2012-11-19Virtual+1
Barash Underground Reunification [OTF]bhosp2013-01-07Official (OTF)-4
Klingon BlockWorf Son Of Morg2013-02-03Block+7
Romulan BlockIron Mike2013-02-03Block+17
Klingon BlockWedge7722013-02-03Block-17
WCT 2.2 Block TNG FerengiWorf Son of Mogh2012-12-10Block+17
1E Learner Deck Series 1 - Federation2013-01-15Official (OTF)-17
1E Learner Deck Series 1 - RomulanPeers2013-01-15Official (OTF)+9
TNG Romulanschompers2013-01-14Official (OTF)+15
TNG Treachery Klingonschompers2013-01-07Official (OTF)-11
Expand the Romulan Star EmpireNaetor2012-12-30Draft+14
Block Sealed 29-Dec: TNG FerengiMidnightLich2012-12-29Sealed+6
Ferengi War GamesWorf Son of Mogh2012-11-19Virtual-8
Ferengi Printablewarpaw2012-11-19Virtual+1
Starfleet BlockCrimsonRavage2012-12-15Block-25
Inked: TNG RomulanCaptMDKirk2012-12-01Official (OTF)-25
[Virtual OTF] Dig!nuttersuclan[No Tournament]
Starfleet BlockMarquetry2012-11-18Block-4
Seattle OTF Block Sealed Ferengi 11 10 2012detze0012012-11-10Sealed+1
Enterprise-iestCaptMDKirk2012-10-08Official (OTF)+18
KLI TNG OTF deckvolkerii2012-11-06Official (OTF)+17
Bacardi (Bajoran + Cardassian) V2LadyFenix2012-11-04Official (OTF)+5
Hirogen OnlineGumbo2012-10-08Official (OTF)-8
I Hope This Is a Hidden AchievementFrakkinPhoenix2012-10-27Official (OTF)-2
Block KlingonsCrimsonRavage[No Tournament]
KLI TNG Block deck2012-10-12Block-2
Block - Ferengi will operate militarily.Worf Son of Mogh2012-09-24Block-11
I'm a Doctor Not an Evangelist The Mad Vulcan2012-09-24Block+24
Delta + AU + Klingonswinterflames[No Tournament]
Resistance Shiarsoggy_amphibian2012-09-09Official (OTF)+4
Resistance Shiarsoggy_amphibian2012-09-09Official (OTF)+4
Block - StarfleetWorf Son of Mogh2012-09-09Block-30
Take off your clothes and jacket...Faithful Reader2012-09-08Official (OTF)-11
Kill! [perhaps] Laugh! [certainly] (can I) Interest (you in a Game of Chance? I hope so, and we'll) Train (on not-so-) New Groundkaronofborg132012-09-06Official (OTF)+12
Klingons for 2012 ContinentalsEnsign Gibbers2012-06-29Official (OTF)-14
Borg Deck with Personnel Battle [OTF]bhosp2012-08-03Official (OTF)+29
[Block Sealed] Ferengi Starter GenCon 2012RedDwarf2012-08-16Sealed+16
TNG Block sealed Ferengi color splashJono2012-08-16Sealed+20
Fun With Ferengicagesandwings2012-05-27Sealed-47
Paper TigersCaptMDKirk2012-07-02Virtual+15
TNG FedsCmdrSpork822012-07-08Official (OTF)+7
TNG Block - Blue Speed And Agilityscox2012-06-08Block+9
Dreaded Imperial Starfleet [Block]bhosp2012-06-10Block+21
Starfleet Sucks in Blockstartrekccggeek2012-06-10Block-18
TNG Block - Fast and Simple Fed - 1E Regionals 2012scox2012-06-09Block+52
TNG Block - Regionals 2012 Nickescox[No Tournament]
Even I could win some games with this deckWalzo2012-06-03Sealed+18
My Block deck that does not use Continuing Mission (Open style)Corbinq272012-06-03Open-30
30 Card Deck Design Series #117 Klingon Mercenaries BLK REG grendelX2012-06-03Open+22
2012 Block Sealed Regional deckLatok2012-06-03Sealed-5
FeregionalsIron Mike2012-06-03Sealed+67
The Legend of MendozaOKCoyote2012-04-20Block+3
Take off your clothes and jacket...sexecutioner2012-05-13Block+37
TNG Ferengi Starter Deckenrico812012-04-29Sealed-3
Ferengi can win block too (unfortunately)Nava2012-04-20Block+21
TOS Feds, Mirror Feds, and...some more Feds.startrekccggeek2012-04-01Official (OTF)+2
The Trouble with Tribbles Federation Starterarcadian[No Tournament]
Our Latinum's Gone Missing...Something's Blocking our Path to the Divine Treasury. We are certainly going to have to answer to the Divine Exchequer if our Gambit fails!karonofborg132012-04-21Sealed+11
TNG Ferengi Starter DeckMaelwys[No Tournament]
Block Format (April 13)BaronMorrath2012-04-20Block-8
"...a Bunch of Thugs Into an Empire" v.2karonofborg132012-01-22Official (OTF)+14
We are Klingons!geronimo_apache[No Tournament]
Basic VoyagerMarquetry2011-06-26Official (OTF)+23
My First 1E DeckComicbookhero[No Tournament]
SOTC1a - Secret Diplomat's BallThe Mad Vulcan2011-08-08Sealed+6
SOTC 2011 - 1e Sealed Eventsoggy_amphibian2011-08-08Sealed-15
Homefront II Virtual Starters: Starfleetcommdecker[No Tournament]
Homefront II Virtual Starters: Romulancommdecker[No Tournament]
Brandon Moore's 2011 Worlds Deck2011-08-06Official (OTF)-149
Homefront II Virtual Starters: Federationcommdecker[No Tournament]
Virtual Starter: Starfleet ... with 2E cardscommdecker[No Tournament]
Virtual Starter: Ferengi commdecker[No Tournament]
Virtual Starters: Romulancommdecker[No Tournament]
Virtual Starters: Federation commdecker[No Tournament]
Party like its the 22nd CenturyWalzo2011-07-01Official (OTF)-83
The KCAGumbo2011-05-15Official (OTF)0
OTF Pre: DS9 + Virt shades release.Worf Son of Mogh2011-04-24Official (OTF)-8
Borg 1.4Jerad2011-04-01Official (OTF)-19
Borg 1.2Jerad2011-04-02Official (OTF)+31
Borg 1.4Jerad2011-04-01Official (OTF)-19
Borg 1.2Jerad2011-04-02Official (OTF)+31
The Klingon Cardassian AllianceSAM2000[No Tournament]
Androids are Fun!Worf Son of Mogh2011-08-07Open+18
Blow it up Fo No Reason Rev 1.1Ferrell2011-03-13X-List (Standard)-1
Blow it up Fo no ReasonFerrell2011-03-05X-List (Standard)+16
Your dilemma busters are better than mine - I'll use them instead.AllenGould2011-02-26Official (OTF)-4
Plans within plansNeelix[No Tournament]
BorgBaronMorrath[No Tournament]
Mirror Tantalusstartrekccggeek[No Tournament]
Dom Vdeck, 1E-Styleprylardurden[No Tournament]
What Stinkin' Q-Nets? PishTosh, Fajo Freestyle PAQ Stack Attackkaronofborg132010-11-27Open+23
Backwards ThinkingSAM2000[No Tournament]
Defiance (OTF)ethirty[No Tournament]
Am I Ready?Kaiser[No Tournament]
Starfleet Virtual Starter, with 2E cards (2010 version)commdecker[No Tournament]
Federation Virtual Starter Deckradoskal[No Tournament]
Ferengi Virtual Starter Deck (2010 version)commdecker[No Tournament]
Romulan Virtual Starter Deck (2010 version)commdecker[No Tournament]