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Block Core List
A collection of previously printed cards curated for use in Block format

Beginning with Broken Bow, we have eliminated the Core Block. No longer are the Homefront expansions automatically included in every block. This change was made, in part, because the design team was feeling increased pressure to account for cards (especially from the earliest Homefront expansions) that were never fully intended to be in a block format. There was also frustration that the reprints had to be set with the release of the first expansion in the block (in Supplemental expansions), which often left the later releases needing cards they didn't have.

For these reasons, we have replaced the Core Block with a Core Block Cardlist. This replaces a list of expansions that make up the Core Block with a list of cards that are allowed to be used in every block. This list will always be easy to find (it's currently on the front page of the site) to aid Block deckbuilding. In addition, cards that are in the Core Block Cardlist will have that indicated on their card page.

The Block Core List contains: 283 cards (8 C, 8 P, 1 R, 1 S, 264 V, 1 VP)

Orb of Prophecy and ChangeArtifactHomefront VI
A Bad EndDilemmaHomefront VI
A Good Day to LieDilemmaHomefront VI
Ancient ComputerDilemmaHomefront VI
Armus - Sticky SituationDilemmaHomefront VI
Assimilated VesselDilemmaThe Sky's the Limit
Balancing Act (Errata)DilemmaHomefront III
Cardassian ProcessingDilemmaHomefront II
Chula: The ChandraDilemmaHomefront
Chula: The LightsDilemmaHomefront
Climbing the RanksDilemmaCrossover
Common ThiefDilemmaDeep Space 9
Crew AdvancementDilemmaHomefront VI
Dangerous ClimbDilemmaHomefront II
Dead EndDilemmaHomefront
Dedication to DutyDilemmaHomefront II
Dignitaries and WitnessesDilemmaHomefront II
Don't Let It End This WayDilemmaHomefront VI
Ensure Their SilenceDilemmaCrossover
Flim-Flam ArtistDilemmaHomefront
ForsakenDilemmaHomefront II
Founder SecretDilemmaHomefront II
Fractured TimeDilemmaHomefront II
Frame of MindDilemmaHomefront VI
Friendly FireDilemmaHomefront
Gomtuu Shock WaveDilemmaHomefront II
History Repeats ItselfDilemmaHomefront VI
It's GreenDilemmaHomefront VI
Justice or VengeanceDilemmaHomefront VI
Lack of PreparationDilemmaHomefront VI
Linguistic LegerdemainDilemmaHomefront II
Malfunctioning DoorDilemmaHomefront VI
Mimetic Simbiot (Errata)DilemmaStraight and Steady
Murder InvestigationDilemmaHomefront
New EssentialistsDilemmaHomefront
Now Would Be a Good TimeDilemmaHomefront
Occupational HazardsDilemmaHomefront VI
Picking Up the PiecesDilemmaHomefront
Primitive CultureDilemmaHomefront VI
Punishment BoxDilemmaHomefront
QDilemmaHomefront VI
Q's Vicious Animal ThingsDilemmaHomefront
Restricted AreaDilemmaHomefront
Seismic QuakeDilemmaHomefront VI
Shields Up!DilemmaHomefront VI
Subspace Shock WaveDilemmaHomefront
Unorthodox PreservationDilemmaHomefront VI
Alternate Universe DoorDoorwayHomefront VI
Dyson Sphere DoorDoorwayHomefront VI
Holding Cell DoorDoorwayHomefront VI
Ready Room DoorDoorwayHomefront III
Temporal Micro-WormholeDoorwayHomefront II
The NexusDoorwayHomefront III
Ablative ArmorEquipmentHomefront II
Bat'lethEquipmentBlaze of Glory
Bat'lethEquipmentTrouble with Tribbles Starter Decks
Borg NanoprobesEquipmentHomefront II
El-Aurian PhaserEquipmentHomefront III
Gold-Pressed LatinumEquipmentHomefront II
GrapplerEquipmentStraight and Steady
Mr. TricorderEquipmentHomefront III
Trilithium Weapon Control PADDEquipmentHomefront III
A Second Chance at LifeEventHomefront VI
Assassination PlotEventHomefront II
Cellular Peptide CakeEventHomefront VI
Defiant Dedication PlaqueEventHomefront VI
Fajo's GalleryEventHomefront III
Finally Ready to SwimEventStraight and Steady
Holo-ProjectorsEventHomefront VI
HQ: War RoomEventHomefront II
Isomagnetic DisintegratorEventHomefront II
Line of DefenseEventHomefront VI
Masaka TransformationsEventHomefront II
RaktajinoEventHomefront VI
RegenerateEventHomefront III
Space BoomerEventHomefront II
Starting OverEventHomefront IV
Unstable MatrixEventHomefront IV
Where No One Has Gone BeforeEventHomefront VI
❖ Bajoran OutpostFacilityBajoranHomefront VI
Chamber of MinistersFacilityBajoranHomefront
❖ Borg OutpostFacilityBorgHomefront VI
❖ Transwarp HubFacilityBorgHomefront II
✶ UnicomplexFacilityBorgHomefront
❖ Cardassian OutpostFacilityCardassianHomefront VI
Central CommandFacilityCardassianHomefront
❖ Dominion OutpostFacilityDominionHomefront VI
The Great LinkFacilityDominionHomefront
❖ Federation OutpostFacilityFederationHomefront VI
Office of the PresidentFacilityFederationHomefront
❖ Terran OutpostFacilityFederationHomefront VI
Terran Rebellion HQFacilityFederationHomefront
❖ Ferengi OutpostFacilityFerengiHomefront VI
Tower of CommerceFacilityFerengiHomefront
❖ Hirogen OutpostFacilityHirogenHomefront VI
❖ Kazon OutpostFacilityKazonHomefront VI
❖ Klingon Empire OutpostFacilityKlingonHomefront VI
❖ Klingon OutpostFacilityKlingonHomefront VI
The Great HallFacilityKlingonHomefront
Continuing CommitteeFacilityRomulanHomefront
Office of the ProconsulFacilityRomulanHomefront
❖ Romulan OutpostFacilityRomulanHomefront VI
Seat of Starfleet (Errata)FacilityStarfleetHomefront III
❖ Starfleet OutpostFacilityStarfleetThe Terran Empire
❖ Vidiian OutpostFacilityVidiianHomefront VI
BriberyIncidentHomefront II
Call for ReinforcementsIncidentHomefront VI
Continuing MissionIncidentHomefront VI
DigIncidentHomefront II
Diplomatic ContactIncidentHomefront II
New ArrivalsIncidentHomefront VI
Reshape the QuadrantIncidentHomefront VI
Service the CollectiveIncidentHomefront II
UFP: One Small StepIncidentThe Terran Empire
A Change of Plans (Errata)InterruptHomefront III
Cold WarriorsInterruptHomefront II
Diverse ExperiencesInterruptStraight and Steady
Escape PodInterruptHomefront VI
Qapla'!InterruptHomefront III
Shape-ShiftInterruptHomefront II
Tactical ScanInterruptHomefront II
Access Relay StationMissionHomefront IV
Acquire Illicit ExplosivesMissionHomefront IV
Alter RecordsMissionHomefront
Attack at Rare PhenomenonMissionHomefront IV
Automated Repair StationMissionStraight and Steady
Battle ReconnaissanceMissionHomefront IV
Clash at Chin'tokaMissionHomefront IV
Cloaked MissionMissionHomefront
Collect Omicron ParticlesMissionHomefront IV
Control PlagueMissionStraight and Steady
Deliver Ancient ArtifactMissionThe Terran Empire
Deliver MessageMissionHomefront
Destroy Iconian GatewayMissionHomefront IV
Eliminate VirusMissionHomefront IV
Espionage MissionMissionHomefront
Evade Dominion SquadronMissionHomefront IV
Expose Covert SupplyMissionHomefront
Find Hidden BaseMissionHomefront III
Fissure ResearchMissionAlternate Universe
Free Orion SlavesMissionStraight and Steady
Genesis PlanetMissionHomefront IV
Intelligence OperationMissionHomefront
Investigate DerelictMissionHomefront IV
Investigate Maquis ActivityMissionHomefront IV
Navigate Argolis ClusterMissionHomefront IV
Observe Stellar RebirthMissionStraight and Steady
Orb NegotiationsMissionHomefront
Prevent RebellionMissionStraight and Steady
Protect The EscapeesMissionHomefront IV
Renovate StarbaseMissionHomefront IV
Resupply MarauderMissionHomefront IV
Search and RescueMissionHomefront IV
Search for Rebels (Errata)MissionHomefront
Signal for RescueMissionHomefront IV
Steal TechnologyMissionThe Next Generation
❖ Study BadlandsMissionHomefront IV
Study Rare PhenomenonMissionHomefront IV
Surgery Under FireMissionHomefront IV
❖ Survey Star SystemMissionHomefront IV
The Siege of AR-558MissionHomefront IV
Verify EvidenceMissionHomefront IV
Visit Tranquil ColonyMissionThe Next Generation
Assign Support PersonnelObjectiveEmissary: Supplemental
Assimilate HomeworldObjectiveHomefront IV
Council of WarriorsObjectiveHomefront II
Engage CloakObjectiveHomefront III
HQ: Defensive MeasuresObjectiveHomefront III
Reaching OutObjectiveHomefront III
Reflection TherapyObjectiveHomefront VI
Remote InterferenceObjectiveStraight and Steady
Straight and SteadyObjectiveStraight and Steady
Ranjen KoralPersonnelBajoranHomefront II
Riker WilPersonnelBajoranHomefront III
Teero Anaydis (Errata)PersonnelBajoranHomefront II
Winn AdamiPersonnelBajoranHomefront II
✶ Borg QueenPersonnelBorgHomefront III
Four of NinePersonnelBorgHomefront II
Locutus of BorgPersonnelBorgHomefront III
EvekPersonnelCardassianHomefront II
Gul MadredPersonnelCardassianHomefront III
OcettPersonnelCardassianHomefront II
ToranPersonnelCardassianHomefront II
Founder AgitatorPersonnelDominionHomefront II
Founder Leader (Errata)PersonnelDominionHomefront II
OdoPersonnelDominionHomefront II
Admiral Janeway (Errata)PersonnelFederationHomefront II
Ambassador Sarek (Errata)PersonnelFederationHomefront II
Andrea BrandPersonnelFederationHomefront II
❖ T'LaraPersonnelFederationHomefront III
Wesley CrusherPersonnelFederationHomefront III
BruntPersonnelFerengiHomefront II
Grand Nagus GintPersonnelFerengiHomefront II
❖ GrishPersonnelFerengiShades of Gray
KremPersonnelFerengiShades of Gray
MukPersonnelFerengiShades of Gray
TogPersonnelFerengiHomefront III
UlisPersonnelFerengiShades of Gray
CulluhPersonnelKazonHomefront III
AntaakPersonnelKlingonStraight and Steady
Chancellor GowronPersonnelKlingonHomefront II
ChangPersonnelKlingonHomefront II
General K'VaghPersonnelKlingonStraight and Steady
Ja'rodPersonnelKlingonHomefront III
❖ LanethPersonnelKlingonStraight and Steady
MarabPersonnelKlingonStraight and Steady
MartrexPersonnelKlingonShades of Gray
Nu'DaqPersonnelKlingonHomefront II
❖ VolokPersonnelKlingonStraight and Steady
PorthosPersonnelNeutralLife From Lifelessness
D'NeshPersonnelNon-AlignedStraight and Steady
Dr. Tolian SoranPersonnelNon-AlignedHomefront III
Jaglom ShrekPersonnelNon-AlignedHomefront III
Kathleen TonellPersonnelNon-AlignedHomefront III
PersisPersonnelNon-AlignedHomefront III
SilikPersonnelNon-AlignedStraight and Steady
Admiral ValdorePersonnelRomulanStraight and Steady
Admiral ValdorePersonnelRomulanVirtual Promos
Alidar JarokPersonnelRomulanHomefront II
KarinaPersonnelRomulanHomefront II
NijilPersonnelRomulanStraight and Steady
❖ PaltethPersonnelRomulanPremiere
❖ R'MalPersonnelRomulanBlaze of Glory
RuwonPersonnelRomulanHomefront II
❖ SabrunPersonnelRomulanHomefront III
SelvethPersonnelRomulanHomefront II
Senator LetantPersonnelRomulanHomefront II
Senator VraxPersonnelRomulanShades of Gray
❖ TakketPersonnelRomulanPremiere
Tal'AuraPersonnelRomulanHomefront II
❖ TaulPersonnelRomulanPremiere
The ViceroyPersonnelRomulanHomefront III
❖ TheiPersonnelRomulanPremiere
TomalakPersonnelRomulanHomefront III
❖ VarelPersonnelRomulanPremiere
Gareb (Alt Image)PersonnelRomulan/Non-AlignedStraight and Steady
BurrowsPersonnelStarfleetHomefront II
Charles Tucker IIIPersonnelStarfleetHomefront II
Emory EricksonPersonnelStarfleetEnterprise Collection
Erika HernandezPersonnelStarfleetStraight and Steady
Ethan NovakovichPersonnelStarfleetEnterprise Collection
Gannet BrooksPersonnelStarfleet20th Anniversary Collection
❖ GarridPersonnelStarfleetStraight and Steady
Hoshi SatoPersonnelStarfleetEnterprise Collection
Jeremy LucasPersonnelStarfleetEnterprise Collection
Jonathan ArcherPersonnelStarfleetHomefront III
Malcolm ReedPersonnelStarfleetEnterprise Collection
❖ McDermottPersonnelStarfleetStraight and Steady
PhloxPersonnelStarfleetEnterprise Collection
T'PolPersonnelStarfleetStraight and Steady
Travis MayweatherPersonnelStarfleetEnterprise Collection
Travis MayweatherPersonnelStarfleetHomefront II
BralekShipCardassianHomefront III
QuetsivooShipFerengiShades of Gray
I.K.S. Nguq'Yab (Alt Image)ShipKlingon/Non-AlignedStraight and Steady
❖ Zalkonian VesselShipNon-AlignedHomefront III
Raptor OneShipRomulanStraight and Steady
TrolarakShipRomulanHomefront III
Enterprise (Errata)ShipStarfleetEnterprise Collection
Bajoran ShrineSiteHomefront V
❖ Cargo BaySiteHomefront V
Commander's OfficeSiteHomefront V
Docking PadsSiteHomefront V
Docking PortsSiteHomefront V
Docking PylonsSiteHomefront V
Garak's Tailor ShopSiteHomefront V
❖ Guest QuartersSiteHomefront V
❖ HolosuiteSiteHomefront V
InfirmarySiteHomefront V
OpsSiteHomefront V
Ops: Mirror UniverseSiteHomefront V
Ore Processing UnitSiteHomefront V
Promenade ShopsSiteHomefront V
Quark's BarSiteHomefront V
Science LabSiteHomefront V
❖ Security Holding CellSiteHomefront V
Security OfficeSiteHomefront V
22nd-Century San FranciscoTime LocationHomefront III
Drone Control Room (Errata)Time LocationStraight and Steady