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Trekcc First Edition

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The Motion Pictures Remastered
A Virtual Expansion released on 2022-06-24.

Lead Designer:

Twenty years after it's original release, First Edition heads back to the movies, with a newly remastered, high-resolution reprint of The Motion Pictures we call The Motion Pictures: Remastered. Decipher's final full size set features cards from all of the films that were out in April of 2002 (poor Nemesis), now with high-resolution printable images and many with updated wording. Whether saving the whales or searching for Sha Ka Ree is your idea of a good time, you'll find it in The Motion Pictures: Remastered

Download this Expansion!

[PDF] (75.8 MB) [DL] Expansion
[PNG] (1.3 MB) [DL] Pack Art

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The Motion Pictures Remastered contains: 134 cards (134 V)

1 VThe Genesis DeviceArtifact
2 VEngine ImbalanceDilemma
3 V"God"Dilemma
4 VHero WorshipDilemma
5 VI Hate YouDilemma
6 VLinguistic LegerdemainDilemma
7 VNow Would Be a Good TimeDilemma
8 VSubspace Shock WaveDilemma
9 VThe Whale ProbeDilemma
10 VV'GerDilemma
11 VThe NexusDoorway
12 VTransport InhibitorEquipment
13 VTransporter DronesEquipment
14 VDuj SaqEvent
15 VFal-tor-panEvent
16 VI Just Love Scanning for Life-formsEvent
17 VIsomagnetic DisintegratorEvent
18 VTo Be or Not to BeEvent
19 VCeti EelIncident
20 VRelease This PainIncident
21 VI Do Not Take Orders From You!Interrupt
22 VLure of the NexusInterrupt
23 VNo, Kirk ... The Game's Not OverInterrupt
24 VPrefix Code TransmissionInterrupt
25 VSmooth As an Android's Bottom?Interrupt
26 VThe Needs of the Many ...Interrupt
27 VWhat Does God Need With a Starship?Interrupt
28 V❖ Analyze RadiationMission
29 VInsurrectionMission
30 VObserve RitualMission
31 VThe Discovery of Sha Ka Ree (Errata)Mission
32 VCollect Metaphasic ParticlesObjective
33 VRevenge Is a Dish Best Served ColdObjective
34 VAdmiral CartwrightPersonnelFederation
35 VAdmiral KirkPersonnelFederation
36 VAmanda GraysonPersonnelFederation
37 VAmbassador SarekPersonnelFederation
38 VCaptain SpockPersonnelFederation
39 VCaptain StylesPersonnelFederation
40 VCaptain SuluPersonnelFederation
41 VCarol MarcusPersonnelFederation
42 VClark TerrellPersonnelFederation
43 VCommander ChekovPersonnelFederation
44 VCommander RandPersonnelFederation
45 VCommander UhuraPersonnelFederation
46 VDavid MarcusPersonnelFederation
47 VDemora SuluPersonnelFederation
48 VDmitri ValtanePersonnelFederation
49 VDr. ChapelPersonnelFederation
50 VDr. McCoyPersonnelFederation
51 VEnsign TuvokPersonnelFederation
52 V❖ HenreidPersonnelFederation
53 VIliaPersonnelFederation
54 VJ. T. EstebanPersonnelFederation
55 V❖ JacobsonPersonnelFederation
56 VJames T. KirkPersonnelFederation
57 VJohn HarrimanPersonnelFederation
58 V❖ LojurPersonnelFederation
59 V❖ Mark TobiastonPersonnelFederation
60 VMatthew DoughertyPersonnelFederation
61 VMr. ScottPersonnelFederation
62 VSaavikPersonnelFederation
63 VSt. John TalbotPersonnelFederation
64 VT'LarPersonnelFederation
65 V❖ TahglioPersonnelFederation
66 VValerisPersonnelFederation
67 V❖ VoightPersonnelFederation
68 VWillard DeckerPersonnelFederation
69 VAzetburPersonnelKlingon
70 VBrigadier KerlaPersonnelKlingon
71 VCaptain KangPersonnelKlingon
72 V❖ Ch'dakPersonnelKlingon
73 VChancellor GorkonPersonnelKlingon
74 VColonel WorfPersonnelKlingon
75 VGeneral ChangPersonnelKlingon
76 VGeneral KorrdPersonnelKlingon
77 VKamaragPersonnelKlingon
78 V❖ KarnogPersonnelKlingon
79 VKlaaPersonnelKlingon
80 V❖ KomalPersonnelKlingon
81 V❖ Kor'chothPersonnelKlingon
82 VKothPersonnelKlingon
83 VKrasePersonnelKlingon
84 VKrugePersonnelKlingon
85 VMaltzPersonnelKlingon
86 V❖ RegnorPersonnelKlingon
87 VTorgPersonnelKlingon
88 VValkrisPersonnelKlingon
89 VVixisPersonnelKlingon
90 V❖ WotelnPersonnelKlingon
91 VGeorge and GraciePersonnelNeutral
92 VDr. Gillian Taylor (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Federation
93 VDr. Tolian SoranPersonnelNon-Aligned
94 VGallatinPersonnelNon-Aligned
95 VJ'OnnPersonnelNon-Aligned
96 VJoachimPersonnelNon-Aligned
97 VKhanPersonnelNon-Aligned
98 VMartiaPersonnelNon-Aligned
99 V❖ Mas'udPersonnelNon-Aligned
100 V❖ Pa'renaPersonnelNon-Aligned
101 V❖ Rae'alinPersonnelNon-Aligned
102 VRu'afoPersonnelNon-Aligned
103 V❖ Sam'poPersonnelNon-Aligned
104 V❖ SarodPersonnelNon-Aligned
105 V❖ SharicPersonnelNon-Aligned
106 VSybokPersonnelNon-Aligned
107 V❖ WajahutPersonnelNon-Aligned
108 VCaithlin DarPersonnelRomulan
109 VNanclusPersonnelRomulan
110 VH.M.S. Bounty (Alt Image)ShipFederation/Klingon
111 V❖ Starship ConstitutionShipFederation
112 VStarship EnterpriseShipFederation
113 VStarship ExcelsiorShipFederation
114 VU.S.S. Enterprise-AShipFederation
115 VU.S.S. Enterprise-BShipFederation
116 VI.K.S. AmarShipKlingon
117 VI.K.S. ChontayShipKlingon
118 VI.K.S. K'elricShipKlingon
119 V❖ I.K.S. K't'ingaShipKlingon
120 VI.K.S. Kla'DiyusShipKlingon
121 VKronos OneShipKlingon
122 VInjector Assembly OneShipNon-Aligned
123 VLi'seriaShipNon-Aligned
124 V❖ Son'a BattleshipShipNon-Aligned
125 V❖ Son'a ShuttleShipNon-Aligned
126 VU.S.S. Reliant (Alt Image)ShipNon-Aligned/Federation
127 VIsolytic BurstTactic
128 VRiker ManeuverTactic
129 VTarget Warp Field CoilsTactic
130 VCamp KhitomerTime Location
131 VCetacean InstituteTime Location