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Acquisition ANIMAL Anthropology Archaeology Astrophysics Barbering
Biology Cantankerousness CIVILIAN Computer Skill Cybernetics Diplomacy
Empathy ENGINEER Exobiology FCA Geology Greed
Guramba Honor Klingon Intelligence Law Leadership MEDICAL
Memory Omega Mindmeld Miracle Worker Music Navigation Obsidian Order
OFFICER Orion Syndicate Physics Resistance SCIENCE Section 31
SECURITY Smuggling Stellar Cartography Tal Shiar Transporter Skill Treachery
V.I.P. V'Shar YouthCustom Search:
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DilemmaEffects: Captures Damages Filters Kills Returns Stops Wall Downloads and Seeds Other
Personnel Integrity Cunning Strength
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OtherPoint Value Double-sided card (front)Double-sided card (back)
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[P] Acquire Technology
Sikaris: Obtain trajector transport system from society with strict laws against trading technology with outsiders.
ENGINEER + Physics + (Acquisition OR Diplomacy x3 OR Treachery x2 OR Pakled)
[FED][NON][CAR][FER][KAZ]      35 (Delta)
Span: 3
Rarity: 78 U (Voyager)
[P] Aftermath
Lifeless world: Determine cause of a disaster that obliterated all life on this once-thriving planet.
ENGINEER + Physics x2 + (Honor OR Treachery)
[FED][ROM][NON]      35 (Delta)
Span: 4
Rarity: 79 U (Voyager)
[P] Aftermath II
Lifeless world: Determine cause of disaster.
ENGINEER + Physics x2 + (Honor OR Treachery)
Wormhole: You may move your staffed ship between here and any other location if that location is a [Wmh] mission OR by playing one Wormhole interrupt there. Then flip this mission over.
[FED][KAZ][ROM][NON]      30 (Delta)
Span: 4
Rarity: 21 V (Life From Lifelessness)
[P] Conduct Perilous Trade
Kyrian-Vaskan planet: Negotiate exchange of goods amid geo-political conflict.
Diplomacy x2 + (Honor x2 OR Treachery x2)
[FED][KLI][KAZ][VID][HIR]      35 (Delta)
Span: 3
Rarity: 19 V (Metamorphosis)
[P] Contact Resistance
Mokra planet: Seek aid from the Alsaurian resistance in freeing prisoners taken by the Mokra.
SECURITY + Leadership + STRENGTH>40 OR Resistance + CUNNING>30
[FED][KLI][NON][BAJ]      30 (Delta)
Span: 4
Rarity: 85 C (Voyager)
[P] Establish Settlement
Planet in Grid 622: Help Klingon pioneers begin a new Empire on this world very much like Qo'noS.
Diplomacy + Anthropology + Honor OR Miral Paris
* Discard up to five [DQ] Klingons for +5 each.
[FED][KLI]      30* (Delta)
Span: 3
Rarity: 37 U (The Borg)
[P] Expose Plot
Banea: Exonerate crewman framed for murder, and reveal conspiracy to commit scientific espionage.
Diplomacy + Computer Skill + Exobiology x2 OR Law + Mindmeld
[FED][ROM][NON][CAR]      35 (Delta)
Span: 2
Rarity: 87 U (Voyager)
[S] Heal Life-form
Nucleogenic cloud: Provide medical aid to spaceborne life-form injured by starship.
MEDICAL + Physics + Biology + Navigation
[FED]      35 (Delta)
Span: 4
Rarity: 88 U (Voyager)
[S] Inversion Mystery
Inversion nebula: Determine how plasma strands - typically unstable - have survived here for centuries.
ENGINEER + Astrophysics + Diplomacy
[FED][NON]      35 (Delta)
Span: 3
Rarity: 89 U (Voyager)
[S] Investigate Quantum Singularity
Near Ilidaria: Investigate unidentified transmission emanating from this type-four quantum singularity.
Navigation x2 + CUNNING>40 + (ENGINEER x3 OR B'Elanna Torres)
[FED][NON]      45 (Delta)
Span: 4
Rarity: 90 R (Voyager)
[P] Liberation
Ocampa planet: Liberate prisoner being held by Kazon sect on the surface of this desert planet.
SECURITY + (Transporter Skill OR Neelix)
Ocampa may report on planet (for free).
[FED][NON][KAZ]      30 (Delta)
Span: 3
Rarity: 92 U (Voyager)
[P] Prevent Annihilation
Rakosa V: Stop malfunctioning Cardassian warhead from attacking defenseless, highly populated planet.
ENGINEER x2 + Leadership x2 + Computer Skill x2 OR B'Elanna Torres
[FED][NON][CAR]      40 (Delta)
Span: 4
Rarity: 93 U (Voyager)
[S] Return Life-form
Class-J Nebula: Communicate with electromagnetic life-form on ship and return it to its native environment.
Computer Skill x2 + Astrophysics + Exobiology + Diplomacy OR Kathryn Janeway
[FED][NON]      40 (Delta)
Span: 3
Rarity: 99 U (Voyager)
[P] Revive Settlers
Kohl settlement: Awaken people trapped in cryonic hibernation on this planet recovering from a glacial freeze.
Computer Skill + Diplomacy + CUNNING>35 + ([Holo] personnel OR discard one unique personnel)
[FED][NON][VID]      35 (Delta)
Span: 3
Rarity: 100 U (Voyager)
[P] Stop Bombardment
Nezu colony: Discover cause of repeated asteroid impacts on this resource-abundant planet.
Astrophysics + ENGINEER + Geology + Leadership
[FED][NON]      35 (Delta)
Span: 3
Rarity: 102 U (Voyager)
[P] Study Interment Site
Ringed planet: Investigate appearance of humanoid remains on the asteroids of this planet's ring system.
SCIENCE + Astrophysics + Honor + Anthropology OR Harry Kim
[FED][KLI][NON][BAJ][VID]      35 (Delta)
Span: 4
Rarity: 103 C (Voyager)
[S] Study Interstellar Colony
Interstellar swarm: Study the behavior patterns of this colony of space-dwelling life-forms.
SCIENCE + Anthropology + Exobiology
Ocampa are disabled while here.
[FED][KLI][BAJ][CAR]      35 (Delta)
Span: 2
Rarity: 104 U (Voyager)
[P] Tak Tak Negotiation
Tak Tak planet: Obtain information and supplies from culture with highly ritualistic and gestural language.
Diplomacy x3 + CUNNING>35 OR Neelix
[FED][NON][FER]      30 (Delta)
Span: 3
Rarity: 105 C (Voyager)
[P] Unseat Dictator
Ilari: Retrieve crewman possessed by the consciousness of a despotic ruler and restore rightful leader.
[FED][KLI][NON][BAJ]      35 (Delta)
Span: 3
Rarity: 106 U (Voyager)