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[Event] Awaiting Trial
On Cardassia Prime, no crime goes unsolved and all criminals are punished. With conviction guaranteed before trial, the people's faith in Cardassian justice is assured.
Plays on table (for free if you have three [Car] personnel in play). At the end of each of your turns, if you have a captive, draw an extra card. (Cumulative.)

Rarity: 3 V (Metamorphosis)
[Event] Prison Compound
Often housing political prisoners, clandestine Cardassian camps use hard labor as punishment.
Plays if you control three [Car] personnel to score points. X=the total number of   on all your captives. X

Rarity: 25 VP (Virtual Promos)
[Event] Psychological Pressure
[HA] [Pun]
In 2369, the Cardassian Union used the capture of Jean-Luc Picard to gain leverage in its negotiations with Starfleet.
Seeds or plays on table. For each different regular skill in dilemma or mission requirements that is also on your captive, opponent must discard a card from hand to use that skill to meet those requirements (or choose not to).

Rarity: 9 V (Metamorphosis)
[Incident] Articles of Jurisprudence
Plays on your escorted captive on Cardassia Prime; you may discard captive at any time. (Unique.) Each of your [Car] Law personnel add captive's skills. [Car] personnel without Honor are each attributes all +2. OR Plays once each turn to draw a card for each captive you are escorting or have in your brig (limit four).

Rarity: 22 V (Emissary)
[Incident] Klingon Imperial Court
Plays on Hall of Magistrates. Adds a Brig to each of your [Kli] outposts. Once each turn, your [Kli] personnel (and any captives present) may relocate from here to Rura Penthe (and vice-versa) or to your [Kli][22] ship in the Alpha Quadrant. Worth points while you have three or more captives on Rura Penthe. 15

Rarity: 24 V (Broken Bow)
[Incident] Labor Camp
Plays on an Ore Processing Unit or your non-homeworld planet mission (for free if Forced-Labor Camp present). Start of each turn, if your [Car] or [Fer] personnel present is escorting a captive, score 5 points. (Unique.)

Rarity: 27 V (Emissary)
[Objective] Ensnared
[HA] [Pun]
Seeds or plays on table. Once per game, at the start of your turn, if you have [TNG][Car] personnel at four or more missions an opponent seeded, name a unique personnel. If opponent has that personnel in play, place that personnel aboard your ship (captured).

Rarity: 31 V (Engage)