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TraitsCard group
Dilemma group
Equipment group
Mission region
Mission trait
Personnel gender
Personnel group
Personnel species
Personnel trait
any ScottyArms dealerAssassinAugmentBartender
BodyguardCadetCaptainCardassian resistanceChairman
Dabo GirlDaimonDissidentDroneEmperor
FounderGathererGeneralgenetically enhancedGlinn
GovernorGulHigh CouncilHigh Council LeaderInfiltrator
IntendantJem'Hadar FirstKaiKazon-HobiiKazon-Mostral
LegateMACOMajeMinisterMission Specialist
ProconsulProfessorPrylarQueenRomulan underground
SenatorShakaar Resistance CellShape-shifterSlave GirlSoong-type android
Support PersonnelSyrraniteTeacherTemporal AgentThief
ThotTrill with symbiontVedekVice-AdmiralWaiter
Ship class
Ship equipment
Ship trait
Staffing Requirements
Acquisition ANIMAL Anthropology Archaeology Astrophysics Barbering
Biology Cantankerousness CIVILIAN Computer Skill Cybernetics Diplomacy
Empathy ENGINEER Exobiology FCA Geology Greed
Guramba Honor Klingon Intelligence Law Leadership MEDICAL
Memory Omega Mindmeld Miracle Worker Music Navigation Obsidian Order
OFFICER Orion Syndicate Physics Resistance SCIENCE Section 31
SECURITY Smuggling Stellar Cartography Tal Shiar Transporter Skill Treachery
V.I.P. V'Shar YouthCustom Search:
Special Download
DilemmaEffects: Captures Damages Filters Kills Returns Stops Wall Downloads and Seeds Other
Personnel Integrity Cunning Strength
Ships Range Weapons Shields
OtherPoint Value Double-sided card (front)Double-sided card (back)
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[Doorway] Temporal Benefactor
Seeds on table. Place one personnel beneath here from outside the game; "Benefactor" in play for uniqueness only. Your unique [AU] personnel naming (or named by) Benefactor in lore are temporal agents and (when in play) gain Benefactor's skills. Once each turn, you may place a [22] personnel from hand beneath draw deck to download to hand Timepod Ring or a card with "temporal agent" in gametext or lore. (Unique.)

Rarity: 5 V (Cold Front)
[Fed] Ensign Jameson
[Stf] [Nav] [Def] [Com] ENGINEER
Recruited as a temporal agent by the crew of the U.S.S. Relativity. Former Borg Seven of Nine saved Voyager from being erased from the timeline.
 SCIENCE  Exobiology  Physics x2  Computer Skill  Astrophysics  Out of Time
Integrity: 7    Cunning: 7    Strength: 7
Rarity: 25 V (Straight and Steady)
[Kli] Korath
Scientist and temporal agent. In an alternate future, he conspired with Admiral Janeway to gain a seat on the High Council. Invented the chrono deflector.
 Physics x2  Treachery  Diplomacy  Klingon Intelligence
Integrity: 4    Cunning: 9    Strength: 6
Rarity: 31 V (Cold Front)
[Non] Gary Seven
Supervisor 194. Temporal agent sent to 1968 Earth to protect Earth's future. Genetically enhanced human and pilot. Travels everywhere with Isis.
 OFFICER  Astrophysics  Archaeology  Navigation  Transporter Skill  Immune to Vulcan Nerve Pinch.
Integrity: 6    Cunning: 8    Strength: 8
Rarity: 54 V (A Private Little War)
[Non] Jonathan Archer (Cold Front)
[Cmd] [AU] CIVILIAN [22]
Human captain recruited as a temporal agent by Daniels. Experienced time traveller. Visited 2004 Detroit with T'Pol to destroy a Xindi bioweapon.
 OFFICER  Biology  Honor  SCIENCE  Diplomacy  Archaeology
Integrity: 8    Cunning: 7    Strength: 8
Rarity: 36 V (Cold Front)
[Non] Sarin
[Cmd] [AU] SECURITY [22]
Suliban dissident and former Cabal member turned temporal agent. Genetically-enhanced shape-shifter. She worked with Klaang to expose Silik's plans.
 Empathy  Youth  Anthropology  MEDICAL  Caught Red-Handed
Integrity: 8    Cunning: 6    Strength: 7
Rarity: 42 V (Cold Front)
[Non] Silik
[Cmd] [AU] V.I.P. [22]
Genetically-enhanced Suliban shape-shifter who led the Cabal in the 22nd-century. Temporal agent for a mysterious manipulator from the future.
 Treachery x2  ENGINEER  Physics  Leadership  May report to any time location.
Integrity: 4    Cunning: 8    Strength: 8
Rarity: 35 V (Straight and Steady)
[Sta][Non] Daniels
Resourceful temporal agent from the 31st-century. Frequently "assisted" the Enterprise crew in preventing alterations to the timeline. More or less human.
 ENGINEER  Archaeology  Physics  Anthropology  Out of Time
Integrity: 6    Cunning: 8    Strength: 6
Rarity: 41 V (Straight and Steady)