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any ScottyArms dealerAssassinAugmentBartender
BodyguardCadetCaptainCardassian resistanceChairman
Dabo GirlDaimonDissidentDroneEmperor
FounderGathererGeneralgenetically enhancedGlinn
GovernorGulHigh CouncilHigh Council LeaderInfiltrator
IntendantJem'Hadar FirstKaiKazon-HobiiKazon-Mostral
LegateMACOMajeMinisterMission Specialist
ProconsulProfessorPrylarQueenRomulan underground
SenatorShakaar Resistance CellShape-shifterSlave GirlSoong-type android
Support PersonnelSyrraniteTeacherTemporal AgentThief
Trill with symbiontVedekVice-AdmiralWaiter
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Acquisition ANIMAL Anthropology Archaeology Astrophysics Barbering
Biology Cantankerousness CIVILIAN Computer Skill Cybernetics Diplomacy
Empathy ENGINEER Exobiology FCA Geology Greed
Guramba Honor Klingon Intelligence Law Leadership MEDICAL
Memory Omega Mindmeld Miracle Worker Music Navigation Obsidian Order
OFFICER Orion Syndicate Physics Resistance SCIENCE Section 31
SECURITY Smuggling Stellar Cartography Tal Shiar Transporter Skill Treachery
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[Fed] Benjamin Sisko (Emissary)
[Cmd] [Orb] OFFICER
Officer who reluctantly took command of Deep Space 9 in 2369. Named Emissary of the Prophets by Kai Opaka. Expert cook. Friend of Cal Hudson.
 Leadership  SECURITY  Music  Honor  If in [GQ]: ENGINEER, Diplomacy, Navigation
Integrity: 7    Cunning: 8    Strength: 8
Rarity: 62 V (Emissary)
[Fed] Chef
William T. Riker had a crisis of conscience over the search for the U.S.S. Pegasus. The cook sought guidance from recreations of Starfleet legends.
 Your [Holo][22] may report where present.  Anthropology  Twice per game, may download Holodeck Door.
Integrity: 7    Cunning: 7    Strength: 7
Rarity: 27 V (Cold Front)
Typical rebel who assisted in the construction of the Defiant. Struggled to calibrate the power system. Terran quartermaster and cook.
 Transporter Skill  Stellar Cartography
Integrity: 4    Cunning: 7    Strength: 4
Rarity: 63 V (Crossover)
[Fed] William T. Riker
Commander William T. Riker is the executive officer of U.S.S. Enterprise. Imzadi to Deanna Troi. Gourmet cook. Jazz musician.
 Diplomacy  Leadership  Navigation  Honor  Music
Integrity: 8    Cunning: 7    Strength: 7
Rarity: SR (Reflections)
[Fer] Mr. Brunt
Ferengi mercenary. Very good engineer and cook. Brunt is loyal to his partner, Ezri, with whom he is secretly infatuated. Unfortunately, he's not her type.
 Computer Skill  Navigation  Honor  Archaeology  When he leaves play, may download Mr. Quark.
Integrity: 7    Cunning: 8    Strength: 6
Rarity: 88 R+ (Mirror, Mirror)
[Fer] Ulis
[Cmd] [AU] ENGINEER [22]
Captain of the Quetsivoo. The Ferengi thief served as leader of the privateers Grish, Krem, and Muk. Found a future as a cook and guide.
 Acquisition  Leadership  Computer Skill  Treachery  Biology  Secondary Market
Integrity: 4    Cunning: 7    Strength: 6
Rarity: 42 V (Shades of Gray)
Representative of non-military Kazon. Pledged to the Pommar sect. Bartender and cook at the dive frequented by Tersa. Remembers Neelix's last visit there all too well.
 Computer Skill  SECURITY  Archaeology
Integrity: 4    Cunning: 7    Strength: 7
Rarity: 157 C (Voyager)
[Kli] Chef Kaga
Owner and cook at the Klingon restuarant aboard Deep Space 9. Often serenades his customers with Klingon folk songs. Makes excellent rokeg blood pie.
 Biology  Exobiology  Music  Gagh
Integrity: 7    Cunning: 5    Strength: 9
Rarity: 70 V (Emissary)
[Stf] [AU] ENGINEER [22]
Representative of soldiers aboard Klingon ships in the 22nd century. Cook who excels at preparing pipius claw, Captain Korok's favorite dish.
 Navigation  Smuggling  Astrophysics  If with Captain Korok, both are attributes all +1.
Integrity: 4    Cunning: 6    Strength: 7
Rarity: 55 V (Broken Bow)
Self-taught Terran biochemist serving in Mr. Sisko's crew. Typical female mercenary. Cook who often mediates shipboard conflicts. Plays the flute.
 SCIENCE  Music  Law
Integrity: 8    Cunning: 8    Strength: 6
Rarity: 33 V (The Terran Empire)
[Non] Rybak
Human thief working for Baran during the hunt for the Stone of Gol. Served as cook, occasional bodyguard, and boarding party member.
 Smuggling  Acquisition  Greed  If on your Mercenary Ship, it is attributes all +1.
Integrity: 4    Cunning: 5    Strength: 7
Rarity: 37 V (Engage)
[Non][Fed] Neelix
Talaxian jack-of-all-trades. Has served on a Trabalian freighter, mining colony, and Voyager. Serves as cook, morale officer, guide, and sometimes ambassador.
 Anthropology  Navigation  Diplomacy  ENGINEER  Geology
Integrity: 6    Cunning: 7    Strength: 5
Rarity: 202 VP (Virtual Promos)
Typical Romulan thruster specialist. Assigned to guard the brig. Studied the unusual radiation effects recently discovered on Gamma Hydra IV. Enthusiastic cook.
 SECURITY  Archaeology  Treachery  Youth  Reaction Control Thrusters (if in Neutral Zone).
Integrity: 3    Cunning: 6    Strength: 7
Rarity: 48 V (The Neutral Zone)
[Sta] Elizabeth Cutler
[Stf] [AU] SCIENCE [22]
Hard working scientist, gourmet cook, and amateur bartender. Always eager to be selected for special assignments.
 Biology  Exobiology  Geology  May volunteer for random selections (if applicable).
Integrity: 6    Cunning: 5    Strength: 4
Rarity: 6 V (Enterprise Collection Remastered)
[Sta] Ethan Novakovich
[Stf] [AU] SCIENCE [22]
Tends to leave jobs quickly. Tried working as a cook, bartender, waiter, fan club president and even student senator before joining Starfleet.
 Biology  Computer Skill  Physics
Integrity: 5    Cunning: 5    Strength: 6
Rarity: 8 V (Enterprise Collection Remastered)
[Sta] Hoshi Sato (Straight and Steady)
[Stf] [AU] SCIENCE [22]
Uneasy educator recruited to be Captain Archer's communications officer. Fluent in countless languages. Capable relief cook.
 Music  Anthropology  Geology  Computer Skill  Exobiology  We're Ready
Integrity: 8    Cunning: 7    Strength: 5
Rarity: 44 V (Straight and Steady)
[Stf] [AU] SCIENCE [22]
One of many Vulcans trained in the field of science. Served on the D'kyr in 2152. Worked as a cook in his family's plomeek soup kitchen.
Integrity: 7    Cunning: 7    Strength: 7
Rarity: 81 P (Pre-Warp Pack)