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Acquisition ANIMAL Anthropology Archaeology Astrophysics Barbering
Biology Cantankerousness CIVILIAN Computer Skill Cybernetics Diplomacy
Empathy ENGINEER Exobiology FCA Geology Greed
Guramba Honor Klingon Intelligence Law Leadership MEDICAL
Memory Omega Mindmeld Miracle Worker Music Navigation Obsidian Order
OFFICER Orion Syndicate Physics Resistance SCIENCE Section 31
SECURITY Smuggling Stellar Cartography Tal Shiar Transporter Skill Treachery
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[Fed] Chief Engineer Scott
[Stf] [AU] [TE] ENGINEER [MU] [OS]
Mr. Scott is chief engineer of the I.S.S. Enterprise. A relentless taskmaster. His department has the highest rate of turnover on the ship.
 ENGINEER  Transporter Skill  Stellar Cartography  If on a [MQ][OS] ship, it is attributes all +2.  Physics
Integrity: 5    Cunning: 8    Strength: 7
Rarity: 42 V (Crossover: Supplemental)
[Fed] Montgomery Scott
Chief Engineer of original U.S.S. Enterprise. Rescued in 2369 after spending 75 years in a transporter pattern buffer aboard the crashed U.S.S. Jenolen.
 ENGINEER  Astrophysics  Honor  Miracle Worker
Integrity: 7    Cunning: 8    Strength: 3
Rarity: S (Trouble with Tribbles Starter Decks)
[Fed] Mr. Scott (The Cage)
Engineer with impeccable timing. He often served as acting captain of the Starship Enterprise.
 Diplomacy  Transporter Skill  ENGINEER  Physics  Leadership  Classic Phaser Banks  Scotty, Beam Me Up!
Integrity: 7    Cunning: 8    Strength: 7
Rarity: 47 V (The Cage)
[Fed] Mr. Scott (Through the Looking Glass)
Wry Scotsman. Mirror universe technology variations were nothing Scotty couldn't handle.
 ENGINEER  Astrophysics  Transporter Skill  Computer Skill  Transporter Mixup  If in [MU]Lt. Uhura may report here (for free).
Integrity: 7    Cunning: 8    Strength: 7
Rarity: 48 V (Through the Looking Glass)
[Fed] Mr. Scott
Chief engineer of the starship Enterprise. Nicknamed "Scotty." Big enough to take a few insults.
 ENGINEER  Leadership  Astrophysics  Transporter Skill  Classic Type II Phaser  If on a Constitution-class ship, it is attributes all +2.
Integrity: 7    Cunning: 8    Strength: 7
Rarity: 71 R+ (The Trouble with Tribbles)
[Fed] Mr. Scott (The Motion Pictures)
[Cmd] [AU] ENGINEER [Films]
Knows the Enterprise like the back of his hand. With his help, a chimpanzee and two trainees could run her.
 Miracle Worker  ENGINEER  Astrophysics  Computer Skill x2  Divert Power  May meet any one additional staffing requirement.
Integrity: 7    Cunning: 8    Strength: 4
Rarity: 61 R+ (The Motion Pictures)