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Balancing Act


Calculate difference between space and planet missions (with point boxes) for each player. Dual Missions count as both planet and space. If difference is 3 or more, that player loses 50 points. Examples: 3P - 3S= 0 or 4S - 2P= 2, no point loss; 5S - 1P= 4 or 6P - 0S= 6, lose 50 points; 4 univ Space (no point boxes), 1S (with point box), and 3P (with point boxes) = 3P - 1S = 2, no point loss. 4P, 1S, 1dual = 5P - 2S = 3, lose 50 points. Affects both players, including Borg player. Note point losses and discard dilemma. Player may lose points from more than one Balancing Act dilemma.

Applicable Cards: Balancing Act;