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Q-Type Android


If Mortal Q or any version of the William T. Riker persona in AT/crew, discard nullified dilemma and continue to next. Otherwise, opponent chooses one Personnel card anywhere at location where dilemma encountered (personnel may belong to either player), places dilemma on that card, and makes choice: • If non-android, all copies of the Personnel card become “Q-type androids” and are STRENGTH +4. (Must choose this option for Borg.) If already android, all copies of the card become humans and are STRENGTH -4. OR, • Personnel card relocates and is seeded face down under unsolved Q's Planet. Discard dilemma. (Personnel will join AT or be captured when Q's Planet solved and personnel “earned”.) In either case, AT/ship and crew are not “stopped” and must continue to next dilemma.

Applicable Cards: Q-Type Android;