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Scout Encounter


Opponent may choose to download a scout ship to this location. With ship, at least one or up to two compatible [Univ] personnel must be downloaded aboard. (This is not a report with crew action.) Eligible ships have "scout" in ship or class name (not lore). If at least one compatible [Univ] personnel is not available for download, a ship cannot be downloaded.

If opponent downloads ship and crew, opponent may then take one of three actions: attack, move, or nothing. (No other actions are possible, unless allowed by another card.) To attack, crew must include a leader, affiliation attack restrictions must be obeyed, and at least one matching personnel must be aboard. To move, the ship must be staffed; movement can be to another spaceline location OR to land (if capable); ship may not move to another location and land. To do nothing, ship remains at mission where downloaded.

If opponent does not download a ship and crew, downloads but does not attack, or chooses to do nothing with ship, Away Team/ship and crew not stopped. Discard dilemma; mission continues.

Applicable Cards: Scout Encounter;