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The Whale Probe


If opponent has no doorway that allows the seeding of [1E-AU] dilemmas, discard dilemma; mission continues. Otherwise, place dilemma on spaceline where encountered; determine farthest end of spaceline from dilemma's location. All ships, personnel, and facilities present with dilemma are in stasis. Ships, personnel, and facilities that move to be or enter play present with dilemma immediately enter stasis.

At end of every turn of both players, move dilemma one location toward determined end of spaceline. (Dilemma will always move in same direction once farthest end determined, even if opposite end becomes "farthest" end due to dilemma movement.) Dilemma moves one location, regardless of span moved. When dilemma leaves a location, all ships, personnel, and facilities there leave stasis. When dilemma moves off determined end of spaceline, discard dilemma.

While in play, if a second copy seeded by the same player is encountered by either player, discard the second copy.

Applicable Cards: The Whale Probe;