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Abandon Ship! 2010-06-05

For this dilemma, you may choose which of your personnel will fulfill the staffing requirements. A [Cmd] personnel may fill a [Stf] requirement. In addition to printed staffing requirements (if any), a ship requires at least one matching personnel aboard to be staffed.

You may not rescue or capture the abandoned personnel during a mission or scouting attempt or during your opponent's turn.

See damage, attribute modifiers, capturing, quarantine, ship staffing.

75th Rule of Acquisition 2010-06-05
See helps.

1 Tribble 2010-06-05
See Once Per Turn

10/20 Rule 2010-06-05
See Warp Speed.

30/30 Rule 2010-06-05
Your seed deck may contain no more than 30 seed cards (not counting missions and sites, which seed for free) and your draw deck may contain no fewer than 30 cards.

'45 Dom Perignon 2010-01-17
Discarding this equipment to replace a ship is not a valid response to any other action (such as battle) and does not suspend play. You may replace a ship with one of different affiliation only if the class name is identical and any personnel aboard are compatible with the new ship (you may not place them under house arrest). You may not replace one "UNKNOWN CLASS" ship with another (e.g., Mercenary Ship with Fesarius).

See ship class, exchanging cards.

35th Rule of Acquisition 2010-01-17
You may not use this event for a download or card draw at the end of your first turn. Playing a 35th Rule card nullifies all 34th Rule cards already in play, and vice versa. A 35th Rule card in play does not prevent the play of a 34th Rule card (or vice versa).

See turn.

Works only with 2009-10-09

Q: Say you have Kirk, Captain Spock,Dr. Mccoy, and Sybok. Also say there on Malcor. Can Sybok use he's empathy skill, to complete the mission? Or do treat him as if he's a prisoner.
Can he command a [Fed] ship?

A: Sybok could not mix with Kirk and Spock. He would form a separate team. He could not solve the mission, he could not staff a Fed ship. He would be under house arrest.