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Second Edition
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Sparber 2018-01-16
[Fed] 2 Sparber
[Stf] [E] Human
•Security •Transporters •Treachery
When you play this personnel, choose an event with no cards on it in a player's core. That event loses all of its game text (except keywords) until the end of this turn.
"All family members of Starfleet personnel are required to submit to blood screenings. No exceptions."
Integrity 4 Cunning 5 Strength 6
31 V 42

Negatives: Low Integrity.

Positives: Non-unique. When played you can make an Event lose it's game text till the end of the turn.

Extra: This is a 1 Cost Personnel that costs 1 Extra for his Ability. If the opponent has an Event in his core that is affecting the Player Sparber can blank it's game text, but only till the end of turn. The Player can use it on their own Events too like the Martial Law. But if the Event is placed on the Mission the Player is out of luck. There's no getting around Self-Replicating Roadblock with Sparber. Since he's non-unique the Player can use other copies on other turns and keep using him.
At first glance his skills are not too useful, but if you want to go to the Delta Quad and Obtain Advanced Technology he has all the skills for that (Also, a lot of the skills for Genesis Planet.)
Sparber's Ability only works on one copy of an Event, so if multiple copies of Events with the same title are in play the Player only gets to blank the text of one of those copies.

Vacuum-Desiccated Remains 2018-01-16
[Evt] 0 •Vacuum-Desiccated Remains
Commodity. (When a player plays or takes command of this event, it is placed in that player's core.) While you command but do not own this event, each player's Ferengi gain [Pa].
When a Ferengi dies, his body is dehydrated and apportioned into flat, circular containers to be sold as collectibles. The remains of noteworthy individuals can become quite valuable.
31 V 22

Positives: 0 Cost. Each player's Ferengi Species Personnel can gain [Pa] icon.

Negatives: It is Unique. Has to be moved to Opponents core to gain effect.

Extra: Why is the Past icon on Ferengi good? Well it's for Grish and the other unidentified pirates from the Enterprise episode "Allegiance." The big problem with Vacuum-Desiccated Remains is another card is required to move the Vacuum-Desiccated Remains to your Opponents core. There are a few different options to do that. The best probably being Rule of Acquisition #194 or Generous Offer. The Play's the Thing is a easier path to adding the Past icon but it only works on personnel with cost of 3 or more. Vacuum-Desiccated Remains works on all Ferengi in play and it gives the Player more options in exploiting the Past Icon icon Ferengi. It's important to note this only works on Ferengi Species Personnel, not Ferengi Affiliation Personnel, so it won't work on Ferengi Affiliation Jadzia Dax, Tongo Player, but will work on Bajoran Affliction Rom, Diagnostic and Repair Technician.

Kira Nerys, Grudging Ally 2018-01-16
[Baj] 3 •Kira Nerys, Grudging Ally
[Cmd] [TN] Bajoran
•Diplomacy •Leadership •Programming •Security
When you play this personnel, you may remove a [TN] card in your discard pile from the game to remove the top card of an opponent's dilemma pile from the game. You may spend additional counters this turn equal to the cost of that dilemma.
"This is not the Cardassian Occupation."
Integrity 5 Cunning 6 Strength 6
31 V 29

Negatives: When you play Kira, Grudging Ally her Ability only works if the Player has a Terok Nor icon card in discard pile.

Positives: Terok Nor Icon. Kira, Grudging Ally may allow the Player to remove the top card of Opponent's Dilemma pile from the game. Then spend counters equal to removed Dilemma's cost.

Extra: The other Kira with the Terok Nor Icon (Kira Nerys, Reformed Collaborator) costs less, but is rather limited in skills. The Grudging Ally version has pretty standard skills and it lacks the Honor or Treachery that can sometimes be a problem with An Issue of Trust being in so many decks these days. When using Kira, Grudging Ally's Ability something like Tampering With Time could be useful in setting up a good Dilemma on Opponent's dilemma pile. The Dilemma being removed from the game (along with War of Attrition) also helps set up Undermined Defenses. This is not only a good way to get a useful character in play, but also to almost play it for free if you get the right Dilemma that costs 3 or more.

War of Attrition 2018-01-16
[Evt] 2 •War of Attrition
To play this event, you must command three [Dom] [TN] personnel. Plays in your core. At the start of each player's turn, he or she removes the top card of his or her dilemma pile from the game.
"Over fifty ships lost, our spacedocks on Torros Three destroyed. A victory perhaps, but a costly one."
31 V 23

Positives: 2 Cost. Plays in core and stays in play. Removes the top card from Opponent's Dilemma pile every turn.

Negatives: Removes the top card from the Player's Dilemma pile every turn.

Extra: Here's the card that lets you get to the 10 cards needed to activate Undermined Defenses. The real downside here is the Player is losing cards from their Dilemma pile as well, but if that is known going in the Player can make a larger Dilemma pile. If the Opponent is running one of those small well tuned Dilemma piles that run around a particular theme they may be in trouble. Also, there's nothing stopping the Player from Grav-Plating Trapping their own War of Attrition if they start losing too many Dilemmas. The fun card to include here is Tampering With Time since it's been errataed to a start of turn action, the Player can choose the order in which they occur. So Tampering with Time then War of Attrition to equal the Players choice of what Opponent's Dilemmas go out of play. Throw in Gem and Ohhhh! Nothing Happened! and they could get rid of any Dilemmas that could get in the way. The game to watch out for is when both Players are using War of Attrition and each is discarding 2 cards at the start of every turn.

Benjamin Sisko: Acting Head of Starfleet Security 2017-09-28
[Fed] 4 •Benjamin Sisko, Acting Head of Starfleet Security
[Cmd] [E] Human
•Diplomacy •Engineer •Honor •Leadership •Officer •2 Security
While you command a Paranoia event, each of your [Fed] Security personnel present is attributes +1.
"Sir, the thought of filling the streets with armed troops is as disturbing to me as it is to you. But not as disturbing as the thought of a Jem'Hadar army landing on Earth without opposition."
Integrity 6 Cunning 6 Strength 6
31 V 35

Negatives: 4 Cost.

Positives: Could up each [Fed] Security attributes +1 when the Player commands a Paranoia Event.

Extra: The Player could use Benjamin Sisko, AHoSS to pump up all the attributes on Security personnel, but Benjamin Sisko, Outlaw gives you Cunning attribute bumps for less as he costs 3 compared to this 4. Also, there is already an Earth icon Benjamin Sisko, First Officer that costs 3. If the Player is using any of the Paranoia Events he's certainly worth including in one of those decks. There are currently several: Desperate Counter, Hollow Hospitality, Martial Law, Peaceful Coexistence, and Power Loss.

Peaceful Coexistence 2017-09-28
[Evt] 1 Peaceful Coexistence
Paranoia. Plays in your core. Each unique non-Bluegill [TNG] personnel you own (except Androids and Holograms) gains Bluegill. Each of your Bluegill personnel are Integrity -1 and Strength +1.
The alien parasite bore a striking resemblance to the Trill symbiont in its ability to combine its physiology with its host. Unlike the Trill, the parasite could be separated without killing its host, and it completely subsumed its host's consciousness while joined.
31 V 18

Negatives: Each [TNG] that is unique is Integrity -1. Doesn't work on Holograms or Androids.

Positives: 1 Cost. Non-unique. Each Unique [TNG] You Own gains bluegill. Each unique [TNG] is strength +1.

Extra: Here's a look at the Paranoia Keyword in action. You know those [TNG] Feds with high Integrity and low strength, (I'm looking at you old man Leonard H. McCoy, Remarkable Man) suddenly they aren't as weak as they use to be. It's interesting to note this works on cards the Player owns (not commands) so if the Opponent assimilates or somehow takes command of one the Player's bluegills the event continues to work on them and all cards in the draw deck and hand, for that matter (so Gregory Quinn, Alien Courier's ability is important.) Combine this with Benjamin Sisko, Acting Head of Starfleet Security and your [Fed] Security are all Integrity normal and strength +2. If the Player is using Earth, Cradle of the Federation it might be a dependable additional card. Decks that focus on Cunning Missions might benefit the most from Peace Coexistence since Strength Dilemmas are usually their biggest weakness.

Kivas Fajo, Hoarder 2017-09-28
[NA] 2 •Kivas Fajo, Hoarder
[Cmd] Zibalian
•Acquisition •Archaeology •Biology •2 Treachery
Commander: Jovis. Thief. When you play this personnel, you may download Greed. This personnel is Cunning +1 and Strength +1 for each dilemma you own in an opponent's core (limit +5).
"There are items here gathered from half the galaxy."
Integrity 2 Cunning 5 Strength 5
31 V 44

Positives: 2 Cost. Thief Keyword. The Player may download Greed when played. Kivas Fajo's Cunning and Strength go up for each Dilemma in Opponent's core.

Negatives: Low Integrity. Kivas Fajo's Ability doesn't increase his Integrity.

Extra: Kivas Fajo, Hoarder is designed to make Greed more useful which doesn't show up much, but at least Greed's text works well with this particular version of Kivas Fajo. When running a Thief deck the Player has the option of Kivas Fajo, Collector which costs more, but he'll help with certain commonly used Dilemmas, like Gomtuu, Shock Wave, but Kivas Fajo, Hoarder can pop his Cunning and Strength attributes, which could be key when solving Missions and getting past Dilemmas. Could be useful in decks using Species 8472 Dilemmas like On Guard or The Weak Will Perish not to mention non Species 8472 Dilemmas like Causal Recursion and Mugato.

Hollow Hospitality 2017-09-28
[Eve] 1 •Hollow Hospitality
Paranoia. Plays in your core. Your non-Treachery personnel cannot gain skills (except Treachery). Each of your [DS9] personnel and [E] personnel are Strength +1.
"Jake, get them a menu... I would recommend the Shrimp Creole."
31 V 15

Negatives: Non Treachery personnel cannot gain skills (except Treachery.)

Positives: Cost 1. Plays in Core. Each [DS9] and [E] personnel are Strength +1.

Extra: It is always useful to pump up the usual low Strength of Federation Personnel. The way to get the Strength bonus and still gain Skills is: first a Personnel has to get Treachery. For example, using Julian Bashir, "Unnatural Freak"'s Ability to gain Treachery. Then once they have the Treachery other Skills may be gained with something like Confessions in the Pale Moonlight. So, it is possible to get around the limiting game text. The best thing is this shores up the strength problem for [DS9] Feds the way Peaceful Coexistence shores up the [TNG] Feds.

Leyton, Suspicious Executive 2017-09-28
[Fed] 3 •Leyton, Suspicious Executive
[Cmd] [E] Human
•Intelligence •Officer •Security •Treachery
Admiral. When this personnel is about to be stopped by a dilemma, you may discard a Paranoia card from hand to prevent that.
"With security the way it is now, a changeling could get anywhere on Earth, replace anyone... even you."
Integrity 4 Cunning 6 Strength 5
31 V 40

Positives: Admiral Keyword. Could prevent him from being stopped by Dilemmas. Can use ability multiple times per turn.

Negatives: 3 Cost for only four skills. Low Integrity. The Player needs to have Paranoia cards in hand to use Ability.

Extra: Aside from having Intelligence instead of Leadership this version of Leyton is virtually the same as Leyton, Chief of Starfleet Operations. The only key difference is the Ability. The Chief of Starfleet Operation's Ability of Downloading a ship could be more valuable in gameplay than preventing a stop. The Player has to have some paranoia cards in hand to activate the Suspicious Executive's Ability which could be problematic, but preventing some stops could save the game. There are currently several Paranoia cards he works with: Desperate Counter, Hollow Hospitality, Martial Law, Peaceful Coexistence, The Big Picture and Power Loss. 3 Cost seems high for only four Skills and an Ability that might work, but when it works it will work well. Leyton, Suspicious Executive does mix well with Elim Garak, Federation Agent and his Ability of pumping up Intelligence Personnel Attributes.

Lupaza, Resistance Fighter 2017-06-27
[Baj] 2 •Lupaza, Resistance Fighter
[Stf] Bajoran
•Medical •Programming •Security •Transporters
Bajoran Resistance. When you play this personnel, you may download Just Like Old Times.
"It's just like in the old days. Every once in a while the Cardassians would get too close, and we'd turn around and give them a bloody nose."
Integrity 5 Cunning 6 Strength 5
1 U 218

Positives: 2 Cost for 4 Skills and good Attributes. May Download Just Like Old Times.

Negatives: Just Like Old Times Event requires Strength to pull off.

Extra: Her skills are diverse enough and Cost low enough to fit in any Bajoran deck and probably should be included in a lot of decks for that alone. Bajoran decks that are High Integrity are usually low in Strength, so to win a Battle with Just Like Old Times would be made easier by including Dilemmas that isolate a Personnel, like Arena The extra 15 points generated by Just Like Old Times could be very useful. Alternately, Lupaza could download JLOT just to discard it to draw two with Days of Atonement putting two Events in the Discard pile allowing Kulan and Treyam to play for free.