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Second Edition
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Untapped Influence


[Int] Untapped Influence
While your Terok Nor [TN] personnel is facing a dilemma, choose a dilemma an opponent owns that has been removed from the game. That personnel may gain a skill required by that dilemma or add that dilemma's cost to his or her attributes until the end of the mission attempt.
"...what good is power if you're not willing to use it?"
31 V 26

Negatives: An opponent's dilemma has to be removed from the game before Untapped Influence can be used.

Positives: Your [TN] personnel can gain a skill, or gain attributes based on the cost of the dilemma. Effect last till the end of the mission attempt.

Extra: This is meant mostly for Terok Nor decks, but some Bajoran and Cardassian decks might be able to make use of it as well. Can be used with War of Attrition to get dilemmas out of play. The new Kira Nerys, Grudging Ally is good for that, but your opponent could always use a dilemma that goes out of play too. Hard Time a dilemma good in so many dilemma piles might become a bit more risky. That extra attribute pop could be just the thing you need to solve the mission at the end of the attempt (remember to play Un Infl while facing the last dilemma.)

Applicable Cards: Hard Time; War of Attrition; Untapped Influence; Kira Nerys, Grudging Ally;