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Second Edition
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Combined Attack


[Eve] 2 Combined Attack
Search your dilemma pile for a Species 8472 dilemma and place it in the opponent on your right's core, then shuffle and replace your dilemma pile. Remove this event from the game.
"I'm detecting two residual weapons signatures in the debris. One is Borg, the other is of unknown origin."
31 V 14

Positives: You can get Species 8472 dilemmas in opponent's dilemma pile without him facing it as a dilemma.

Negatives: It's removed from game when used.

Extra: Combined Attack will get you 3 of the 8 Species 8472 dilemmas in opponent's core that you need to get Terrasphere 8, Starfleet Command Re-creation to pay off. Now you just gotta figure out how to get the other 5 into your opponent's core (I guess the core is considered Fluidic space.) He can just face them as dilemmas and some of those might pay off and there is always Northwest Passage, Contact Extradimensional Species, but you actually have to do that mission. This card is so specialized it's not much use outside of Species 8472 decks.

Applicable Cards: Combined Attack; Northwest Passage, Contact Extradimensional Species; Terrasphere 8, Starfleet Command Re-creation;