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Second Edition
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Sovak, Treasure Hunter


2 •Sovak, Treasure Hunter
[Stf] Ferengi
•Acquisition •Archaeology •Programming •Science •Treachery
Order - Discard a card from hand to examine a number of cards from the top of your deck equal to the discarded card's cost, then replace them in any order.
"Obviously you've never dealt with my people before."
Integrity 3 Cunning 6 Strength 5

Negatives: Low Integrity.

Positives: 5 Skills for 2 Cost. You may discard a card a card to rearrange your draw deck's top X cards where X=the discarded card's cost.

Extra: Sovak's skills of Acquisition and Treachery are pretty common for a Ferengi, but his Archaeology, Programming & Science are real effective. The low Integrity is useful only for something like Exploit "Drought". His ability when discarding something like Rule of Acquisition #141 can be good for getting to the cards you might need . He is a real mid-level card; the 2 cost makes him useful without being a burden, but the average attributes aren't a huge help when solving a mission.

Applicable Cards: Rule of Acquisition #141; Exploit "Drought"; Sovak, Treasure Hunter;