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Second Edition
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[Int] Ja'chuq
When you win combat or an engagement involving your [Kli] Leadership personnel, choose one of your missions. The player to your left places the top card of his or her dilemma pile face up beneath that mission (that dilemma is overcome). Remove this interrupt from the game.
"It's a long, involved ceremony in which the challengers list the battles they've won, the prizes they've taken."
2 R 82

Positives: When you win a battle you can choose a mission to place a dilemma under.

Negatives: Requires winning a battle or engagement to activate text. Removed from game when played.

Extra: Ja'chuq is designed for Klingons, but others can use it if they get a Klingon affiliation Leadership in crew; either by running a second headquarters or playing something like: Interstellar Treaty. If you have three copies of it in your hand you can get 3 overcome dilemmas under a mission of your choice in one battle. This was a Rare so a lot of players may not have had access to multiples of it. It's possible that you don't see it in a lot of decks because it takes up valuable card slots and battle Klingons need to get to other more useful cards quickly. Also, after battle Klingons have wiped out a ship and crew they've got plenty of time to do missions and they don't need it. It's placed out of play after use, so no pulling it from the discard pile. For a little extra flair you can add Kerla, Military Advisor he will let you place yet another dilemma under a mission of your choice when winning an engagement.

Applicable Cards: Interstellar Treaty; Ja'chuq; Kerla, Military Advisor;