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Second Edition
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Temporal Test Subject


[Eve] 0 Temporal Test Subject
Temporal. Discard an [AU], [Fut], or [Pa] personnel from hand to take an [AU], [Fut], or [Pa] personnel from your discard pile into hand. Destroy this event.
"I was sent against my will! I'm not from your part of space. I come from a trans-dimensional realm. … I don't know why I was sent here."
5 P 15

Negatives: Temporal Test Subject only retrieves one card. You give up two cards to get one back. Only works on personnel with one of the time icons.

Positives: 0 Cost. Temporal Keyword. Returns a personnel of players choice to Hand.

Extra: Temporal Test Subject is good for personnel retrieval. There are a lot of cards that do better retrieval, but most of those return them to the draw deck. This brings them back to your hand. The real strength is it doesn't cost any counters and returns the card to hand so you can play it right away. The Temporal keyword makes it a valid trigger for something like Ohhhh! Nothing Happened!. It's a marginal card could work well in some decks like Starfleet, OS Feds or Mirror, where most of the personnel carry one of the time icons . It could bring back the one guy you need right away.

Applicable Cards: Ohhhh! Nothing Happened!; Temporal Test Subject;