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Second Edition
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1 Dallan
[Stf] Acamarian
•Medical •Navigation •Physics
Gatherer. Thief.
"Reconciliation with the Gatherers is impossible. ... For almost a century now, they've been parasites, moving from star system to star system, living on what they could find or steal."
Integrity 4 Cunning 4 Strength 6
1 C 323

Negatives: Low Integrity and Cunning.

Positives: 1 Cost. 3 useful skills. Thief & Gatherer Keyword.

Extra: Dallan does exactly what he was designed to do. He exists to fill out skill gaps some affiliations have. Plus, he's cheap to play. There are a handful of other Gatherers like Chorgan, Leader of the Gatherers and Volnoth get enough of them together and you can use Gatherers' Raid as a card draw engine. When you use Gatherers' Raid now you will know of it's safe to trigger Pickpocket and suddenly Dallan isn't so bad and dumb anymore.

Applicable Cards: Gatherers' Raid; Pickpocket; Chorgan, Leader of the Gatherers; Dallan; Volnoth;