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Second Edition
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The Pillage of Bajor


[Eve] 1 The Pillage of Bajor
To play this event, you must command three [Car] personnel. Examine the top three cards of your deck. Take two of those cards into hand and discard the other. Destroy this event.
"…they've spent the last half century robbing the planet of every valuable resource - before abandoning it."
1 U 116

Positives: Gives you a greater chance of getting a card you need. Out of the top three cards you get to choose the two to keep and one to discatd.

Negatives: Kind of costly. May have to discard a card you could use.

Extra: The Pillage of Bajor is mostly for Cardassian use. In a general Cardy deck Observer from the Obsidian Order is a better choice. The advantage of The Pillage of Bajor is in a slim speed deck using it with Observer to tear through the draw deck. You use a counter and discard two cards to gain two with this card. Observer uses no counters and discards two cards to gain two. If you really wanted to tear through your deck you could also throw in Cardassian Protectorate. Get enough cards in your discard pile and Back to Basics is easier to activate sooner.

Applicable Cards: Back to Basics; "Observer" from the Obsidian Order; Cardassian Protectorate; The Pillage of Bajor;