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Second Edition
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Worn-Out Welcome


[D] 3 Worn-Out Welcome
Randomly select a personnel to be stopped. Unless you have Anthropology and 2 Diplomacy or Transporters and 3 Treachery, place that personnel on one of your headquarters missions.
"I think it's time we left." "I couldn't agree more."
6 P 13

Positives: Could stop one personnel. Then Could send him away.

Negatives: Cost 3. Requirements are usually easily met.

Extra: This dilemma is costly for its effects. There are 2 cost dilemmas that exist which stop one personnel (like Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?) that have better effects. Another problem is that if a dilemma randomly selects personnel there are decks built to work against random selection. Any random selection dilemma has to be examined closely before adding it to a dilemma pile. The most effective use of Worn-Out Welcome is in combination with Overwhelmed.

Applicable Cards: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?; Overwhelmed; Worn-Out Welcome;