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Second Edition
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Debris Field


[S] 1 Debris Field
Unless you have Astrometrics or Navigation, all your Engineer personnel are stopped and this dilemma returns to its owner's dilemma pile.
A somewhat common, but nonetheless dangerous hazard to space travel.
1 C 22

Positives: Only 1 cost. Could stop a bunch of Engineers. Could return to Dilemma pile.

Negatives: Easy to get by. I mean REAL easy to get by.

Extra: The problem in today's play environment everyone runs plenty of multiples of Astrometrics and Navigation because of Where No One Has Gone Before But assume (for whatever reason) that there isn't any Astro or Nav. Stopping Engineers only?? That's what maybe 1 or 2 personnel (Usually.) A Space only Dilemma that eats up a card slot better have strong effects or it's a waste of space. The only time you'll see this dilemma used is in sealed deck and it rarely works even there. The one interesting use of Debris Field is in Romulan decks with The Tides of Fortune where you face the dilemma for an easy 10 points.

Applicable Cards: Debris Field; Where No One Has Gone Before; The Tides of Fortune;