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Second Edition
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Hoshi Sato, Captain's Woman


[SF] 2 •Hoshi Sato, Captain's Woman
[Stf] [Pa] [AU] Human
•Anthropology •Programming •2 Treachery
While you have no cards in hand, this personnel and each of your Leadership personnel present are attributes +1.
"And I'm probably the only one who doesn't want to slip a knife in your back."
Integrity 2 Cunning 6 Strength 5
13 U 105

Positives: Could raise her attributes +1 and leadership personnel present are attributes +1 too.

Negatives: One of her skills is Treachery. You have to empty your hand before her ability kicks in. Low Integrity.

Extra: There are two Mirror Hoshis and the Hoshi Sato, Captain's Woman is probably less useful than the Hoshi Sato, Empress, since for the same cost you get more skills with the Empress. If you are trying to use the emptying of the hand flavor to activate a bunch Mirror Starfleet abilities then Caps Woman might be more useful. The big drawbacks to running a Mirror Starfleet deck is their low Integrity and Treachery. Every other Mirror Starfleet personnel carries Treachery and too much Treachery makes An Issue of Trust that much stronger. People can run multiples of it and sometimes return it to the dilemma pile. It hoses Mirror Starfleet every time. The Mirror Starfleet could make use of Hoshi, Caps Woman with Standard Punishment to pop attributes even more and the Reflections dilemma could put a serious stop to your opponents mission attempt.

Applicable Cards: An Issue of Trust; Reflections; Standard Punishment; Hoshi Sato, Captain's Woman; Hoshi Sato, Empress;