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Second Edition
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[Fer] 1 Prak
[Cmd] Ferengi
When you play this personnel, you may place a non-Artifact equipment from any player's discard pile on your Ferenginar. (You now command that equipment.)
"Unfortunately, my entire crew is occupied with our repairs. I don't think there will be time to search our records."
Integrity 5 Cunning 6 Strength 6
30 V 51

Positives: Counter cost 1. Good Attributes. Command icon. Non-unique. Can take a card from any player's discard pile and play it at your Ferenginar, Financial Hub.

Negatives: Only 1 skill that's common on Ferengi. Lack of useful skills.

Extra: This would be good to get later in the game. The one skill is a major drawback, but many Ferengi cards trigger of the Acquisition Skill. The ability makes up for it, since some of the Ferengi cards work with equipment. Plus, you won't have to spend any counters for the equipment. Try mixing in Product Placement, Ferengi Computer and Vascular Pad and you could get some interesting results. Be careful when stealing opponent's equipment. Some OCD people get really twitchy and weird when you handle their cards.

Applicable Cards: Ferengi Computer; Vascular Pad; Product Placement; Ferenginar, Financial Hub; Prak;