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Second Edition
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Bajor, Blessed of the Prophets


[H] •Bajor, Blessed of the Prophets
You may play [Baj] cards and equipment at this mission.
Region: Bajor System. While you do not command another headquarters missions, you may play Artifact equipment as if you commanded a completed mission requiring Anthropology.
"It's over thirty thousand years old..."
This mission is not attemptable.
Span 2
30 V 24

Negatives: Can't use non-aligned personnel or ships. Can't use another headquarters and take advantage of ability.

Positives: You can play Artifact equipment as if you commanded a completed mission requiring Anthropology. You can play Bajoran personnel and ships.

Extra: There are enough Bajoran personnel out there that you don't need non-aligned cards that much. While the lack of non-aligned might discourage some sort of thief deck there are at least two Bajoran thieves: Bareil Antos, Petty Thief and Razka Karn, Scavenger that could be used to activate Thief cards. There is a Bajoran Dukat, Anjohl Tennan that The Multidimensional Transporter Device can trade into one of the other Dukats and there are other tricks if one really wants to get non-Bajorans in play. With Bajor: Blessed of the Prophets you can get all sorts of artifacts out without solving an Anthropology mission. You could build a Bajoran Resistance deck and get The Sword of Kahless and The Varon-T Disruptor out and start combats with your opponents with a small roving band and slow him down.

Applicable Cards: Multidimensional Transporter Device; The Sword of Kahless; Varon-T Disruptor; Bajor, Blessed of the Prophets; Bareil Antos, Petty Thief; Dukat, Anjohl Tennan; Razka Karn, Scavenger;