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Second Edition
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Clandestine Kidnapping


[Evt] 2 Clandestine Kidnapping
Capture. To play this event, you must command three [Dom] personnel. Choose a personnel in an opponent's discard pile that he or she does not command. Place that personnel in your brig. (That personnel's owner now commands him or her.) Remove this event from the game.
"I was attending a burn treatment conference... I went to bed one night and woke up here."
30 V 14

Negatives: Requires 3 Dominion personnel to play. After use is removed from the game.

Positives: 2 Counter cost. You can choose the personnel.

Extra: Clandestine Kidnapping is nice. Easy to use. And not Counter costly. A couple could be thrown into any Dominion deck and they could get rid of some of the opponents useful personnel. When your opponent attempts a mission you could use Secret Identity to get some really good personnel into the discard pile. Then on the next turn play Clandestine Kidnapping to capture that personnel. With this enhancement of Capture techniques it makes the "Get out of Jail Free" cards like Rescue Captives and Number One, Reputable Officer more useful, as well, so be prepared.

Applicable Cards: Secret Identity; Clandestine Kidnapping; Rescue Captives; Number One, Reputable Officer;