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Second Edition
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"Rapid Progress"


[D] 3 "Rapid Progress"
Your opponent removes any number of cards from his or her discard pile from the game and names a different skill (except Acquisition, Intelligence, Law, or Telepathy) for each different card type removed. Unless you have those skills, all your personnel are stopped.
"The same old story, all over again!"
30 V 8

Negatives: Cards from Discard pile will be placed out of play.

Positives: Could stop entire Away team if you choose the right skills.

Extra: Good Stopper. Brother card to Counterinsurgency Program. Put Secret Identity in front of it look through the away team and see what is lacking then stop entire team. Throw Swashbuckler at Heart in front of it and it could be a guaranteed stop. Pairs well with Overwhelmed for directed stopping of a particular skill if you can't stop them all.

Applicable Cards: "Rapid Progress"; Counterinsurgency Program; Secret Identity; Swashbuckler at Heart;