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Second Edition
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Chained Environment


[P] 4 Chained Environment
Unless you have 2 Diplomacy and 2 Geology or Cunning>36, all your personnel are stopped and, if there are no other dilemmas on this mission, place this dilemma on this mission. Add Science to each of this mission's requirements.
"Akuta alone speaks to Vaal. I am the eyes and the voice of Vaal. It is Vaal's wish."
30 V 1

Positives: Could add Science to Mission Requirements. Could Stop Away team. If conditions are not met goes on top of mission and stays there.

Negatives: 4 Cost. Only works on Planet Missions. Requires thinner dilemma previous to encountering.

Extra: Her sister card is The Nth Degree which works in Space and also adds Science to the mission requirements. There are two problems with this card: First is its cost. 4 cost is the correct cost, but high which limits its effectiveness. The second is effectiveness of this Dilemma requires it to be drawn in the first attempt, so that a thinner dilemma like Coolant Leak needs to be played in front of it, so that enough personnel can be stopped to prevent overcoming it easily when encountered. It could work well in a dilemma pile that targets Science. Where you constantly remove Science with something like Unscientific Method then your opponent doesn't have the Science needed to pass the mission.

Applicable Cards: Chained Environment; Coolant Leak; The Nth Degree; Unscientific Method;