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Second Edition
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Rejecting the Past


[D] 0 Rejecting the Past
This dilemma is cost +1 for each card in opponent's discard pile (limit 6). Randomly select two personnel to be stopped.
"I will no longer serve gods who give me nothing in return. I'm ready to walk the path the Pah-wraiths have laid out for me... Those who dare to try, the Federation and its Vedek puppets, the false gods and their precious Emissary, they'll all be swept aside like dead leaves before an angry wind."
30 V 9

Negatives: Six or more cards in discard pile makes it cost 6. Randomly Selects.

Positives: No cards in discard pile makes it free. Printed Cost 0. Could stop 2 personnel.

Extra: Good if drawn early and Uninvited or The Vault of Tomorrow could pull it out of the dilemma pile for you. The less cards in discard pile the better it is. You can use the Dukat, Pah-Wraith Puppet to take the cards out of your discard pile instead of your opponents. There are several other ways to clean out your discard pile: Tapestry, "Rapid Progress" and B'tanay all could do the job. That could make it always useful. It's not much good against "Avoid Random Selection" decks.

Applicable Cards: "Rapid Progress"; Rejecting the Past; Vault of Tomorrow; Tapestry; Uninvited; Dukat, Pah-Wraith Puppet; B'tanay;