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Second Edition
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Cardassia IV, Hold Secret Prisoners


[P] •Cardassia IV, Hold Secret Prisoners
[AQ] 40
Law, 2 Officer, 2 Security, Cunning>40
Region: Cardassia System. When your personnel begin a mission attempt here, reduce the attribute requirements of this mission by 2 (limit 10) for each captive in your brig until the end of that mission attempt.
"No one should have to suffer like that."
[Car] [Dom] [Rom]
Span 2
30 V 25

Negatives: Normally Requires Cunning greater than 40.

Positives: Cunning Requirement can be reduced -2 for each captive you have. Worth 40 points. In Cardassia Region.

Extra: This mission makes more sense than its sister mission Cardassia IV, Rescue Prisoners. (It's a Cardassia Region Mission that Cardassians can't do.) The Cardassia IV, Hold Secret Prisoners 40 point version worth makes Events like U.S.S. Enterprise-J and dilemmas like Slightly Overbooked useful. Build a Labor Camp here and do Kressari Rendezvous and you never have to leave the region and just do two missions. Strong Card worth using if you are taking Captives.

Applicable Cards: Slightly Overbooked; Labor Camp; U.S.S. Enterprise-J; Cardassia IV, Hold Secret Prisoners; Cardassia IV, Rescue Prisoners; Kressari Rendezvous;