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Second Edition
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Swift Justice


[Evt] 2 Swift Justice
Punishment. To play this event, you must command Cardassia Prime and no other headquarters missions. Plays in your core. When you play a Capture card, you may draw two cards, then discard a card from hand. You may do this only once each turn.
"Enough. This is already the longest trial in the history of Cardassia. Let's try to speed things up, shall we?"
30 V 19
Negatives: For Cardassian use only. If you use it you will have to discard a card from hand. Once per turn usage.

Positives: Non-unique. Plays in core. Gives you card draws for playing Capture cards.

Extra: There a few different versions of this card that all give you card draws. Things like: "Observer" from the Obsidian Order, The Pillage of Bajor, and Cardassian Protectorate (Plus, probably some other variations out there.) If you need some more of that here it is. Playing to the core makes it always useful compared to the one time use you get from Observer. Plus, if you use multiples you can activate the draw for each one you have in play. The problem is loading your deck with capture tech to activate Swift Justice makes it harder for you to get to the cards you need to do missions. This is a Punishment card that Jasad trigger off of to make your ships much stronger.

Applicable Cards: "Observer" from the Obsidian Order; Cardassian Protectorate; Swift Justice; The Pillage of Bajor; Cardassia Prime, Hardscrabble World; Cardassia Prime, Secure Homeworld; Cardassia Prime, Subjugated Planet; Jasad;